A sequel that became a double

When we registered ourselves for the first time for a 5K run two years ago, we weren’t sure if we could make it. But with a little practise before the event, we made it. The feeling of accomplishment was awesome.

And then time passed and we couldn’t take part in the last year’s marathon for some reason that I can’t recollect of. This year when the announcement for Airtel Hyderabad marathon had happened, I wanted to give a try for 10K and V joined me in signing up with the same enthusiasm. We did practise a little this time too, but definitely not to the mark for the 10K.

Just before the big day, V started getting skeptic and started throwing suggestions of dropping out. But I was determined to take part and even hoped to complete it, keeping aside the possibility that we might take little longer time than the average time to complete. V too gave in finally and we took part in the marathon.

The atmosphere, as always, was intoxicating , with thousands of people around us. We walked for a considerable time, ran a little now and then, had energy supplements in between, which were offered by volunteers at every kilometre or so, patted ourselves that we were doing decently good and then we finally reached the mark. And the last couple of minutes before the mark were in a proper stadium, on the proper athlete tracks and that feeling of running on those tracks and being awarded a medal at the end was indescribable.

Looking out for the next one of the series…


Butterfly effect

This theory of butterfly effect always sounded wow to me, and I kind of experienced it in the last week.


We tried couple of times in the past to introduce the world of Harry Potter books to A, and failed in gaining her attraction. She wasn’t comfortable with the font size, she hardly completed 10 pages or so and she didn’t seem interested.

Butterfly flapping :

IKEA opened its store in Hyderabad and it happened to rain on that day.

The Effect :

The cab I had booked to head back home from office broke down and I got stuck in the rain. V came to my rescue and picked me up, but looking at the traffic conditions (thanks to IKEA opening and rains) on the road, we opted to break for a while at the nearest mall, have an early dinner while the traffic gets cleared, and then head back home. We got done with the dinner but the traffic didn’t seem to get any better. Meanwhile, A was getting bored at home and wasn’t happy with the unanticipated delay. So SIL suggested Harry Potter and A gave it a try.

The result :

  • We reached home at around 12:30 on that day.
  • A has finished the first two books of Harry Potter over the last 2 weeks and has started reading the third book in the series.

Three in a row

Have happened back to back this time. All have been recommendations from others that I have noted down long time back, but could only get a chance to complete recently.

Infidel :

This has been on my list for more than an year I guess. It took me sometime to actually take up this book because of the seriousness associated with it. I wasn’t exactly sure if I could even complete it. But I did give it a try and I am blown away by the details and the transformation of the characters. Many things listed were unknown to me and never heard of. The book did leave a lasting impression and am glad that I picked it up

Oleander girl

I don’t even remember when and where I read about this. But it was in my wish list in Just Books account. I very much liked the Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and so gave this too a try. This too kept me hooked and I liked the way the story was woven around the characters and the various shades of each character and the emotions that run through each character

Grand Sophy

I picked this book through some FB comments and this turned out to be a super duper one. I loved the character Sophy so much that I couldn’t resist smiling reading her doings. It took me a little while to get used to her writing, but after that the book was too good.

Big leap

One thing that I had always wanted A to develop the characteristic of, is to be an independent girl. And as each day passes, I become more certain of the uncertainty of everything in life and with that grows my desire of her being on her own. While one part of me wishes for this, the other part of me is constantly apprehensive about how the girl would handle. So there seems to be a constant inner struggle within me that strives for the right balance.

And one fine day, she came home from the school asking us for the permission to send her on a 5-day school trip to Northern India. To give a little history behind this, when she had asked for a similar permission to send her to Pune in her fourth grade, I told her that she was still a small girl and would send her the next year. And inevitably , the fifth grade had come and with that came the school trip too. It wasn’t easy to say yes immediately. We waited to see how much she really wanted to go, talked with lots of her friends, confirmed with the parents who have decided to send their kid, had multiple discussions internally and then took the plunge to send her on the trip.

