Will I ever be able to love you ?

I try hard each time I come in contact with you

To start loving you , but then it doesn’t happen

My mind tells that my role demands to love you

But my heart seems to follow it’s own way

Is it because the expectations of mine and

The output of yours are way beyond comparison

Is it that I need to put in extra efforts from my end

To make this more interesting or engaging ?

Oh my dear task of Washing Socks,

Will I ever be able to love you ? 😫


Midas touch

Most of us are familiar with the age old classic story ‘Midas touch

Gold sounds quite good and attractive as long as it is within some limits. But the moment it replaces everything around you, it becomes overwhelming and a disaster rather than a treasure.

One analogy that comes to my mind these days is Internet.

I vividly remember the days when I thought Internet was a blessing. It made so many things easy, accessible and comfortable.

Of late, I am beginning to think if the opinion I once held so strongly still holds good. Has it been replacing too many things around us ? Has it been engulfing all the real things and leaving us with only virtual world ? Has it been affecting the relationships in a way that it shouldn’t be ?

I wonder if the struggle without Internet is better than the complete shift to a virtual world

I wish and hope that am wrong…

Some random musings on a random day…