Ganesh Chaturthi !

Pretty flowers, pretty flowers, what do you see ?
We see lots of green leaves looking at us
Green leaves, green leaves, what do you see  ?
We see lots of yummy fruits looking at us
Yummy fruits, yummy fruits, what do you see ?
We see lots of colourful umbrellas looking at us
Colourful umbrellas, colourful umbrellas, what do you see ?
We see Mighty Ganesha everywhere
Mighty Ganesha, Mighty Ganesha, what do you see ?
I see lots of pretty flowers, green leaves, yummy fruits, colourful umbrellas waiting to come to me 🙂

This evening, as I stepped into the lane reaching home from the main road, stalls occupied with leaves, fruits, flowers, umbrellas, ganesha idols and all other festive items, met my eye, and it appeared as though all of them were conversing about the big day tomorrow. The air was filled with such festive atmosphere that a smile on the face and joy within were inevitable. Festivals are fun !

Ganapati Bappa Moriya !

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 🙂


Masti Shopping!


I would call this a masti shopping for two reasons, one considering the little amount of time I had spent in picking them up and second comparing against those hours of time spent in waiting that finally end up in nothing (some past experiences). Pantaloons at Begumpet, which is usually crowded, specially on weekends, was noticeably deserted this time.  The reasons that I could attribute for this surprise would be one that the store is undergoing a renovation and the other that most of their big sale is now over. The colours, quality and price range at Pantaloons appeal to me at most of the times, but the long lines to enter into a trial room or to pay the bill irk me sometimes. And all of a sudden, when the store, trial rooms and everything you see seemed to be at your service, why would I lose the golden chance in all my sanity 🙂 Last sunday, I literally took advantage of the situation in hand and tried everything to my heart’s content and was done with the entire shopping experience in no time ! Isn’t this how the ideal shopping experience should be 🙂 Go grab a chance and visit the place if you can.

p.s. I started loving the Rangmanch brand for their colours, fitting, price or whatever it could be !

p.p.s. The photo doesn’t do justice to the actual colours 😦


I can’t count the number of times I had had pancakes, relished them with utmost satisfaction, and wanted to have more and more of them. But all of those have been either at restaurants or by using the frozen ones at home. And all the while, I was under the impression that it takes quite an effort to get the pancakes correctly and I might not have got the right skill needed until………..

Couple of days back, A asked me over a casual conversation if I could make some pancakes for her. I promised her that I would, but sometime later. She went to sleep and I gave a search and found Rak’s Kitchen Eggless Pancake. It sounded so simple and heavenly that I decided to give it a try the next day itself. And guess what, it really is quite simple. This is the first batch we had and I was totally satisfied with the output 🙂


The only thing I would like to change the next time I make them, is increase the volume of milk by a small amount ( may be by 1/4 cup or little less ) and decrease the baking powder by a very small portion.

How do you make your pancakes ?

Flower or Petals ?

Couple of days back, I had gone to A’s school for the Reports Day and was waiting for a chance to talk to her teacher. During the wait, I witnessed a conversation between A’s teacher and one of the parents. Apparently, the parent in question is an Indian, returned from UK very recently. So here is how the conversation goes.

Mother : (Pointing to an answer sheet, where the kid has labelled a part of the plant as ‘petals’) My kid has answered correctly
Teacher : No, the answer is ‘flower’
Mother : But the arrow is at the ‘petals’ part
Teacher : We haven’t taught them yet about petals, so he should have answered ‘flower’
Mother : But since the arrow was pointing at petals, he answered so
Teacher : This is India, you should write only what we teach

Ages have gone by since I saw this kind of tendency in our schools, to write only what is said. But the tendency doesn’t seem to change a bit. Leaving the point of awarding the marks to teacher’s discretion, I felt the teacher must have atleast acknowledged the kid’s attempt at answering.

Long long ago

The story goes that Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata was once travelling to Germany.

As he stood there, at the door of his First Class Cabin in the Steam-liner, he noticed a lot of activity on the lower decks of the Ship. On enquiring, he learnt that a great Indian Saint Shri Swami Vivekananda was on board the same ship.

Out of genuine respect and curiosity J.N. Tata decided to pay a visit to the great saint.

Swami Vivekananda had of-course heard about the respected industrialist.

As the conversation grew J.N. Tata explained that he was on his way to Germany.

“I have with me sacks of soil : From various parts of India. I am taking these samples of soil to Germany. I wish to know if Iron can be extracted profitably from any of these districts.” said J.N. Tata to the Saint.

To which Swami Vivekananda replied, “Well, Sir, even if these sacks contain Iron-rich soil, do you honestly believe that the Germans will tell you the TRUTH??? You must understand that No / NONE of the European Nations wish to see a Strong / Steel-Rich / Economically Independent India.

The soil is probably rich in Iron-ore but the sad truth is all you will get from your enquiries across Europe is disbelief and pessimistic reactions.”

Needless to say, having interacted with several Europeans J.N. Tata knew this to be true.

Swami Vivekananda continued,

“Why don’t you start an excellent / up-to-date Research Facility and College here in India??? Why don’t you train some good Indian youngsters to identify soil and conduct these tests and find ways of profitably extracting metals??? It may seem like a wasteful, burdensome expenditure right now. But in the long run, it will save you many trips to Europe and you can have the assurance of knowing the Truth quickly rather than taking multiple opinions due to doubt”.

As he could clearly sense J.N. Tata’s mood was in acquiescence he further elaborated, “Seek an audience with the Maharaja of Mysore H.R.H. Wodeyar. Though a subordinate of the British, he will definitely help you in every way he can. H.R.H. Wodeyar has been generous enough to sponsor my own trip to Chicago to attend the Parliament of Religions”.

As soon as he returned to India, J.N. Tata headed straight for Mysore. And indeed H.R.H. Chamraja Wodeyar did not disappoint him. The King granted 370 acres of land for the setting up of the Research Facility and College that J.N. Tata had envisioned and it was named  THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE.

Soil Mechanics and Metallurgy were the first departments to be setup.

p.s. Although I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the above story, which was routed to me by a college alumnus, parts of it can be corroborated by Wikipedia.

Dear Brother,

As a kid, I missed you a lot, especially on this day
I always felt desperate to be with you on this day
I longed to tie the beautiful thread Rakhi on this day
There were many times when the tears rolled out in waiting
We grew older and have got busy with bigger responsibilities
I still miss you so much except that the tears no more find a place
For I have grown big enough to celebrate being the sister of a wonderful brother, every day and every moment!

Happy Raksha Bhandan Dear Brother 🙂