World is small

V has been in the same project at work for about 2 yrs now and he has been talking to this project member S almost everyday. Today, over a casual talk S mentions that he has got a friend who lives at this place, and works for this company. Immediately V asks if this person is B and S wonders at this. Apparently B, who is a classmate cum ex-colleague of S, is a very very close cousin of mine πŸ™‚

I join a company, meet my colleagues and team members and then discover that my immediate supervisor is a co-passenger turned friend of my college senior πŸ™‚

I make friends with V’s colleague’s family at onsite, bond very well with their daughter, spend good time over an year and then come back to India for good. This lady calls me and says that she is very happy about her brother-in-law getting married and within hours I come to know that the bride is none other than my bestest friend at college πŸ™‚

Isn’t the world very small with everyone connected in one way or the other and somehow everything seems to happen for a reason πŸ™‚



our search for a library at Hyderabad has ended today with JustBooks. Got to know about thisΒ  chain from V’s sis couple of years back, but none of its centres was close to home and so we could not make use of this. Though there are some good libraries at Hyderabad, there wasn’t anything which was easily accessible from our place and affordable. We recently discovered a centre that’s little close to V’s workplace and he got a membership today.

Hoping to get lots and lots of books for the entire family to read voraciously πŸ™‚

Bada sa weekend!

The weekend could not be any longer!

Started with Friday’s dinner with V at Vasudeva Dhaba. This one is a very simple vegetarain restaurant with awesome north-indian dishes at a very reasonable price, with no great ambience. The service is very prompt and the quality of the food is just great. We keep visiting this when our sole focus is on food and nothing else. The best and unique part of this dhaba is, they serve the dishes in half the quantity also, just for extra 10 bucks. So it serves you right when you are inclined towards trying small quantities of more dishes. Soup, Masala papad, rotis and curries formed the delightful menu of the day.

Saturday, we took A to a not so nearby mall, did little shopping for A. Max so far has never disappointed me, atleast when it comes to tops for A. I kind of like the quality and the colours. And then A had a good time at Fun City running, jumping and rolling over and even made some friends there πŸ™‚ The first time we took A to this mall, which was quite sometime back, we had to persaude her a lot to step into it and now, I had to persuade her to come out πŸ™‚ We were joined by friends later and A had some more fun. Came home, put A to sleep, had a quick dinner and then headed off to Saahasam to end the day. The movie was good, lot better than the routine stories with some nice dialogues.

Sunday, we were at the dentist’s place. A is a little girl but looks like her teeth are not too little for the cavities 😦 Luckily, the dentist is a close cousin of mine and the visit was smooth with no big hassles. We had lunch at home and then intended to go to ShoppersStop for the sale sale sale that I keep on hearing every where in the city for the last couple of days. But I felt too tired and postponed the visit for the next weekend.

Isn’t it a big big weekend πŸ™‚

Kids and their little hearts…

A’s school had a visitor yesterday demonstrating some art / craft with paper and offered the books each worth 30 bucks.
This morning, MIL reminds me to get the change for the book from the other room and A sees me moving hurriedly from one room to the other, in a frenzied attempt to reach the school on time. A quietly says to her grandma, “Why is Amma moving from one room to other? Don’t we have money, is the money over? If there’s no money, I don’t want the book, am fine without the book”

I was speechless at her thoughts and am falling in love all over again with these little hearts πŸ™‚

Bits and bobs

that happened in the brief hiatus, not in any order, are :

# Watched D-Day, the movie was too fast to follow at some places and it got dragged more than required at couple of places. Liked the portrayal of different characters, each with their own priorities and emotions.
# Got some fancy ear rings, they are my latest obsession, hoping to have tonnes of them πŸ™‚
# A’s mid-term exams are over, party time! !!
# Got bored of the incessant rains at Hyderabad
# Got some nice sandals at a very very economical price, that saves me money for more shopping πŸ˜‰
# A is learning telugu alphabet at school and is ecstatic when she realized she could read quite a number of telugu words on her own!
# A learnt a line from this song and never stops humming it and I love watching her do it…….

Multitude of questions!

I start putting A to sleep and A starts a conversation…

A : Amma, how did we come here?
Me : Someone constructed this house and we started staying here
A : Before that?
Me : Hmm… We stayed at some other place which was constructed by someone else..
A : But how did it all start, from the very beginning?
Me : ok, God made some people and they started constructing some places and it all went on and on..
A : But why do we have to be at all?
Me : Because God made us?
A : But why did God make us?
Me : Err, I don’t know
A : I think God wanted to have a lot of work, that’s why…
Me : I don’t know!
A : Even I don’t know, I just think so…
Me : (Enough philosophy for today.. Come on lets sleep )

A takes a pause for about 2 mins and then starts again…

A : Why do we have ALLOUTΒ  ?
Me : To ward off mosquitoes
A : Why are there mosquitoes?
Me : ( I start getting lil restless ) Because you pee everyday and there’s all sorts of waste everywhere!
A : Why do I pee?
Me : Because you drink water
A : Why do I drink water?
Me : Because you play and get thirsty
A : Why do I play at all?
Me : Because you get bored
A : Why do I get bored?
Me : ( Arrrgh!Β  I can’t answer you anymore…) I don’t know 😦

Somehow, she finally decided to leave me for the day, give me a break and went to sleep πŸ™‚

Hamara Garden!


Hmmm.. Obviously I shouldn’t be calling something as tiny as this a Garden, but something is better than nothing right! Even scanty writing is better than no writing, what say πŸ˜‰
Ok ok, coming back to the point at hand, passion for flowers aka plants has been on a high in A these days and we decided to nurture it in this way. I love plants and wish to have a huge garden but have got absolutely zero knowledge about gardening 😦  So, MIL, with ample knowledge cum experience, comes to the rescue and sets this up for little A as well as the family πŸ™‚

Down the memory lane…

A quick peek into memory about 3-4 years ago, to jot down the then A’s vocabulary lest I forget couple of years later….

Car – caacaa
Shoes – Fufa
Corn flakes – Fafi
Kismiss – Kippish
Cheeslings – Kinkish
Aratipandu (Banana in telugu) – Aluku

Aavalinta (Yawn in telugu) – Aalavinta
Randi (come) – Raavandi
Egiri (fly) – Erigi

Its amazing to see kacha pacha vocabulary of hers transform into big, long, perfect multi-lingual sentences in these 3-4 yrs.
God’s creativity is definitely beyond comprehension, what say?

Twists and Turns!

A wanted to write a story today, yeah she is doing it for the second time. She started off with a title, “The Girl and the cat”, wrote about 3 pages with some illustrations, while I was away from her busy with some other stuff.

Soon after this, she wanted to write one more and here goes the conversation:

A : Amma, I want to write one more, “The Girl and the snake”
Me : Ok ( write whatever u want)
A : ” One day, a girl was playing outside. A snake killed the girl ”
Me : No! !!! Why did u kill the girl paapam
A : Hmmm, ok can I kill an insect?
Me : Hmmmm, may be ok ( less violence is better, isn’t it?Β  )
A : ” A snake killed a bee and then killed the girl”
Me : No, let’s not kill the girl paapam
A : Don’t worry, the story ends with “And then the girl woke up with her magic”
Me : OhΒ  !!!( There are twists and turns even in little A’s stories, not bad πŸ˜€ )