In conversation with the mystic

Sunday evening was my first encounter with Isha Sadhguru in live. Watching couple of his videos is my only source of knowledge about him. V attended a course conducted by Isha couple of months ago and it was through him that I got to know about the event. Having heard some positive reviews about him and the interviewer being Telugu actor Nani, I decided to give it a try. We attended the event and here’s my take on that :

  • It was a very well organised event, with quite a huge number of volunteers, readily directing and helping everyone with a warm smile
  • The artists who played the instruments and rendered their voices, were too good and I totally fell in love with them. This is my favourite now
  • The timings were honoured very well to the dot
  • Nani was very graceful, smiling, engaging and carrying his usual charm
  • Sadhguru – I enjoyed his conversation. I adored his English, he’s an excellent orator. He shared good thoughts and principles. He has good humour and is a very dynamic, confident person, who has got a great vision. The only thing that troubled me throughout was their pricing. For something so non-commercial, I find all of their pricing on the high side. I don’t want to come to conclusions soon, but that’s just what I feel right now !

Little dose of happiness

Filled in my morning as I reached the cubicle at my workplace today. There’s certain warmth associated with gestures of a friend, and if that gesture is a surprise gift something like this from this friend , the feeling is something inexplicable 🙂

Looking at this placed at my desk at the beginning of the morning, I couldn’t stop myself grinning from ear to ear.

She is just back from U.S. visiting her sister after a month long vacation.

Surprises are unbeatable, aren’t they 🙂

In and around Munnar

So the journey that started here went on this way…

Eravikulam National Park, home to the Nilgiri Tahr aka mountain goat, seemed to me like a paradise on earth. Walking through the national park seemed nothing less than walking through the clouds. The experience that I enjoyed over here proved to be one of it’s kind. The waiting line to get into the official bus to enter the park was huge and not so nice but the end result was worth the wait.

Spice garden was something about which I didn’t have much expectations and assumed that it would be something like a park, but this was something quite different. Walking through varied spice bearing plants and trees, listening to their history from a knowledgeable guide, feeling the fragrance of the spices all around you, basking in the pride of the rich Ayurvedic history that we are part of, it was just an awesome experience.

The Kathakali show somehow didn’t go well with me. I tried following it but I got lost in the middle , dozed off a little and then felt that it should have been for a little lesser duration. But the artists were good.

Kalaripayattu a traditional martial art form was something too good and must be definitely watched. The artists kept the audience engaged and enthralled. The moment we thought that they gave their best performance, they performed something more which kept us spellbound.

Hydel park had some decent attractions like zip line, shooting, 8D show and so on

Floriculture centre in Munnar showcased an extraordinary collection of flowers, which was a real feast to the eyes, with varied shades of colours and sizes and types.

More in the upcoming posts 🙂

God’s own country

Some things happen late, and so is our first encounter with the beauty of Kerala. In spite of having heard about Munnar travel diaries from multiple friends, we never had the chance to plan for it.

This March, as part of the yearly summer vacation, we decided to plan something and it ended up as Munnar and that too as a gang of 9, the family joining with some more of V’s friends. We started all the planning and booking in March, and finally made the trip in May.

While Munnar provided a pleasant break from the scorching summer of Hyderabad with its beautiful tea estates and lush green landscapes, the experience of a vacation with some wonderful friends made the trip a more memorable one.

Here are some foods and places that we experienced during our travel.

Bun Parotta, soft and fluffy in texture and Paneer, both with a tinge of sweetness that went well with my taste buds. This was just before entering Munnar, in the outskirts of TamilNadu.

The rich variety in the local markets !

Lottery tickets, I wanted to give it a try, but then just dropped the idea 🙂

Egg Kothu Parotta, with all the flavours mixed in a perfect proportion, one of my favourite dishes, which I would love to have on any day !

Puttu and Kadala curry, the local delicacy, served by our homestay host !

Idiyappam, one more local delicacy served again by our host

Avial, that can not get any more perfect !

A little more coming up in the next post…