Wordless Communication !

I take an auto to work occassionally, when V leaves early for a meeting / training or when V does WAH. And the place where I board an auto is pretty much the same every time.

This happened sometime about an year ago, where I had to take an auto continuously for a week or little more, and since the time and place remain more or less the same every day, it so happened that I had commuted for most days of the week in the same auto. And that was the end of the auto-commuting phase.

Sometime around 3 months back, when I was waiting for an auto, this auto wallah has come and with no words spoken, I board the auto, he drops at the destination and I hand him the fare (with no meter running).

Today, 3 months later, the same thing has happened. Neither do I tell my destination nor do I talk about the fare. The communication has happened, only without any words 🙂


New Entry….

We debated a lot at many times to go for you or not…
We discussed much about if we were content with what we have already got…
We talked to people, about their experiences and suggestions…
We always had mixed feelings…
We were in two minds…
We went back and forth on this…
And finally the time has come and we welcome you into the family, all set to have an awesome time with you 🙂

Sunday Wonder !

On a regular sunday
– we get up around 8:30
– A is done with her breakfast around 9:30
– we are done with our breakfast around 11:30
– the day slowly begins to start then with lot other pending stuff

On this sunday
– we were up by 6:15
– we got all ready and were out of the house by 7:10
– we had hit the road, but had to return home mid-way
– we had morning coffee at a tiffin centre
– we were done with our breakfast by 9:00
– we processed a load of clothes in the washing machine, pressed A’s uniform, washed A’s socks, prepared lunch and hit the road again by 10:00

This wonder happened as we set out to receive V’s sis, who was coming home after a 15 month stay at Sydney, as a course of her better-half’s project at work. The train which was supposed to arrive at 7:50 got delayed, which made us head back home. The train which we thought would arrive atleast by 10:30 got delayed and delayed and delayed, and finally arrived at 12:00

Lesson learnt : Never ever take special trains. They suck 😦

Except for the delay, little A was super excited about her Atha coming home and this was her way of showing the excitement 🙂

I love the way kids express themselves, its just so pure and flows  without bounds 🙂

Dead drops!

A USB dead drop is a USB device installed in a public space. For example, a USB flash drivemight be mounted in an outdoor brick wall and fixed in place with fast concrete. The name comes from the dead drop method of espionage communication. The devices can be regarded as an anonymous, offline, peer-to-peer file sharing network.An early USB dead drop network of five devices was started in October 2010 in New York byBerlin-based artist Aram Bartholl,a member of New York’s Fat lab art and technology collective. A similar “deadSwap” system has been run in Germany since 2009.Members of the public are invited to drop or find files on a dead drop by directly plugging their laptop into the USB stick in the wall to share files and data. It is possible to usesmartphones and tablets computer by using a cable adapter from Micro B USB male to USB female.

Courtesy The wonderful Wikipedia 🙂
More at the original site!

Hai na interesting 🙂

Stir Fry Time!

Blanch the broccoli florets by plunging them in boiling water for a very short time and then washing them with cold water
Chop bell pepper into bite size pieces and roast some sesame seeds
Get the sauce ready by mixing up soya sauce + honey + salt + pepper


Heat up the pan and saute the chopped pepper in olive oil for a couple of minutes


Add the broccoli and let them be for a while


Add the sesame seeds, turn off the stove, toss it up with the sauce mixture and serve it piping hot 🙂


V made up this wonderful snack and I like a very very devoted wife, devoured it all 🙂

The week of happenings !

Last week has been so so busy and full of happenings, below are some quick snippets of them…

# Saturday started with a visit to A’s school and gave us a good chance to network with parents of A’s friends. Met new people, made new friends, new experiences and new roles 🙂

# Sunday was the day of my little niece’s first tonsure. The little one took the tension-filled parents by a big surprise, by not shedding a tear or not moving a muscle at all, credit to the IPad and the cartoons, new-age tonsure 🙂

# Sunday night was a reunion of my school friends, some of whom I haven’t met in the last 16 years. It was so much fun trying to recognize each other, catch up with all that has happened in all these years and relive all the wonderful memories lying somewhere deep within 🙂 Thanks to the weddings that give us such nice opportunities.

# Monday was a function at SIL’s parents’ place and Tuesday was a puja performed by my parents for the Lord Hanuman.

# Wednesday was a function at parents’ place that brought all the relatives to one place, aah meeting cousins and the extended family rejuvenates me unbelievably 🙂

# Saturday morning was a celebration of my Dad’s birthday, wishing you loads of health and happiness Nana 🙂

# Saturday evening was a fun-filled dinner with V’s friends at Angeethi. This place, which was very familiar to us long long back, has now changed so much for the good that the variety being offered has made me add this place immediately to the list of next-to-visit places to dine at with V 🙂

# Sunday was filled with a long-drive to attend a puja by V’s Mama1 and visit to the home of V’s Mama2.

Little A’s Dasara vacation came at the perfect time to accommodate everything. Hope everyone had a wonderful week and a Happy Happy Dasara 🙂

Up, up and above!


Was pleasantly surprised by the attitude of this little Mud dauber, which after innumerable failed attempts, relentlessly and successfully built floor upon floor over just a couple of days, so diligently in a kitchen placed on the fourth floor which has got no near access to mud.

Attitude and nothing else is all that matters 🙂

The latest

Book I read
Was Bharya Gunavathi Shatru, found it quite good. Heard quite a lot about this author from the family and am slowly starting to relate to it after reading some of his works.

Movie I watched
Was Attarintiki Daaredi. Putting all the logic behind, the movie engaged well with awesome dialogues and comedy.

Thing we shopped
Was glasses for V at Vision Express. Felt the collection here was much better than that at the Titan Eye +.

Course I enrolled into
Was a course at Coursera. Haven’t started it yet, but I find the concept and the variety they offer here very good.

Home-Made sweet I had
Was Semiya Kesari. MIL prepares these awesome sweets that just go and melt in your mouth 🙂

Thing that made me smile wide
Was the conversation I had with A when putting her to sleep

A : I feel bored all the time
Me : (Vexed upon hearing this statement so many times I ask,) What do you mean by bored?
A : I want to have a bubble gum on my side, another one on your side and then stick to you from morning to tonite. I want to play with you all the time, make fun of you and see you laugh. This is what I mean by boredom.
Me : 🙂

Game I played on and on
Was this, really liked it a lot