Weekend discovery

I have been in my current residence for the last 10 years and in-laws have been here for near about 20 years and Reshmi’s restaurant has been in place in Hyderabad for about 25 years, only that we never knew about it until recently.

V read about this restaurant somewhere and heard very very positive reviews and was bent upon visiting this as early as possible. Finally, Saturday becomes his day to try this out and we venture out to see what actually makes this so popular.

The place is a small one, well-maintained with simple decor and has prompt service. The focus is more on the food, quality and taste. The service is quick and the dishes tasted authentic and the pricing seemed pretty reasonable. The part I liked most is that the owner and the family kept walking down the tables to check if everything is under control and to see that the service is good and immediate. To add to that, the family even had their dinner at one of the tables as the day reached an end, which looked nice and uncommon 🙂


Lal mirch paneer tikka was spicy, and corn cheese balls acted as the coolant. While the entire experience was great and calls for another visit, the quantities served for a curry seemed little less and Punjabi chole didn’t taste great. But we are happy that we have got one more place to go and devour 🙂


Latest reads

Here comes a little of what I read in the last couple of weeks:

Calcutta Chromosome by Amitav Ghosh


Heard about him while blog hopping and this is the first time am reading a book of his. The book talks about events at different times in history, all related to the research / discovery about malaria, the events that led to it and a lot more than that.
The thing I liked most about the book is that it takes you to different periods of time back and forth, and connects most disconnected dots in a surprising way. The thing I was uncomfortable with the book is that the information was too much for my little head to take in and I got lost at times.

Monsoon Diary by Shoba Narayan


Heard about this book from TGND and gave it a try. I liked the book and is perfect for a casual read. I could connect with so many things of the book, the food, the families, the attitudes, the cultural differences and lot more.
The book got more interesting from the middle compared to the initial pages and I liked the way she has put in her journey that spanned times as a little girl to the times being a wife and daughter-in-law.