Teen baby

Dear A,

You’re officially a teen now !!

Have really thirteen years passed since you entered our lives ? Quite hard to believe so.

It just feels very recent we went through the struggles of putting you to sleep to experiencing the joy of hearing your first words and dreading the days of making you get adjusted to school and enjoying the warmth of your love in every way.

You were a tiny baby sometime ago and now you have outgrown me in height !

You were a baby who was totally dependent and now I depend on you to vent out all my feelings !

You were the one who was in everyone’s thoughts and now you think so much about each of us !

You were taught alphabet by your dad and now you show him the features of a mobile unknown to him !

I maybe stating the same thing repeatedly but you are blessed to be with so many loved ones around you who think so so much about you. Not everyone gets to experience this wonderful feeling. Cherish all the love and spread it even more !!

And yeah, as you become a teen, you get to operate your gmail account on your own, of which you have been waiting for so long !

And I do hope I manage well as a teen mom although the word scares me a bit !

As with each year, my wishes and blessings for you, more or less remain the same.

I wish you good health and happiness. Smile often, spread as much joy as you can, express love, appreciate what you have, learn to be contented where you need to be and to aspire where you have to, extend your help with out bounds, work hard, read more, have more and more friends, travel more, live life and above all stay humble.

Lots and lots of love,