14 years !

Dear A,

You are fourteen now ! Sounds a big number, isn’t it ? At least, it does so to me. As funny as it may sound, sometimes I feel that you were born just the other day and entered our lives and sometimes I feel that you were part of my life all through out .

Are you the same little one who struggled a lot to learn cycling couple of years ago but now has learnt most part of riding a two wheeler ? Can you imagine the feeling of joy I experience when I see you riding a two wheeler, the thing that I couldn’t accomplish until now ? Believe in yourself and work towards what you desire, no matter how impossible it may seem.

Are you the same little one who was fed each and every little thing by me and your grandmother but now has grown into a big girl who can bake a complete dish on her own and serve a group with no help ? Love , help and care for everyone around you and it will give you the greatest joy in return.

Are you the same little one who needed my help for how to use the basics of a computer but now has reached a stage where you can generate Java programs all on your own ? It gives me great joy when I see you solve the tricky puzzles. No matter which career you choose, have great passion and love towards the work you do.

Can you imagine the feeling of contentment I experience when a teacher of yours tells me that I am blessed to have you ? Always be humble and stay grounded. For each task that you are able to accomplish, thank God for giving you the strength and opportunity to do so and for each that you aren’t able to, pray God to grant you the needed strength.

Are you the same little one who was quite scared to even cross a road but is now waiting desperately to go on NCC camps ? You have a desire to serve the nation in some way of which you do not have much clarity which is quite understandable. Keep the desire to serve growing and carve a path for yourself.

Can you imagine my inner smile when you choose to read a book rather than get lost in the Internet ? Pick great books that can help you broaden your horizons, that can take you into lands that you haven’t traveled , that can widen your imaginations like none other.

Are you the same little one who used to scribble around all colours but has grown into one who can paint beautifully ? Art is divine, keep learning as many arts as possible and enjoy the divinity with utmost respect towards it.

You are fortunate to be blessed with so many dear ones that love you to the moon and back. We are fortunate to have you as a beautiful blessing. With a beautiful smile etched on our lips and in our hearts, let’s share this wonderful journey together and may we look forward to many more wonderful memories to come…

My dear little one, may you be blessed with good health, kind heart, humble attitude, good thoughts, complete contentment, hardworking nature and loads of happiness. I wish you a very very happy birthday and may God be always with you…