I wasn’t familiar with this term when I grew up as a child

I became responsible for quite some stuff by the time I got introduced to this term

How much ever we grow, how many responsibilities ever we take up, the child in each of us will remain somewhere, isn’t it ?

Who wouldn’t want to have a sleepover with the college friends that were a part of everything you went through, your inhibitions, anxieties, pleasures, failures, achievements and who embraced you with all your imperfections in the most perfect way ?

Last Saturday, A’s pre-final exams were still going on but friends had planned for a lunch meet with a friend , who had come for a vacation from US, which could be extended to staying at a friend’s home for the night and then disperse the next day post breakfast. I was in two minds, as I very much wanted to be a part of this plan but at the same time I wasn’t sure if A would be fine to carry out her preparations in my absence. A was very sweet and asked me to continue with my plans and said she would be fine.

Four of us met for lunch, spent some time in a shopping mall and stayed late into the night chatting nonstop and fell asleep without realising when.

Sunday morning, while the other girls continued to stay on till noon, I started off early and came back home to avoid any motherly guilt that might surface later.

I may have never experienced sleepover as a child. But the child in me is experiencing and loving the sleepovers beautifully !!!


Deciding factors

The factors that go into the making of a decision are sometimes unimaginable.

Coming Thursday marks the beginning of pre-final exams for A and since last week most of the students in her class have stopped coming to school as they have planned to prepare for the exams at home. So every evening, a discussion pops up in their class Whatsapp group as to who would be coming to school the next day. Sometimes I keep asking A questions about who is coming and what their reasons are for coming. Some interesting thoughts that I came across in those discussions are :

1. One kid wanted to go to school as they would serve Chicken for lunch that day.

2. Some kids wanted to go to school as there would be people shooting videos of the school for their upcoming centenary celebrations and it would be fun to watch such stuff.

3. A wanted to go to school so that she could ask her Chemistry teacher couple of doubts and get to eat Alu 65. It’s altogether a different fact that she did not go to school finally as planned but she did have the thought.

Chicken , Aloo 65 and what all can contribute to the decision of going to school 😀

Antha Ramamayam

Heard of this phrase earlier ? If you haven’t, it means that everything is filled with Lord Rama.

A has been preparing for her pre-final exams and couple of days ago, it was the time for ‘Sitanveshana’ (Search for Sita Devi) lesson in Telugu. For most of the subjects, my role in helping her has diminished to negligible but it still remains a little for Telugu. So in the process, I have been reading with her all about Lord Rama and hearing her study about Lord Rama.

I have started reading the book War of Lanka by Amish Tripathi couple of weeks ago and it has reached to an intense state now. Since it has come to that state, it so happened that I have been reading this while A was preparing for the above Telugu mission.

It felt like I was experiencing “Anta Ramamayam”

Jai Shri Ram !!!