Deciding factors

The factors that go into the making of a decision are sometimes unimaginable.

Coming Thursday marks the beginning of pre-final exams for A and since last week most of the students in her class have stopped coming to school as they have planned to prepare for the exams at home. So every evening, a discussion pops up in their class Whatsapp group as to who would be coming to school the next day. Sometimes I keep asking A questions about who is coming and what their reasons are for coming. Some interesting thoughts that I came across in those discussions are :

1. One kid wanted to go to school as they would serve Chicken for lunch that day.

2. Some kids wanted to go to school as there would be people shooting videos of the school for their upcoming centenary celebrations and it would be fun to watch such stuff.

3. A wanted to go to school so that she could ask her Chemistry teacher couple of doubts and get to eat Alu 65. It’s altogether a different fact that she did not go to school finally as planned but she did have the thought.

Chicken , Aloo 65 and what all can contribute to the decision of going to school 😀


Antha Ramamayam

Heard of this phrase earlier ? If you haven’t, it means that everything is filled with Lord Rama.

A has been preparing for her pre-final exams and couple of days ago, it was the time for ‘Sitanveshana’ (Search for Sita Devi) lesson in Telugu. For most of the subjects, my role in helping her has diminished to negligible but it still remains a little for Telugu. So in the process, I have been reading with her all about Lord Rama and hearing her study about Lord Rama.

I have started reading the book War of Lanka by Amish Tripathi couple of weeks ago and it has reached to an intense state now. Since it has come to that state, it so happened that I have been reading this while A was preparing for the above Telugu mission.

It felt like I was experiencing “Anta Ramamayam”

Jai Shri Ram !!!

Four hours of craziness

It all started on a regular Saturday afternoon when friend S felt bored and wanted to do something as her husband left for Vikarabad. She called up and proposed a plan that involved meeting up including one more friend S , who was actually at work but could afford to come out early, ride in Metro to a place where they sold Bandar Badam Milk , enjoy it and then depart to respective homes. She is from Bandar and hence is obsessed with their local delicacies.

Since me and the other friend S wanted something more, we added Bandar Masala to the plan. Three of us started at our respective Metro stations and met at a common Metro station.

We started at around 3:30 in the afternoon and we got back home at around 7:30. We had Badam milk with ice cream, lots of varieties of Bandar masala, punugulu, coffee, street side shopping, window shopping, strolls in the empty lanes and the crowded roads and endless chatting. We clicked some nice pictures and carried home some parcels and crazy memories.

Sometimes we win, Sometimes we learn !

I came across this quote in A’s annual school magazine and it sounds so true.

Isn’t it awesome when you experience both learning and winning ?

Last Saturday, we attended the Sports day celebrations at A’s school and the event was filled with so much energy and excitement that wide smiles on the faces of everyone were inevitable !!

Since pictures speak lot more than words, here are some peeks into the event.

No prizes for guessing

While you wait for it, each passing minute is treated like an hour.

You feel as if you’re participating in an Olympics event when you try to be the first one to enter as soon as it comes.

Once you are in it, you take different intensities of pride depending upon the place you secured, sitting, standing at a sought after place, standing comfortably, standing without falling on anyone or just being successful in entering into it.

After the pride settles in, each one starts one’s own routine, watching videos, reading books, surfing, chatting, sleeping, gazing into open space and so on.

The moment you get out, the Olympic event feeling kicks in again to push you to be the first one who comes out onto the road.

If you haven’t guessed yet, here you go. And then you re-enter the regular world from Metro world.

The beginning of my Mondays with Metro rides….

Bubble bath to Bubble sort

From the age of having fun with bubble baths, you have come to the age of programming bubble sort !

From the times of having multiple naps in a day you have come to the times wherein you sleep late and wake up early to finish your academic work !

From the days where you used to ask me if a colour or design or dress or anything was ok, we have come to the days, where I have started asking you if something looks good !

From the times where we discussed when you would first crawl or talk or walk, we have come to the times where we discuss which stream of education is better suited for you or which career you would be interested in !

Dear A, times may have changed, roles may have reversed and many more things must have happened. But you will always be our little A, our bundle of joy !! Stay blessed !!!

The uncontrolled random musings of a mother, as we finalise the research and take the admission at the college for the next two years for A’s education…

The Weird Me

Context: Lately a portion of my mind is preoccupied with thoughts on selecting the stream for A for next two years as she would be completing her tenth grade this year. A says she likes Biology but she’s not keen on becoming a doctor. A also says she likes Maths and doesn’t hate it. She has ruled out other streams of MEC , Humanities et al.

