Some letter writing and a red pencil…

Last time when V’s sis was here, out of a casual conversation with A, came up the concept of writing letters. That activity being one of my favourite things, I wanted to introduce it to A and we decided that A would send a letter to her aunt in B’lore once in every month and she would get a reply back from her. A got enthusiastic and to keep up those levels, I thought a letter pad with some attractive images in the background ( those fancy letter pads which we used to have in our childhood ) would interest her more than a plain sheet of paper. Upon this suggestion, V enquired at multiple stationery shops and to my surprise, none of them had one. I was little disappointed but V browsed the Internet and printed a template on a paper. The letter was written, lots of stickers were used, stamps were bought, pasted and dropped in a post box. Unfortunately, the letter did not reach the destination even after weeks of posting. The only saving grace was that FIL took a snap of it before posting, so he sent out the soft copy. But we didn’t reveal this to A not wanting to disappoint her. Her aunt replied back and A was quite happy to have received a letter 🙂

Am happy with the letter-writing part but after our fiasco with the ordinary post, am re-considering my idea of introducing inland letters and postal cards to A. Aren’t anyone using the letter pads and ordinary post 😦


A month back :

A had asked for a red pencil to be used at school for underlining fill in the blanks, drawing margins and so on. The entire family, in turns, explained her that there does not exist anything like red pencil and she would have to use a red colour pencil from her set of color pencils. To which she promptly obliged to.

A week back :

A told me that her classmates are using a red pencil and urged me to get one for her. Since she has even discussed with friends, I decided to go out and find out what this red pencil is all about. When V was about to go out and get some personal stuff, I requested him to get a red pencil also. He burst out with laughter for my belief in the existence of something called red pencil. He said he would only drop me at a stationery shop, and that he would stay far from me and I myself would have to ask for it. I did the same and as soon as I had asked for it, this is what I got :

Moral of the lesson : Kids are bound to be equipped with more contemporary knowledge than us, so do not deny them 🙂


Blind date with a book !

Am of the type who usually picks up a book after hearing or reading about someone’s review of the book.

For such a type, this blind date concept is extremely opposite, where the book is completely wrapped up, masking every detail of it, author, title, cover, plot and whatever you name. Some key words are written on the wrapper, just to give a small insight into the book. Apparently, some book shops are selling using this concept and I found it amusing. 

I haven’t encountered any such book store here so far, but when I get a chance, I might pick it up just for the feel of it 🙂

Go and Google for more on this !

Have you tried this ?

A beautiful morning !

In the little world of water

Which we fondly call fish tank,

Were put many types of fish

With a great enthusiasm !
For reasons unknown ,

We were left in a state of shock

As the beauties seemed to

Part with us for eternity.
The other half of me 

not wanting to give up

Tried to understand their world

From the knowledge around.
A new set of fish get added

With a renewed enthusiasm 

And the morning is seen by us

With the birth of two new fish !
What else can be called a beautiful morning !
p.s. FIL named them London and Jersey, as V headed to Jersey via London yesterday for a week long trip.

Dr.Seuss !

I never read Dr.Seuss books as a kid, or let me put it this way, I never knew such a person even existed , let alone read his books. The first time I laid my hands on a Dr. Seuss book was , when I flew with British Airways with A , and they have very kindly presented a kit for kids, which included one of the great person’s books. I was quite amused by that book, but didn’t read much of his books later on, as A wasn’t much into reading at that time. Slowly, reading to A became a habit and his books became a part of our reading. The more we are reading them, the more am becoming a fan of his.

His books have got all the imagination required for a kid, the abundance of knowledge, the presence of some lovely message in every book, the rhyming enough to hold a kid’s attention, the super-duper words that make one smile all through !

Who cares about not being able to read his works as a kid, when I have got all the time with me now, to read along with my little one !

Sleep Book was our book for today !

A peek into a fish’s world

Ever since we got a fish-tank at home, V has been studying extensively about fish, their needs, their behaviour and all and has been bestowing upon the rest of the family, his acquired knowledge !

So here are some things that I learnt from him :

  • The size of the stomach of a fish is of the size of its eye, bear this in mind while feeding. Over dosage will lead them to hurt others in absence of food
  • Fish staying near the surface of water signify the dearth of oxygen in water. Break the top layer using bubble maker or something of that sort
  • Oxygen stays for longer time in water with lower temperatures
  • When refilling with fresh water without cleaning the entire setup, place a plate at the bottom and pour water on it so that top layer breaks increasing the oxygen flow and not disturbing the waste at the bottom
  • Place some objects where they can go back and hide as they seem to like it
  • Place the fish along with the cover containing water (store bought fish) in the fish-tank with water so that the temperatures get aligned, and then only transfer the fish into the fish tank at home

So much for now, this is all what I remember 🙂

What are your experiences in this regard ? Any tips or interesting facts ?

All at random !

Shhh… A secret !

I have this uneasiness when having to solve substraction sums using borrowing. I put some number, although not accurate, then do the reverse addition to check if the answer is correct and modify the answer if required. This started when I was young and I religiously do it till date ! I put up a very serious face with A, not revealing my secret, when A does her homework near me. I hope some things like this remain secrets for long !

Some happiness !

A’s school had this investiture ceremony yesterday and the entire family was present as A was to receive a certificate for the academics of last year. The students of high school  there spoke with such confidence, enthusiasm and energy that it felt so good to be among them. A happy moment to see A growing amidst such wonderful people.

A sudden revelation 

This afternoon , me and V had gone to Shoppers’ Stop to purchase a blazer for him. V never owned one or has worn one till date, but since one was needed for the coming weeks for his work, we went ahead to get one. The moment I saw him put one on, a revelation hit me that he can actually look very formal and should I say smart 😉

Petu Pumpkin and Tooth Troubles !

We got this book for A from library today . We started reading this book very casually in the evening with the idea of flipping couple of pages a little, but neither of us could put it down. We took turns in reading out the book and completed it then and there. It was quite a good read !