Some of the many things 

That are beyond my comprehension are :

1. V’s combing

My brain comprehends a person combing one’s hair, while getting ready or before going out or before getting out of one’s room after waking up or something of that sort. But apart from all the above instances, V combs his hair before brushing, before going to the bathroom, before doing anything and even before going to sleep. I just can’t understand why he would have to comb his hair before sleeping too ?? Am I the only one who’s finding this strange 🤔🤔

2. Genders for things 

All my childhood, I had trouble trying to figure out the masculine “Ka” and feminine “ki” of Hindi for things like kitaab and pustak. Why should things have these gender differences except for the sole aim of torturing me to memorise them 😟 As if that wasn’t enough for a life time,  a new similar phase has started. A started learning French as her second language at school, and the language has got “la” and “le”. Same question again , why do things like cheese, wine and so on and on have to have these gender differences 😩

3. The Devil Wears Prada 

I read somewhere that this book is a light read and a nice one to pick. I read and read, trying not to lose the interest, hoping I would like the book, till the end. I finished the book but I couldn’t understand why the protagonist did what she did and why I had put some much effort in completing the book when it just wasn’t my type 🤔


Read and watch 

Reading a book along with A and watching the movie , that was based on that book, along with A, is something I enjoy immensely.

Quite long back, we did something like this for Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the chocolate factory. Since then, I have been waiting for her to read Matilda. We finished the book, which she thankfully enjoyed, towards the end of this summer and had planned to watch the movie. But unfortunately we couldn’t find the movie anywhere on the net. Disappointed a little, we left it that way.

Around 10 days ago, as V was doing some channel surfing on TV, he spotted Matilda movie and immediately recorded it. So last weekend, as soon as she got back from school, we sat down and watched it. We loved the movie too as much as we loved the book.

One task down the list , what should I be picking up next 🤔

A sight to watch !

Cycling or rather getting to learn to ride a cycle has caused me numerous nightmares. More precisely, with respect to A.

The reason being, as a kid, I never learnt how to ride a cycle, partly for fear of falling down and partly for lack of interest. But now, after all these years, I wish I could have learnt it as a kid. And so, not wanting A to land up in a similar situation, we got her a cycle quite long back, sometime about when she was around 3 years old. She enjoyed it as long as there were balancing wheels, but stopped touching it the moment we removed them. And then began our struggles. She used to feel very scared to learn, V used to lose his patience trying to reason with her and I just didn’t know what to do. We used to try it occasionally and then left it that way until she has outgrown that cycle. 
And then around an year ago, we got her a new cycle, a bigger one. We kept trying whenever we remembered that we had to somehow learn it, but the fear dominated and the goal remained a goal. Meanwhile, most of her friends started learning, finished it and began enjoying the rounds around the apartment. Our struggles kept continuing and I browsed over the net to find any teachers, for any tips or any sort of material that would make me achieve this goal. 

Around 2 weeks ago, at some point, A burst out crying that she was the only one who’s yet to learn and all her friends had already learnt it. I couldn’t see her that way and consoled her a little, convinced her to take it slow and try a little more, and prayed really hard for her to be able to ride a cycle.

And then around a week ago, A called us to announce that she has learnt balancing the cycle with the help of her friends and she could ride now. My happiness knew no bounds. She was so happy to have finally learnt it and distributed chocolates to all her friends-turned-gurus.
Over the weekend, as I watched from our balcony, and she slowly rode the cycle around the apartment, I finally relaxed, my nightmare going away from me. Although she’s yet to learn lot more on it, for now, it’s a beautiful sight for me to watch…

How much does your father love you ?

My daughter asked me this question to which I answered in two words “Chaala Chaala “, meaning lot and lot.
To my inner self I thought 

Nana, you are the one who loves me unconditionally, you are the one who can’t see a tear in my eye, you are the one who answered every demand of mine however unreasonable it might be, you are the one who supported me with every decision I took, you are the one who shielded me from any possible pressure, you are the one who trusted me immensely even when I was quite young, you are the one who never misses a chance to talk loads about me to every single person that you come across, you are the one in whom I can confide anything, you are the one who can go to any extent just to make sure that am happy, you are the one who’s ready to fight with anyone on my behalf, you are the one with whom I can be myself with no second thoughts , you are the one who is extremely proud of what I am, you are the one who values my opinion so much and you are the one who loves me so much that it’s  something which can only be experienced and  felt but not expressed in words ! “