What if

What if I might be hating myself ??

A was preparing for her History exam last weekend and was cursing Dhana Nanda of Nanda dynasty for having to learn all of it.

All of a sudden she asks “Amma, what if I was Dhana Nanda in my previous birth ? ” It would be like am cursing myself

All I could do was say “He He”

What if you happen to miss your scheduled cab ??

I missed my cab last Thursday and thought that I would give a try at the Metro that got launched on the new route, which aligns a little with my work-home route. And guess what, that wasn’t bad. It’s kind of good, especially with the fact that I don’t have to do so much of calculation and pre-planning in the morning to book for the evening. Now I can wind up whenever I feel that am done and head home with no waiting and searching hassles.

What if you know someone actually reads your blog ?

Normally V is the only one who keeps asking me for the next post. This time, apart from him, my friend at work happened to talk about my next post at lunch and the same evening my brother too asked the same question. So it was like, post something before they too stop reading 😉

But I must say, blogging or writing gives me some kind of energy which I fail to generate from elsewhere. Maybe I should make some sincere attempts to be a little more active over here.

What if the earth vanishes ?

Sometimes the topics around you seem so negative and it is mostly during such times that I think of the world coming to an end one fine moment and everything gets started on a clean slate, with every one and every thing being pure and good.

And then V presents me with the gyan he acquired by watching new what if series on YouTube. What if oxygen disappears for 5 seconds , how the earth shrinks itself and vanishes into the space and so on and on…

What if happen to read this post of mine ?

I hope I didn’t bore you and I wish you would come back again 😊