A sequel that became a double

When we registered ourselves for the first time for a 5K run two years ago, we weren’t sure if we could make it. But with a little practise before the event, we made it. The feeling of accomplishment was awesome.

And then time passed and we couldn’t take part in the last year’s marathon for some reason that I can’t recollect of. This year when the announcement for Airtel Hyderabad marathon had happened, I wanted to give a try for 10K and V joined me in signing up with the same enthusiasm. We did practise a little this time too, but definitely not to the mark for the 10K.

Just before the big day, V started getting skeptic and started throwing suggestions of dropping out. But I was determined to take part and even hoped to complete it, keeping aside the possibility that we might take little longer time than the average time to complete. V too gave in finally and we took part in the marathon.

The atmosphere, as always, was intoxicating , with thousands of people around us. We walked for a considerable time, ran a little now and then, had energy supplements in between, which were offered by volunteers at every kilometre or so, patted ourselves that we were doing decently good and then we finally reached the mark. And the last couple of minutes before the mark were in a proper stadium, on the proper athlete tracks and that feeling of running on those tracks and being awarded a medal at the end was indescribable.

Looking out for the next one of the series…