Little worries !

A : Amma, will I get food to eat when I go up ?
Me : Hmmm, up, what up ? where are you going ? :S
A : UP Amma, the place which Nanamma (grandmother) said I will be going to when I become old, near God !
Me : Oh! ok.. ok.. 🙂
A : Tell me, will I be getting food ?
Me : Ofcourse yes, you will have food there
A : Hmm, Ganesha will be mostly having laddoos, will there be anything else to eat ?
Me : Maybe! They might be having other varieties also
A : What if Ganesha does not eat?
Me : Why, Ganesha eats and why will he not eat ?
A : What if Ganesha does not eat ?
Me : How do I know ? :^)
A : Make a guess, Amma
Me : Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (How do I answer her never-ending hypothetical questions, when all I want to do is nothing but sleep 😦 )

Thinking that her Amma is not quite big enough to answer her little questions, the little one goes off to sleep with the little (or not-so-little) worries in her little head !



Everyone gathered around as the unveiling happened and
Had the urge to give a big applause and
Simply stared in awe at the finesse of it and
Took turns in holding for the first time and
Admirers like me captured photographs and
The passers by made it a point to touch and feel
As the beauty made its entry into the office,
The one and only iMac!

Some things are just irreplaceable and you are one of them, Apple!

Bake, Bake and Bake!

V’s sis has been experimenting with baking all sorts of stuff for the last couple of days, and the end result is that we get to eat loads of delicious goodies!

A is super excited about the entire process of pushing her atta to shop the ingredients, giving multiple gentle reminders that slowly turn into high commands if delayed, moving behind her with all the cutlery while beating / mixing up, pestering her atta to let her put her hand into everything, bombarding with never-ever heard questions, not-so patiently waiting for the oven to shout of being done, reluctant waiting to get it cool down, excitedly arranging the end products to be photographed, savouring every bit of it with the two feet almost high in the air and then serving them to everyone in the family with an expression  of a proud baker!

A quick peek into couple of the pictures:


A healthier version of muffins, wheat flour and jam replacing white flour and sugar !


Layers of cake glued with chocolate and topped with instant whipping cream for FIL’s birthday !

Personal choices

This is about the conversation I overheard the other day, between two colleagues. One of them had a discussion earlier with a third person about how this person and his spouse get to spend time with their kid only on the weekends as both of them go to work. The kid in question is taken care of, by his maternal grandparents as both the paternal grandparents are also working. And the good part is that all of them stay in the same city.

Coming to the original two people of the conversation, the one that had the discussion remarks as “If women want to work, why should they have kids at all?  If they want kids, they should not work and vice versa”

How on earth could someone make such comments on someone you might not have even met, is what I felt when I heard this. And some things are too personal to be commented upon. As long as the kid, couple, and family are comfortable managing this way, why should a third person make such derogatory comments when not approached for any advice? And why should a woman not work when all the needs of the kid are met and the kid is quite comfortable and happy? The mother, all the more, is setting an example of how women are equally responsible and independent beings!

And to top it all, it makes a little sense if one comments on a person whom you are very close/attached to. Commenting your colleague’s wife on such personal choices near a third person is something beyond my comprehension and I didn’t even step in to debate, as I knew it would be a waste of my time and energy which could be put to a much better use!

What do you say?

Food Mela

Dinners at home usually comprise rice, curry, dal and curd. At times, roti replaces rice. But there could also be times when none of the above is a part of the dinner. And that just does not mean that idli, dosa, upma, blah-blah become the items at dinner.

Coming to the point of what’s at dinner rather than listing what’s not at dinner, the trip to a clothing store by V and FIL got us more of food and less of clothes ! The store was near General Bazaar, which has got innumerable variety of lip-smacking street food which will make you want to buy and eat everything you see, alas we have got a stomach that has got upper-bounds 😦
You will find bandi after bandi, all lined up to serve you scrumptious items like jalebi, bajji, bhel-puri, pani-puri, papdi chat, samosa ragda, cutlet ragda, sandwiches, sweets and what not !

And the dinner what we had precisely was

bajji stuffed with aloo curry

punukulu that vanish in your mouth in a single bite

mouth-watering jalebi

crispy crunchy aloo-toast

delicious sandwich

and Petha sweet, which I was too busy eating all the items, to capture a photo of!

Dinners are supposed to have a deviation from the routine at times, what say !


Traits when seen transferred to your offspring from you, should usually make you go high, or float in the air for a while and come back, or that’s what I thought so until recently.There can exist such things that can give you a total shock, is what I discovered over the weekend.

A has been complaining about her lower tooth for a while and since it’s her first tooth, and she has reached the right age, and the dentist has also said the same after a casual check, I had assumed that its on the verge of falling down. Right, there’s no problem with the assumption but all the issue is what has started happening before that should have happened. Supervising A while she was brushing her teeth revealed a tiny tooth that was on its way ! It was supposed to take the place of the milk tooth, but it chose its own place, the shark teeth case !

Now, how’s all this related to the heredity ? Because my milk teeth refused to fall off on their own and had to be pulled out by a dentist, and all the permanent teeth had to be re-arranged in proper places. I had enough visits to the dentist that should last for a lifetime, and I can’t imagine to start that all over again in a different role 😦 Sigh ! I seriously hope and wish that the baby teeth fall off on their own very soon without a dentist pitching in !

How do you feel when

The time is at the middle of a boring day and
The mind is struggling hard to concentrate on work before drifting off to sleep and
The phone vibrates silently to an unknown number and
The number appears to be originating from US and
The voice of the caller seems to be very familiar and
The caller turns out be your ex-boss that you had worked under, about 10 years ago and hadn’t met in the last 5 years and
The ex-boss asks for your address to invite you to his daughter’s marriage ?

I felt ecstatic when this happened to me last week !

Sometimes these days I keep planning…

To complete Chanakya’s Chant, the book we got from the library
To attend Android classes on Coursera
To begin exercising
To peruse Design Patterns
To solve Sudoku puzzles in DC
To publish lots of big, long blog posts
To browse all the posts on the blogs that I follow
To re-arrange my wardrobe
To start a new hobby

but all I end up doing is snuggle under a blanket and go to sleep 😦

Happy New Year!

Amidst the dances by kids,
Cheering up the performances by the young,
Listening to the tunes of musical hits,
Savouring the spicy mirchi bajji and hot tea,
Making never-ending conversations with the neighbours,
Sharing warm smiles with all the near and dear ones,
Surrounded by infants, toddlers, juniors, adults and seniors,
Relishing the warmth of the apartment premises,
As the clock ticked 12 for the last time of the year,
We welcomed the new year with hearts filled with hope, joy and boundless energy, on the New Year’s Eve at the celebrations organized by the apartment kids !

And I wish you all a happy, healthy, fun-filled, wonderful, prosperous and successful New Year 🙂