We ran, ran and ran

Ok, a lot of walking and good amount of running, till the Finish line of the 5k Run, in today’s Airtel Hyderabad Marathon.

It was our first ever participation in such an activity and for one, about which we weren’t even sure of completing, the entire experience was amazing and the sense of accomplishment was thrilling.

I enrolled in the run, about more than a month ago, and had been pestering V to do the same, but all my efforts had been in vain. Finally, I gave up and decided to take part alone, and V accompanied me to the event this morning, very obediently. And as luck would have it, we bumped into an old friend of V, as soon as we entered the premises, who was volunteering for today’s event and running in tomorrow’s event. After a quick chat, he left us and re-appeared with a bib, the entry into the run, and safety pins too, to fasten to your t-shirt and just ordered V to enter the run. I couldn’t resist smiling and didn’t give V a chance to think before acting. So there we were, all set to enter the run !

The energy there was contagious, with music, with people of all sizes, from kids to aged people, with lots of volunteers, with so much of frenzied activity. We just moved along with the crowd, ran whenever we could, walked whenever we couldn’t run, admired the enthusiasm around, pulled up all the energy to finish the run, and there, we finally did it 🙂

The sense of starting something for the first time is by itself exhilarating , and succeeding in it is something more.

I definitely am looking  forward to the next such opportunity.

Some pics :

Music to cheer up !

Volunteers providing water, candies, biscuits, collecting the trash !

The breakfast at the end !


Repeat the madness !

Friendship Day is something, about which I have heard of for the first time, when I was in my graduation. It was a whole new experience for me then, looking for friendship bands, choosing them, treasuring them like some big valuables and waiting for the big day. Apart from the different sets of friends, I was part of this gang of nine girls, with whom I had spent the maximum of my four years, and with whom nothing much changes even as years pass by.

So, it was this gang, with which the concept of celebrating a friendship day had started for me. There were times, when on this day, as the clock ticked 12 in the midnight, we would tie the bands, shout as we wish each other, dance  till we get tired,  and then in the morning, we would line up taking head baths, get dressed up, go out for watching a movie, and then dine at a restaurant.  And yeah, come back to hostel and get more photos clicked.

This year, one of the girls has come over here  from US for her annual vacation and has invited us for her house warming ceremony, which to our pleasant surprise, has fallen on the Friendship day.

So , as 4 of us met on that day, I carried along 12 bands, and all of us tied the bands again, just to repeat the madness !


Last couple of weeks were filled with news from all over Hyderabad, or rather everywhere around, mostly of the kind that anyone wouldn’t like to hear or make one feel low. If you get the point, am talking about drunk and drive cases, horrible things happening on the highways , Eamcet paper leaks, scams and many such other things. These things make one wonder if there’s anything called humanity left around or is it only the money , the power and selfish desires that are left ?

And then, I chanced upon this movie Intern playing on the television yesterday night. The movie was done by half by the time I had started watching. Initially, I watched in bits and then it grabbed my entire attention. I totally loved this character Ben, who was the protagonist, he was such a gentleman and his acts were so selfless and so helpful. Robert De Niro was in general charming, and the character he played made him more lovable. The wisdom of his age, the inherent goodness of him, the empathy of him, all added up to my admiration for the character. The movie was such a simple one with a nice message.

I know that’s just a movie and that’s just a character, but I couldn’t help wishing for a world with such sweet people and such good feelings at heart. Infact , if you ask me, movies like that should be promoted and all other nonsensical movies, which do more harm than good, must be banned.

Wishing for a humanity filled earth as a new day starts tomorrow , with a new hope !


Last Saturday, we took a detour from our regular, most-often used dining option, which was the North Indian food. We wanted to have something different and when V put forth the menu at Wok Republic, I immediately looked forward to dine there. And we were not disappointed, we both loved the place and food to bits.

So here’s what I liked about the place :

1. They have got a style to their menu, they guide us to create a box of our choice, veg or non-veg or sea food

2. A four step process is their guide, gathering vitamins (vegetables), strengthening the body (egg, tofu, fish et al), energising (noodles, rice et al) and then choosing the country ( the rich variety of sauces from different places)

3. Their boxes, in which they serve food

4. The content written over them

5. And the food !!!

We ordered two boxes, with assorted vegetables, egg being common in both.

 In one, V chose steamed rice with Japanese Teriyaki sauce. Apparently, that was the sauce to which V got hooked to, after he tasted it for the first time, when he visited UK for an official visit around 10 years back, and survived totally on that everyday, all through his visit. So he was keen on having to try that sauce again and he was greatly pleased with the one served here.

In the second one, we ordered noodles with Indonesian Kapitan sauce, and that was the most delicious food that I had tried in the recent times. It had a mild coconut flavour, it was neither too spicy nor too sweet, it just melted in the mouth !

And yeah, we had a starter too, spring roll kind of thing, which I felt was OK, but the other boxes are a must-try. V voted for Teriyaki and I voted for Kapitan !

Do give it a try if you are some where around and you too might love it 😊

You be the detective !

Disclaimer : This is from the Tinkle of October 2004, which I found A reading this morning .

So here’s the task for you :

1. Read the story and solve the puzzle 

2. If you succeed, well and good

3. But if you can’t and get restless like me to know the answer, then google for “Tinkle you be the detective answers 626”

Happy Detective Time !!

p.s. I love Google 😊