The aspect that almost all the places that have been planned for the trip, have already been visited by her exactly an year ago, as a family, didn’t deter her in the slightest bit. The fact that it’s going to be pretty hot in the month of April didn’t matter to her. On the plus side, we had a fair idea of how responsibly the school acted during such trips, from the first hand information from a friend. In addition, their class teacher, who’s very sweet and caring, was the coordinator and would be in charge of this particular group. All these factors made us hold on to our YES.

A couple of meetings were conducted by the school to inform the details, do’s and don’ts, and the stage was set. I turned out to be more confident than I had expected myself to be, but A expressed that she experienced a good number of butterflies in her stomach the day before the trip. Nevertheless she was quite excited. Apparently , the butterflies had gone missing as the first day of the trip concluded. Gladly, the trip happened as a breeze, owing to the wonderful care by her class teacher and the team. There were constant updates from the team, photos were shared on a daily basis and regular phone calls were made.

She has completed a memorable trip to Amritsar, Wagah border, Pinjore Gardens, Kasauli and Delhi with her friends and teachers, bringing back beautiful memories to cherish.

It was a big leap for me, and I think it has been the same for A too…

Sometimes all it takes is a little step towards a big leap…

A shift in the thought

Over time, I keep wondering how my thoughts have been changing. I have noticed many a time that I have changed my perspective of the way I wanted certain things to be. I relaxed the boundaries that I have set for myself, trying to widen my horizons. How else can I attribute my giving in to the welcome of Royal Enfield Classic to the family ?

Yeah, you read it right, all this serious talk about thought processing is about a prelude to my post of welcoming RE 😉

Coming back to the topic, buying a RE was something which V mentioned multiple times in the past at random times. But none of us at home encouraged him seriously. I felt it was expensive, the lack of its need when there was a car, the cons of commuting on it in the sun, rain, pollution, traffic and I really didn’t see any actual benefit out of buying it. But this time, after around 4-5 years, when he mentioned it again, I realised there are couple of more factors called passion and pursuing your dreams, which I hadn’t taken into consideration earlier. I realised I shouldn’t be stopping him from fulfilling his little pleasures. Maybe for the same reasons, the entire family gave in and welcomed the Redditch Red.

So here’s the boy, who has been enjoying his little companion, since it’s arrival about ten days ago.

Now let me go and think over what my equivalent dreams are 😉


There’s this building

  • I have entered this building for the first time a long time ago
  • So much time has passed since then and so many memories have been built
  • It has come to become a sort of second home
  • I have laughed endlessly in this building
  • I have cried many a times in this building
  • I have made beautiful friends in this building
  • I have learnt a lot and grown a lot, definitely for the better, personally and professionally
  • It has always offered me a sort of indescribable comfort

Every time I take the stairs, pass through the lifts, stroll across the corridors, a sense of belonging passes through me.

I have left the building twice for an indefinite period. Each time it happened, though I knew I would miss the building, there was always a hope in me that I might come back here again . And true to that, it happened.

Today is going to be another such day, when am leaving the building. This time, it’s going to be forever, as the office is shifting to new premises and there’s going to be no coming back here.

Though the thought is kind of causing a low feeling, when I think back, it is the people that l spent with in this building that has made the building so dear to me. With all these lovely people around me, I hope to make the new premises equally or rather more close to heart.

Of being a daughter and chaat and gulab jamun

A initiates varied types of conversations and they are mostly during bedtime. One such thing happened around a couple of months back. This time, it was around the pujas or prayers done by the men in the family for their parents who have passed away. She has seen my FIL and other mamas of V, perform these annual ceremonies, and knows that they are done only by men. She has also seen them offering something as food as part of the puja.

A : Amma, what if a person has got only daughters and no sons, who does this puja ?

Me : No one does the puja then, daughters just offer their prayers.

A : Am sorry that am a daughter and not a son, and can’t perform any puja for you

Me : I don’t mind, this daughter of mine is enough for me and I don’t need any sons

A : Hmmm, which sweet do you like ?

Me : Gulab Jamun

A : Which hot do you like ?

Me : Chaat

A : OK, I’ll keep chaat and gulab jamun and then pray for you

Me : OK (goes to sleep smiling to myself )