Reaction : Last Sunday, as we waited at the eye hospital for A’s annual checkup, I kept walking around the rooms, reading the posters on the walls. As I scan those posters that had content on human organs-eyes, wonder at the amount of research that must have gone into it, gaze at the multiple degree qualifications decorating the name on the name plates on the doctor’s rooms, think about the tremendous positive impact these people must be bringing in the lives of innumerable people, I wonder if BiPC is the suitable choice for A. Next moment, I glance at the other rooms that are holding the equipments that must be used in diagnosing and treating the ailments and making the lives better. If it were not for the engineering skills in designing and manufacturing these, would the former set of people be able to achieve what they were achieving ? At this thought I wonder if MPC is the right choice for A. Why do I change my thoughts so soon ???


Context : I am in a public place like a Metro train or an auto. I see a female with open hair or I see a male with long hair or big beard.

Reaction : I feel like tying the hair closer with a rubber band or shave the beard off. Why do I have to bother about others’ hair ?


Context : V, A and me were having dinner at a small Punjabi food joint. I saw a family walking in and notice the dress of the teen girl.

Reaction : I comment to A that the top the girl was wearing is pretty. Next moment, as the girl moves forward to sit at the next table, I realise that it is not a top but a gown and nothing is worn as a bottom. Why does this happen to me always ?


Context : I try to re-organise stuff and empty the contents of two watch boxes with the intention of merging them all into one and freeing up the other one to use for another purpose. The plan doesn’t work out and I try to put them all back as they were initially. But how much ever I try, I fail to succeed in closing the boxes with their lids.

Reaction : A comes to me , gives a big smile and shows me that I was trying to close the boxes with the swapped lids. Why couldn’t I figure this out earlier ?


I know I am weird sometimes, but that’s just me 😜

Strike while the iron is hot !

I heard this saying for the first time from my ex-manager cum friend during some team activities. And this was the saying that came to my mind by the end of the day.

The Gang of Four, super senior, senior, classmate and me, who share a bond of being associated with same college and company, have been planning to meet for quite sometime. When I say “sometime”, it means more than three years. We didn’t have very ambitious plans, a simple lunch meet would also work for us. The universe was just not in our favour. If the time suited for three of us, it would not suit the fourth one. We tried to materialise the plan multiple times but it just didn’t happen.

N declared that she took an off today post Diwali, I stated that I too took an off, S joined saying that she too took an off. SS couldn’t resist the temptation and she too took an off. There couldn’t be a better opportunity than this to make our long pending lunch meet happen, when everyone has taken a leave from work. We just had to grab the opportunity and make use of it before we lose it.

Everyone immediately agreed to the plan and we met at N’s place from where we headed to the Heart Cup Coffee, Gandipet. We chatted about everything under the sun, work, life, kids, tensions, pleasures, priorities, wishes, dreams and practicalities. We didn’t need to find solutions to any problems. We just wanted the other person to hear us out , that was more than enough for us. No judgements, no decision making, no concrete plans, just a flow of conversations and thoughts.

Simple lunch followed by a filter coffee at Old Madras Coffee with loads of chatting, cherishing old times, thanking our blessings and making plans for next meet-up.

What could be more rejuvenating than this ?

Face Palm

We went out today to execute couple of pending shopping activities, one of which was buying a Diwali dress for A.

At the shopping mall, I picked up a nice piece and gazed at it contemplating if A would approve my choice. A came over to me and told it looked too short. I was surprised and asked if there wasn’t going to be any bottom piece for that. A’s reaction was : “Who will wear any bottom piece for this Amma ?” My reaction was : 🤦🏻‍♀️

I proceeded to the billing counter as V was going to check out if there’s anything else that could be considered for buying. When V offered me his credit card for the billing, I declined saying that I was carrying mine with me and proceeded further. The billing lady used my card and asked me for the pin. My reaction was “Oh, this needs a pin. What’s mine ?” I used my so called intelligence and stated that wi-fi can be used as the card had that wi-fi symbol. The billing lady tried it but the transaction didn’t go through. V came and told that the option needs to be explicitly enabled for the card. My reaction was : 🤦🏻‍♀️

That’s ok, some days are just not my days 😉

35 and going…

Oh my dear wish !! You had many seniors, peers and juniors with varying intensities. Some of them vanished after fulfilling their purpose of existence, some vanished after realising that they do not make sense anymore, some are still on the dilemma of staying strong versus fading away.

Unlike most of them, you are persistent and are going strong even after so many years. When was your inception ? It could be somewhere around 35 years ago ? You were born when I was in Guntur , in the house of the uncle , at whose place we had rented a home and stayed for about 6 years until I completed my tenth grade. It was somewhere at that time when you were born. It has been so many years since you have originated but you are only growing stronger by the day.

I saw a FAN in the washroom for the first time in that uncle’s house and I liked it and loved it instantly. What an idea !! Why is it not a common practice to fit a fan in the washroom ? It would make so much sense to do so. It would be so good to make use of it after a hot shower. Almost every time I am done with a hot shower, I keep longing for you… I keep looking for you in the washroom…

Oh my dear wish, I hope your purpose gets fulfilled soon and you no longer stay as just a wish !!!