In one of those casual conversations that take place between A and me, just before falling sleep, A recollected a story where a group of people prayed to God for rain and one of them carried an umbrella immediately afterwards and the story stated that that’s what is called “Faith”.

I questioned her if she had such faith in anyone and prompt came her reply without a minute’s hesitation “You”.

At that moment, my heart was overwhelmed with some indescribable feelings and I tried to do some multiprocessing by being grateful for having made such an impression and promising self to try to live up to the expectations and calculating the responsibilities and was about to step into the cloud nine state, when A made another statement.

“And Amma, don’t do anything that makes me lose my faith in you”.

Dear A, if your former statement made me smile for your trust in me, the latter statement made me smile for your wit.

On a serious note, I’ll try to live up to your faith as much as I can !!

Twelve Years

Have gone by since you entered our lives !!

Sometimes I wonder if you’re the same little girl that was too small to be held in bare hands and was always placed on a folded turkey towel and that too seemed too big for your size.

And now you have grown to a height where you crossed mine. Are you the same little one ? Of course you are !! You have changed in size, features, likes and dislikes and many other things, but you are still our precious little one !!!

Dear A, you are our bundle of joy and we wish you all the happiness and health. As always, I ask you to be contented and grateful and helpful in all possible ways. I keep learning a lot from you and you teach me in ways and thoughts that I had never imagined. I want you also to keep learning in every direction and from every person around you through all possible channels.

Happy Happy Happy Birthday my dear little A !!! Stay blessed !!!

The End

For a new beginning…

Blogathon ends here, but only so that the next one can start !

I had so much fun being a part of this , I faced challenges now and then, I made new friends, bonded with old ones, scratched my head for some thing to post, recollected all that I could, read all those wonderful posts by awesome bloggers, got inspired to do so many things, connected with so many thoughts, learnt a lot and so on and on !

Thank you everyone who made this possible and I really really hope to read you all, at least once in a while, if not so regular.

I’ll be waiting for your posts and I too will try to be as regular as possible 😊

Bye and see you soon !!

Crazy about sameness

Am crazy about some things, one of which is wearing similar or same dress as the one as your loved one !

When on a trip with a big group, I love having a dress code on any one day of the trip , since everyone on the group having same dress is slightly difficult. That sameness, be it a colour or pattern or anything for that matter, is an indication of the bond that we share with the people of the group . Last to last October, when we made a family trip to Vaishno devi with around 17 family members, we had a day for black / grey dress and I loved the photos clicked in those dresses. On a trip to Munnar with friends too, we had a similar dress code day and had super fun.

Although my wish for sharing same exact dress with near and dear ones remains yet to be made true, I gave a slight attempt at one of the family functions last year, to have similar sarees for me, V’s sister and SIL. It was a bit successful but we missed capturing pictures in those sarees.

Today was SIL’s brother’s engagement ceremony. A and my nieces wore these similar or same dresses and I so so so loved looking at them. This material was bought by SIL quite sometime back, but luckily the pattern the material got transformed into, turned out to be similar for all three.

Sameness Zindabad !!!

Unspoken !!

Some things are never spoken explicitly. They are conveyed through acts.

Rangoli is one such act or tool to wish everyone around us and extend the celebration from self to group. I feel rangoli multiplies the celebratory feeling. It builds an indescribable connection between the doer and the spectator . It conveys the wishes silently and beautifully.

This month, I felt that connection twice with Metro, one during New Year and the other one during Pongal. I could capture some of those wonderful wishes over here :

Daane daane pe likha hai Khaane wale kaa naam

1. There’s someone called G who was my ex-colleague around 14 years ago. He moved on to Microsoft then and is currently with them. He is building up a team and co-incidentally a current colleague M has switched jobs to join them. Now G came from U.S. and gave chocolates to M and M gave some of them to S, who is ex-team mate of M and my friend at workplace. S offered one to me and I gave it to A. It was finally A who had the chocolate.

2. I don’t remember eating Sabarimalai prasadam this year. Some one at V’s mama’s factory got the prasadam and gave it to V’s mama. They had some and passed it over to us. Today finally, I had my share of prasadam from that.

So the point is that it’s pre-determined about who’s going to eating which grain, only we don’t know the path it’s going to traverse to reach it’s destination !!


Have become a must in today’s world. They are much needed for survival as we never know when and where the protection is needed.

And now the point I want to make is that the necessity of helmets is not limited to just human beings.

There are other equally important creatures who are in dire need of these helmets for survival.

And can you guess those creatures ?

They are my dear plants, that have just started to grow and are tiny saplings.

My pots need these helmets to protect themselves from the pigeons that are hell bent on plucking them out and eating.

One has seeds of morning glory but the saplings look to be resembling Malabar Spinach.

The other one has begun with radish but some other saplings have seemed to give company to the lone radish.

Now I don’t know what’s going to survive in which pot, but the motto for now is to protect them from the pigeons, with these helmets !!!