My DIY Project !

If there’s one thing that never ceases to fascinate me to shop, collect, adorn and enjoy, then that is ear-rings ! I just love them and I have lately started having my own sweet collection, specially the artificial ones. And now that I have got a teeny-tiny collection, the new problem of storage has arisen.

I have been wanting to have something where I can store them for quick use and have searched over the net couple of times. But I couldn’t find anything impressive and I wasn’t even sure if I would be using them properly after spending so much. When I vented out my frustration, V suggested looking out for a DIY project, which didn’t strike me till then. So, with all the inputs from the net, here’s my ear-ring holder which hardly took 10-15 minutes of our time (me and A), an old dupatta, a hanger and some tape.


So can you guess my next task, make it densely populated 😉


International Day Of Happiness

Is the speciality of today and I got to know about it just this morning. And from that moment, the thought of posting something on those lines has been lingering on my mind, only that I wasn’t sure of what to post and how my definition of happiness should be put into words.

This was what made its entry at home by the time I was back in the evening !

“Am not sure if this is a dream or reality Amma, Fishes were part of me only in my dreams, now I can’t believe it has become real “, is what was A’s reaction to this.

If things so small can make her so happy, I guess the definition of my happiness should also be so simple !

Here’s wishing everyone very very happy times ahead 🙂

The new crush !

Loom bands are something that I haven’t heard of, until we opened the little one’s birthday gift over the weekend. And which is when I instantly fell in love with them. A little experiment with the patterns mentioned over the kit, little peaks into the you tube videos made me fall head over heels in love with them.

My trials so far with them…

some bracelets and rings

Ear rings

Snowflake charm, use it as a pendant or ear ring or whatever !

Hope to explore more of these 🙂