Just back from…

a fun-filled, 5 day long, refreshing vacation which has been on the cards from almost about an year.

We have been planning for one from quite sometime, thinking of lots of places, pondering over various seasons of the year, debating about varied modes of transport, exploring the web for different options and then kept postponing the trip for innumerable reasons 😦

Beginning of last week, V came up with an idea to travel to Bangalore by car and me being not very positive with looooooong drives with little one, was little reluctant. He then tried to cut short the drive by proposing an alternate destination Maredumilli.
I was kind of OK with this and so put forth one more alternate destination, Pondicherry.

Considering lots of places, we finally decided upon the place we had been intending to visit from almost a little more than 2 years, the ultimate place to chill out and relax, the tourist destination for lots of people that include lots of foreigners, our very own Goa.
We finalized the place on Thursday morning at around 9:30, confirmed our leave plans by 11 and then booked our tickets + accommodation through MakeMyTrip by 11:30, for the vacation to start on Sunday. This must have been the shortest time we ever took to conclude a itinerary.

Yippie, we had a wonderful vacation at Goa and are just back fully recharged 🙂

More posts to follow on the wonderful place…


Food, food and food!

If there are a couple of things that V and I share in common to the core, then food tops them all. We love eating a lot, in variety (not that we eat any less in quantity, we are good at that too ;-))

Last couple of days have been predominated mostly by food, some of them being:

# Baked Chocolate cake with Milkmaid Creations and A loved it 🙂

# No winter passes out without MIL’s simple but yummy dish that goes very well with rotis. The standard recipe goes with onion paste, coconut paste and loads of green peas, which got a minor amendment this season, with pieces of capsicum going into them, and it turned out awesome
# V got some coconut milk and we experimented coconut rice with it, which came out quite well
# Tasted PaperBoat’s JalJeera for the first time and it was really good
# Had our first visit to Jalpaan’s Eat Street that got opened recently. Tried out the chaat items and Pav-Bhaaji is a must-have there, the not-too-spicy thing and the big volume (when compared with many other places) standing out as the nice features

Happy eating everyone 🙂

Back in time!

What do you do when you have a holiday and your little one and the other half don’t?
Clean up the home and just go back in time!

Yup, that’s what happened today, as I had a holiday because of the supposed-to-be Muharram. And in that process, we discarded loads of stuff, went back in time and discussed the then times of in-laws 🙂

Some of the oldies we found

FIL’s first camera

The then way of watching movies at home 🙂

The comics of 1965!

The so-called diaper bag that was used for V 🙂

The very first watches owned by MIL and FIL…

And all those things that were played by MIL as a little girl, then passed onto V’s sis and now in possession of little A 🙂

All things might lose material value over a period of time, but the memories associated only become sweeter and stronger 🙂

The list…

# It’s cold today
# There’s singing competition today
# There’s a dance class today and I haven’t learnt the steps
# Urdu sir is absent frequently and so the urdu-learning students sit in our class and trouble us
# There’s a mid-term test today
# There’s an art class and we have to draw again if it doesn’t come out well the first time
# They keep playing games at school that I don’t like
# There’s a telugu story-telling competition
# Uh Uh I have got cough and we are supposed to be silent at school
# Today is Monday and its close to Tuesday, which has got dance class
# My classmate has caught hold of me 10 times yesterday in the playground, when we were playing
# There’s a language class today
# I want to miss school for a day
# There’s a fancy dress competition today
# The kids in my class are naughty and laugh when we dance
# My friend wants me to sit beside her always
# The school is boring

The list of reasons compiled by me, as told by A, each a day, for not wanting to go to school 🙂

A has been finding a new reason everyday to skip school and the mother in me is trying every bit to convince her the other way. Although I have got no idea of how long the debate is going to last, the reasons she comes up with make me speechless 🙂

The little author…


I was all dressed up on my birthday with pretty clips and long hair, holding flowers in a hand  and a gift from mommy in the other hand, standing by the side of my little sister.


And then I had chocolate ice-cream and it was all over my mouth. My sister was by my side watching me.


We played outside for a while, while my father watched my mother sleep on one floor and my grandfather watched my grandmother sleep on another floor.


Later we went to a pool,( see our legs are in the pool), and  because of the sounds we made, my friend N came out and joined  us and a duck came onto my sister’s head. Looking at this, my dad started taking my picture, mama my sis picture and uncle my friend’s picture…


And then we played and played a lot in the pool


Finally, me and Atha played with my little sister and had a wonderful day!

Illustrated and narrated by little A, the characters go as
Sister – My Neice
Friend – V’s friend’s daughter
Atha – V’s sister
And the rest of the household 🙂

This was one thing which I had always dreamt of when I was a kid, but miserably failed at, becoming an Author!

Hope/Wish A turns out to be one 🙂