Dear Bava,

It has been close to 15 days that you left us physically.

I have personally experienced your unconditional love in all my ups and downs. You have been a big part of my life and I owe a lot to you for whatever am today. I have seen you helping innumerable people in various ways. And am sure that there are many more wonderful stories of you that I haven’t heard of.

The way you treat everyone as equal and be good to them with no ill feelings is something I really admire.

That trademark smile you have got, which comes straight from the heart, is something that makes me smile instantaneously.

The simple life you have led, with no show-off, and yet have fulfilled all your responsibilities in a perfect manner is quite commendable.

Your sources of happiness are so pure and you have set an example for so many people.

Your anger is completely under your control and I haven’t seen you hurting a single soul. Your selfless nature is one of a kind.

I can keep on telling what I have to come like about you over the years, but the bottom line is that there’s a lot I like about you and would like to follow.

After leading a perfect life with no regrets and no guilt feelings and a clean conscience, without any further physical suffering, your soul has united with the Almighty. Should we be contented with that fact Bava ?

But the moment I think of stepping into your home, the thought of the absence of your smile comes to my mind. That warm welcome I received over the years ever since my childhood, where you would ask me about my well-being and wish me good and bless me lovingly cannot be felt anymore. Can something ever replace that ?

The moment I think of Akka, it hurts horribly and I cannot imagine the kind of struggle she would be going through. How much strength would she be needing to accept the loss of a perfect companion and how difficult would it be live the loss ? Will she be able to handle this ?

And when I think of PM and RM, your sons, who have looked up to you for every single thing, who treat you as an ideal and who adore you immensely, will they be able to manage your physical absence ?

I do not know the answers for any of these Bava. But all I know is that God has his own ways, sometimes unfathomable though. I trust that he would give each one the strength needed to fight each battle one comes across.

Also as people say that time heals everything, I shall keep waiting for that to happen.

May your soul rest in peace and may you keep showering your love and blessings and more importantly, may many more people follow your principles….

We will be indebted to you for everything you have done to each of us…


The love continues

Love doesn’t happen as per our plans. It happens in the most unexpected ways and in the most unexplainable fashion.

This happened to me too, when I was least expecting it.

The first sight at you, I fell head over heels for you.

There’s no logical explanation of how and why it happened.

I assumed that it would dwindle with passing of time, but it only keeps increasing

Every night, I sleep with the thought of waking up to you the next day.

Every morning, I wake up with the thought of reaching out to you.

You are such an awesome one.

Dear Khadi soaps, each variety of you makes me look forward to be with you more and more, you are simply superb !

My love for you soaps has begun unexpectedly and is still on the rise !!

You have turned bathing from just a routine to an experience that’s awaited for !!!