Exams Fever done!!!!!!

Hello blogging world!!

I am A, writing through Mom’s account. At last yesterday we had our last exam of the year. I like only two things about exams.First is that we have half day schools and second is that we play water fight. This was the first time I played and I had loads and loads of fun. Even though I and the other girls didn’t interfere when the boys were playing we were always their target. Out of all days on two days I was completely drenched and was scared if I would drench the car seat too! Our first three exams were the worst subjects. They were History,Computers and Mathematics. Everyday during exams I and my friends pray for a good teacher as our invigilator. After the exam is done, my friends and I used to run to prevent being wet but were always caught by the boys. We used to hide in vans and in my friend’s car. Yesterday was one of the best days of my life. Yesterday, after the exam my friends and I planned to go to the house of a friend of mine. Mom told me that if I get wet, l was not allowed to go to my friend’s house. Luckily even my friends’ parents also told them not to get wet. As soon as the exam was done, we ran into my friend’s car. The boys tried to pour Coke on us but a teacher caught them and threw the coke. We were safe. At my friend’s house we had a blast!!! When we reached her home we changed and had fries and Tang. We played and played. For lunch we had Biryani with paneer and raita which were absolutely delicious! We played Hide and Seek and Business. We also drew tattoos on our hands!

In this picture I am Hermione Granger and my best friend is Harry Potter. My other two close friends are Luna and Ginny Weasley. All of us did our tattoos on our own. Then we had Oreo and Chocolate ice cream. I mixed both of the ice creams and was brilliant. You must try it. After that we were running around the house, playing chits, and many more games. Finally my grandfather came to pick me and one of my friends. We went home really tired. I am still not able to understand how the day got finished so so so so so so quickly. It was indeed one of the best days of my life. The most important part of this post is that it is written all by myself without the help of any adult or child. I really really hope with all my heart that whoever read this liked it. Because I want to create a blog of my own and that is because blogging is really FUN!!!!!!!!!

Bye blogging world. See you when I write my next post.