A word of assurance 

Is all I need at times.

A has fallen sick all of a sudden today. She was all good till yesterday night and started complaining about a little cold in the night. Midnight, it transformed into a little pain in the throat and it gradually increased into the morning. By afternoon, cough and fever too have added to the woes. 

Anything concerned with health, cough, cold, fever, anything for that matter, we resort to our homeo doctor. Am not sure since when the family has started consulting him, but I have known him since my marriage. All these 12 years, he would be the first person to go to, for any issue , for any person, and that includes A. A started her first medicine from him, when she was around four months I guess, when she has got cold. The authority with which he assures us is something I find most comforting. He makes everything sound so simple and his medicine works like a charm.

The most beautiful part is he is accessible in all ways. He has got his clinic in our apartment and visits twice a day, which means we don’t have to travel anywhere to visit him. He is ready to give the medicine over the phone , because of which I could travel confidently with A to New Jersey and had a stay with out a worry, as for any slight cold or cough, I would call him and get the required medicine at any hour of the day. He answers e-mails, responds over Whatsapp too, if we ever have to send some related pictures.

So today, when I went to get medicine for A, I was informed that he had gone to Bangalore and would be back in Hyderabad only on Monday. I was left with no option but to call him. We gave A the medicine he advised. The fever has come down a little, but hasn’t gone totally yet. This should have normally put me in a state of total panic given that the fever has been like that since afternoon, but the only reason am feeling calm, is because he has assured that the fever would be gone in her sleep.

In these days of so much of commercialisation in the field of medicine, I find this doctor a saviour in many ways and his words of assurance are what are keeping me calm.

All at random 

Since I ran out of all possible ideas to post something for today, here is an outpouring of things at random.

  • V’s sister is here for a short break and V’s cousins too came home for their break . So all of us went for Raees movie yesterday , and it was a total disappointment 
  • Since everyone was here, V’s atta decided that all would have lunch at their place and the post lunch chit chat went into the evening 
  • Since we had lunch at their place, A decided that every one would have dinner at our place 
  • Post dinner, the one sky lantern that was left out during Diwali was flown into the air and it sort of turned into an adventure going up and coming down
  • We ended today’s day with an ice cream at Almond House’s Indulge 

Done for today, see you tomorrow 😊

Hope I get some innovative idea to post tomorrow 😊

Why why why ?

Is V inclined towards getting tattooed  ?

Can’t I align with this desire ?

Does V have that in his to-do list ?

Do I think it’s painful and not worthy ?

Do I prefer the simple temporary ones over the permanent ones ?

Do I have to be a blocker for something he wants to do ?

p.s. Fell asleep. Posting 4 hrs and 4 minutes late 😩

Finally !

After continuous picks of so many chick lit books and light reads including Sophie Kinsella’s Can you keep a secret and Twenties Girl, I wanted to read something different.

And then all of a sudden John Grisham’s Sycamore Row came home. It suited perfectly for the change I was looking for. I started this book so many weeks back and I was like stuck with it. Neither could I leave the book in the middle nor could I finish it faster.

Finally am done with it today. Off I go in search of the next one !

First movie with friends 

Happened for me somewhere about the time when I was in my 9th class, when some of our school teachers decided to take us out for a treat !

And first movie with friends happened for A today, in her 4th class, as part of school picnic. The school took them out for Moana movie. A was all excited to watch it for the second time, this time with friends 😊 They proceeded to a park after the movie, had lunch over there, played for some time and then came back to school to be picked up by parents !

A fun-filled day for the kids 😊

Delayed celebrations !

Yesterday was FIL’s birthday, but we couldn’t celebrate it as the in-laws were out at Shirdi .

But a Birthday doesn’t seem like a Birthday without a little celebration ! So we had a delayed celebration today with the cake !

p.s. My original plan to send a surprise cake to Shirdi didn’t work out this time. Need to plan better next time 🤔

Go Karting

I can’t understand why I have never tried Go-Karting so far.

So yesterday, we had been at Leonia resorts for the new year party hosted by the office. As everyone was going for Go-karting, I just tagged along. I had no prior experience of it and never thought about trying it. So I assumed that V would accompany A for the ride and I would just watch it.

We waited for hours and hours and then our turns had come. My friend’s husband accompanied her younger kid and she couldn’t accompany her elder one as she was in a saree and sarees were not allowed for it. So the plan was chalked out as to V would accompany A and I would accompany my friend’s kid.

I sought out the rules and they sounded simple, right leg for accelerator and left for brake. Our turn came and for the fear of safety, more for the kid that had trusted me, I started going slowly and it was so slow that the engine had stopped twice. Realising that too slow is not something that would work, I started riding little fast and maintaining that minimum speed.

And it was fun, super fun. I haven’t gone fast, but the feel of driving, steering, accelerating, every thing was so cool, since I can’t drive in reality.

I was so excited that this afternoon, I asked V if I could use the same two principles and drive our car too 😜

But jokes apart, I enjoyed the ride and I would definitely try again the next time I get a chance !!