Exams Fever done!!!!!!

Hello blogging world!!

I am A, writing through Mom’s account. At last yesterday we had our last exam of the year. I like only two things about exams.First is that we have half day schools and second is that we play water fight. This was the first time I played and I had loads and loads of fun. Even though I and the other girls didn’t interfere when the boys were playing we were always their target. Out of all days on two days I was completely drenched and was scared if I would drench the car seat too! Our first three exams were the worst subjects. They were History,Computers and Mathematics. Everyday during exams I and my friends pray for a good teacher as our invigilator. After the exam is done, my friends and I used to run to prevent being wet but were always caught by the boys. We used to hide in vans and in my friend’s car. Yesterday was one of the best days of my life. Yesterday, after the exam my friends and I planned to go to the house of a friend of mine. Mom told me that if I get wet, l was not allowed to go to my friend’s house. Luckily even my friends’ parents also told them not to get wet. As soon as the exam was done, we ran into my friend’s car. The boys tried to pour Coke on us but a teacher caught them and threw the coke. We were safe. At my friend’s house we had a blast!!! When we reached her home we changed and had fries and Tang. We played and played. For lunch we had Biryani with paneer and raita which were absolutely delicious! We played Hide and Seek and Business. We also drew tattoos on our hands!

In this picture I am Hermione Granger and my best friend is Harry Potter. My other two close friends are Luna and Ginny Weasley. All of us did our tattoos on our own. Then we had Oreo and Chocolate ice cream. I mixed both of the ice creams and was brilliant. You must try it. After that we were running around the house, playing chits, and many more games. Finally my grandfather came to pick me and one of my friends. We went home really tired. I am still not able to understand how the day got finished so so so so so so quickly. It was indeed one of the best days of my life. The most important part of this post is that it is written all by myself without the help of any adult or child. I really really hope with all my heart that whoever read this liked it. Because I want to create a blog of my own and that is because blogging is really FUN!!!!!!!!!

Bye blogging world. See you when I write my next post.


What if

What if I might be hating myself ??

A was preparing for her History exam last weekend and was cursing Dhana Nanda of Nanda dynasty for having to learn all of it.

All of a sudden she asks “Amma, what if I was Dhana Nanda in my previous birth ? ” It would be like am cursing myself

All I could do was say “He He”

What if you happen to miss your scheduled cab ??

I missed my cab last Thursday and thought that I would give a try at the Metro that got launched on the new route, which aligns a little with my work-home route. And guess what, that wasn’t bad. It’s kind of good, especially with the fact that I don’t have to do so much of calculation and pre-planning in the morning to book for the evening. Now I can wind up whenever I feel that am done and head home with no waiting and searching hassles.

What if you know someone actually reads your blog ?

Normally V is the only one who keeps asking me for the next post. This time, apart from him, my friend at work happened to talk about my next post at lunch and the same evening my brother too asked the same question. So it was like, post something before they too stop reading 😉

But I must say, blogging or writing gives me some kind of energy which I fail to generate from elsewhere. Maybe I should make some sincere attempts to be a little more active over here.

What if the earth vanishes ?

Sometimes the topics around you seem so negative and it is mostly during such times that I think of the world coming to an end one fine moment and everything gets started on a clean slate, with every one and every thing being pure and good.

And then V presents me with the gyan he acquired by watching new what if series on YouTube. What if oxygen disappears for 5 seconds , how the earth shrinks itself and vanishes into the space and so on and on…

What if happen to read this post of mine ?

I hope I didn’t bore you and I wish you would come back again 😊

As another year passes by

Dear A,

You are eleven !!

Time’s flying and so are you growing fast. Sometimes I realise and catch up with the changes, but sometimes the changes are happening too fast and am running after them to absorb them all.

Like every year, last year too has made you take many new steps. You had your first big school trip to North India for a full 5 days. You went to Bangalore with atta, mama and cousins and had your first stay there. You stayed with family friends over a weekend when we went to Vijayawada. You started your middle school, a big change with respect to the primary school. You started and finished off Harry Potter series, books followed by movies. You have also undergone many changes, especially in the last month. And this is the first year where you have decided not to host a party at home for your friends. Instead, you wanted a dinner outside with family.

You discovered my blog, read quite a number of posts, liked them and as usual have complimented me. You know, you are my biggest admirer. You started classical dance and paused it too, owing to the teacher’s break. Making slime had been an obsession for you and I guess it still is ! You have enjoyed watching all those ‘Tasty’ and food related videos with Nana and have enjoyed painting and craft sessions with Atta.

Your inherent nature of loving and caring for others, sharing and helping is still with you and I pray God that it lasts forever. Character is what defines a person and I want you to give it the highest priority of all things. You respect my opinion and advice and am grateful for that. You understand things when explained patiently and am happy about that.

One change that I would wish for is not being choosy about food, love the healthy food and have less of junk food. Trust me, health takes precedence over every damn thing and I guarantee that a healthy lifestyle leads to a happy and healthy body and mind. I sincerely wish for you to absorb this and put into practice as no one other than oneself can better rule a person !

And like every year, on this birthday too, I wish you loads of good health, happiness and fun with family and friends. Be good, do good. Dream high but stay grounded. Appreciate, be grateful and enjoy what you are blessed with.

Wishing you a Very Very Happy Birthday !!!

Love you my little darling,


Finale !

Yayyyy !!!

Mission accomplished.

Although I wrote some nonsense sometimes and some sense sometimes (I hope others too felt it had some sense), I did write something and that itself is an accomplishment for me.

Some days it was pretty tough, with no energy or no time or no stuff or no mood, but nevertheless it happened.

I looked forward to reading all the others, sometimes it happened immediately, sometimes late.

I enjoyed conversing through the comments, although some are still pending.

I loved the orange notifications and the sound alerts.

With this successful task, I look forward to moving on to the other tasks of the year, be it goals at work, reading books or some craft acts or fitness attempts or vacations or family time or whatever !!

Happy ending to Blogathon and I hope I get to read all your blogs now and then in the coming days.

Happy rest of the year 😊


  • Weather that’s terribly cold
  • Work that gives back bolts just when I think everything’s going smooth
  • Kid’s Home work that never seems to come to an end
  • Training module that gets completed only on the last day
  • Brain that’s devoid of any ideas to write

Picture post

A friend sent this picture to us, a group of friends, this morning saying she saw this message somewhere and reminded us that we have just completed 20 years of friendship !!!

Friends are some of the beautiful things that happen to us , aren’t they !!

World beyond my world

Artists that are rocking

With their singing and dancing

Those urban sketchers

That steal the hearts of the onlookers

Tie and dye and decoupage

Making their presence in the craft age

Vegans with a motto

Showing others the way to go

Neatly lined up racks of books

Hunger satisfying joints of foods

A world filled with varied people

People filled with varied skills

Thank you HLF !!

It’s because of you that I got to know of a world

That’s beyond my little world !!