There’s this building

  • I have entered this building for the first time a long time ago
  • So much time has passed since then and so many memories have been built
  • It has come to become a sort of second home
  • I have laughed endlessly in this building
  • I have cried many a times in this building
  • I have made beautiful friends in this building
  • I have learnt a lot and grown a lot, definitely for the better, personally and professionally
  • It has always offered me a sort of indescribable comfort

Every time I take the stairs, pass through the lifts, stroll across the corridors, a sense of belonging passes through me.

I have left the building twice for an indefinite period. Each time it happened, though I knew I would miss the building, there was always a hope in me that I might come back here again . And true to that, it happened.

Today is going to be another such day, when am leaving the building. This time, it’s going to be forever, as the office is shifting to new premises and there’s going to be no coming back here.

Though the thought is kind of causing a low feeling, when I think back, it is the people that l spent with in this building that has made the building so dear to me. With all these lovely people around me, I hope to make the new premises equally or rather more close to heart.


Of being a daughter and chaat and gulab jamun

A initiates varied types of conversations and they are mostly during bedtime. One such thing happened around a couple of months back. This time, it was around the pujas or prayers done by the men in the family for their parents who have passed away. She has seen my FIL and other mamas of V, perform these annual ceremonies, and knows that they are done only by men. She has also seen them offering something as food as part of the puja.

A : Amma, what if a person has got only daughters and no sons, who does this puja ?

Me : No one does the puja then, daughters just offer their prayers.

A : Am sorry that am a daughter and not a son, and can’t perform any puja for you

Me : I don’t mind, this daughter of mine is enough for me and I don’t need any sons

A : Hmmm, which sweet do you like ?

Me : Gulab Jamun

A : Which hot do you like ?

Me : Chaat

A : OK, I’ll keep chaat and gulab jamun and then pray for you

Me : OK (goes to sleep smiling to myself )

Just like that

1. A’s English teacher has asked them to recite two poems every day , one at the start and one at the end of the day. The morning one goes like this : ” God, please help me remember that there’s nothing going to happen today that you and I can’t handle together ”

2. In my recent read of Anuja Chauhan’s Baaz, something goes like this : “God, give me strength that I ask nothing of you ”

I somehow liked those two prayers very much and hence have appeared here 😊

The potato story

Couple of months ago, we attempted growing potatoes by planting a potato bud. At about the same time, it so happened that one of our superiors at work had visited India and over a casual conversation showed us a video of how he had harvested his home-grown potatoes as a hobby. I got all the information I could about how long we would have to wait, when we could pull out the roots. A and I waited eagerly for the big day. The plant grew and withered as expected and when the final day had come, we asked V to capture those precious moments while we harvest our own potatoes. We pulled out the roots gingerly with great anticipation, but all we got was the skin of the bud that we had planted 😦

We were disappointed a little. And then the next opportunity came when a discussion started at parents’ place about starting a kitchen garden. A passed on all the details she knew about growing potatoes. Over the next few weeks, they started setting up the kitchen garden and the species of potato became a part of them.

Ten days ago, my father sent me this picture and my joy knew no bounds on seeing that.

Over the weekend when we visited parents’ place, we saw that couple of more plants were ready for harvesting and we proceeded this time too with great anticipation !

And this is the loot we got ! This includes the top potato too. We couldn’t believe how this tiny potato looked such big in the previous snap 🙂 Nevertheless, potatoes are potatoes, big or small !!!

Recreation while re-creation …

Apparently A played this game at my friend’s place with their kids.

And she spent the whole of last Sunday re-creating it, bringing her friends over, explaining them the game and playing with them.

Unused Cardboard , paints, quilling strips, star punch, scissors, colour papers, all went into the making

I loved the idea of making the game and the whole process of getting engaged in making it !

Living next door to Alise

Was a book that got added to my wish list in the library for A to read , but was long forgotten . And as starts have aligned to make me lay my hands on that book, one of the two books which I have actually placed the order for, went out of station and the gentleman has kindly picked the one available from the wish list as a substitute. And that happened to be this one !

So yesterday, when the book arrived, I opened it casually to see what it was like. I instantly liked it and started reading it, although it was actually meant for A. I kind of read the book whenever I had time and I should say, I really liked the book.

I liked the book for the cute little elephant making me want one such as a pet , for the way it was shown how each kid could have a different taste. Those little snippets of information which talked of measuring temperature basing on the number of chirps made by birds in 15 seconds, were quite fascinating.

I have no idea if A would like the book, but for me, it was a good read after a long time !!

The joy of doing something for the first time

Is immense. We experienced one such thing over the last weekend. It all started when the extended family came together for a house warming ceremony of a cousin, the weekend before. A discussion started about a 3K night walk for the cause of woman empowerment. Many got excited and wanted to give it a try.

Come Saturday evening, I made couple of calls and it was confirmed that about 11 of us would participate in the event. Post dinner, we assembled at the People’s Plaza to begin the walk. All of us were little sceptical about the cold, but it wasn’t a thing to worry owing to the crowd and the walk thereafter. The walk that was supposed to begin at 9:30 got delayed and began at about 10:30.

As soon as the walk began, we made sure that we moved to the front of the crowd, which would make us walk freely and fast enough. And then we walked and walked. And chatted. And shouted slogans. It was a nice feeling, walking with your family, out on the road, at so late into the night and shouting aloud. A ran for a while, walked the rest, panted for a while, but completed it quite successfully.

The concept of a walk was a first time experience for A, night walk was a first time experience for me and V, walk with a big group of family members is a first time experience for all of us. We enjoyed the whole experience and were back at home by quarter to 12.

Looking forward to more such first of the kind beautiful experiences….