Weekend discoveries

Womens’ World, not the world of my type

This store has been familiar to me so far only by it’s name and location. And since V wanted to take me out for shopping and I had been watching them advertise about their sale in a big way everyday, I decided to give it a try although I had an inkling of their prices. But the prices were way beyond my usual range even after the discount offered, the garments that were under the 50% off sale are not of the type that will be owned by me even if offered for free and the personal attention shown was too much that the personal space seemed to vanish. I just got one for me and one for A and were out of it. All in all, I decided that our worlds are too different 😦

Pizza tastes more yummy when the hunger levels are high

After the not-so-satisfactory episode of shopping, we decided to have atleast a heartful lunch and headed to GVK mall, and by the time we placed our order at Papa Johns, our hunger levels were at a stage that saying we were hungry would be an under statement. The breadsticks and pizza were as usual very good and lot lot better than the ones at Dominos.

Neeru’s, a must-visit when on sale

As we were just moving on after the tummy monsters got satisfied, we glanced at Neeru’s which was also displaying big boards about their sale. Why not give it a try was what we thought and am quite glad that we did it, within 15 min we picked up two sets and at quite a reasonable price, which was the least I expected from this place 🙂

Impromptu shopping makes me happy

Although am not a big shopping freak, I realized that I was happy by the end of the day with what we have shopped 🙂

World is small

At Women’s World, a girl stops me and asks if am from place G and have gone to school N, to which I reply positive. It turns out that she’s my junior at school and we are seeing each other after 17 years, no contact in any form in all these years 🙂

Snoring and Innovation

Falling asleep at any time of the day, at any place, in any posture (ok, most of them, if not all) and under any circumstances, is what I call, one of my strengths that am proud of 😀
And I fall into such depth of sleep that none of the external factors can dare to affect me. I vividly remember the times at hostel when I would be sleeping like a log while my friends used to struggle driving away the mosquitoes or fanning themselves thanks to the power failures. Sometimes A keeps going in and out of the room, playing by herself, asking me for some things, talking to me but the sleep goes on and on, unperturbed. So naturally, my sleep is oblivious to the snoring sounds also.

Innovation that’s happening everywhere at so many levels amazes me. Who would have thought of witnessing so many things a decade back, or even a year back?  Each day, there’s something new taking birth somewhere, be it an idea or a product.

Go here and here to find the connection of the above two and marvel at them the way I do, or even get one of them 🙂


Prologue :

Its being pretty cold here at Hyderabad for the last couple of days. So I turn off the fan and try to put A to sleep. After a couple of conversations, I offer her a blanket to cover and she obliges. By this time, am already desperately waiting for her to go to sleep so that I can move on to the next routine once she sleeps.

The work :

At this point of time this is what happens between us :

I cover her with the blanket
She snuggles for some time, tries to adjust for some more time and then removes
I find it fine and stay calm and resume my effort to put her to sleep
She asks me to turn on the fan
I say its already very cold and the fan is going to make it more cold
She insists on turning on the fan
I express a little irritation on my face while getting up to turn on the fan
She says “ok amma, nee ishtam (your wish)”
Thinking that I had succeeded in convincing her, I retreat and resume my task of the hour
She says again in a very subtle voice “nee ishtam amma”
I now am quite clear of the prerequisites for the task to be accomplished and so get up and turn on the fan
When I come back to her, this is what she says “you are very intelligent amma”


God, she has her own way of getting things done 🙂

Maths + Social + Love

A : I love Nana as much as the world
Me : OK
A : I love you also, but a little less
Me : OK
A : I love you as much as the world minus one country
Me : OK
A : Its ok right, just one country less, isn’t it?
Me : Yes, OK
A : Hmmm, for you its actually the world minus one country plus 5 clouds
Me : OK 🙂

Such are our bedtime conversations 🙂

Pass pass….

About more than a decade ago :

I enter college and as part of the course and staying at hostel and making friends and all, I meet a girl who is an year senior to me and get to know her.

About a decade ago :

I join a company fresh out of college and feel pleasantly relieved that the college senior is already an employee over there. The relation that started off as college-mates now takes a turn to that of colleagues and a friendship blossoms over the time.

About a little more than a half-decade ago :

The chit-chats between us that used to span various topics now welcome a fresh topic, pleasures and woes of pregnancy, as we find that we have entered this phase at around the same time and the friendship strengthens.

About a half-decade ago :

We celebrate the first birthdays of our little ones in the same month of the same year and each family becomes a part of the other’s celebrations extending the bond of friendship to spouses and kids.

About an year ago :

The kids happen to become class mates as they fall into the same section of the same class of the same school.

Now :

The other kid gifts A the greeting card below, all made by himself, on her birthday last week. A look at this in the evening made my day and am quite glad that the friendship has been passed onto the next generation 🙂