Sankranti this year

Offered us extended rangoli

This one by me

And this one by A

New saree for me and new dress for A and of course for V and others, whose pictures weren’t captured

And some delicious food and fun filled get together with near and dear ones !!

Wishing everyone a very very happy Pongal !!!


Nothing lasts forever

My menatta’s (father’s sister’s) husband passed away this morning and I visited their place to be a part of his final journey.

From the moment I reached their place till the time the last rites were performed, all my attamma was doing nothing but crying and mouthing the words asking why my mamayya had left leaving her.

It was a pain looking at her or imagining her situation.

The support or assurance he has given her all the time is now no more

The companionship they have spent over eight decades is now no more

Who’s going to be with whom forever ?

What promises can be kept forever ?

Nothing lasts forever…

Done Done Done Done

Got the cheque today finally from investments made in post office, after multiple exhaustive trips. Financial job done ✅

Got hair trimmed which was horribly thin at the ends. Self pampering done ✅

Bought pongal dress for A. Parenting activity done ✅

Visited Numaish, exhibition at Hyderabad after 14 years with family and cousins. Family time activity done ✅

Obsessions of past

1. Movie star Venkatesh – I used to watch his movies so crazily that I often considered pursuing those careers that his roles took in various movies, like lawyer and police. I still remember me narrating scene to scene of his movie to my friend.

2. Set of dishes – A bread and tomato curry and garelu made of corn kernels and tomato soup

3. Star serials – There was a time when I was in college, during which I was glued to star serials kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi and a little of ghar ghar ki kahaani and one more of which I don’t even remember the name now, except that the protagonist was named Prerna.

4. Drawing and greeting cards – At one point of time, I spent all my time drawing every thing around me, including all the calendars at home. All new year and birthday greeting cards had to be hand made at that time.

5. Civil services – Becoming an IAS officer, wearing a saree and spectacles.

Over time I have grown big and I have come over all these.

What are my current obsessions ?? 🤔🤔🤔

Cousins meet

I spent most of my school summers with my maternal cousins and we used to have great fun. We played games, ate together, slept together and literally did everything together. As we started entering college days, distance among us grew and we started spending less time with each other. Slowly we started our jobs, got married, became parents and it was only during functions that we met each other. At least I met them only occasionally. So it has resulted in such a situation that A doesn’t even properly know my cousins, with whom I have spent so many summers and have shared so many memories. She doesn’t even fully know their children. That’s how the situation had been with almost all of us. To rectify this, we had been planning to have a get-together from a long time but couldn’t succeed.

This time, we had zeroed in on a date too. But last minute hiccups came in with some falling sick, some tied up to some commitments. Venues changed, calls to each other picked up, and with huge efforts of some people, we finally made it, although not everyone could come.

Lunch was ordered

Tambola was played with great energy

Many more games were played

Rangolis were made and judged

Cake was cut and new Year wishes were exchanged

And lots and lots of fun, pictures, memories and good time was spent !!