In one of those casual conversations that take place between A and me, just before falling sleep, A recollected a story where a group of people prayed to God for rain and one of them carried an umbrella immediately afterwards and the story stated that that’s what is called “Faith”.

I questioned her if she had such faith in anyone and prompt came her reply without a minute’s hesitation “You”.

At that moment, my heart was overwhelmed with some indescribable feelings and I tried to do some multiprocessing by being grateful for having made such an impression and promising self to try to live up to the expectations and calculating the responsibilities and was about to step into the cloud nine state, when A made another statement.

“And Amma, don’t do anything that makes me lose my faith in you”.

Dear A, if your former statement made me smile for your trust in me, the latter statement made me smile for your wit.

On a serious note, I’ll try to live up to your faith as much as I can !!