Living in a different world

Is what A is doing right now.

Last couple of months, maybe since February, have been quite dramatic, stressful, unanticipated for A and the family around her. We are addressing them slowly with the immense support around us.

A respite from this chaos is the crazy for Harry Potter that A has developed. Her birthday too, this time has turned out into a Harry Potter themed one involuntarily. We got her a satisfying pillow with HP picture, SIL got her a cup that shows Marauders map on pouring something hot into it, her friends gifted HP key chain, cards revolving around HP jargon and all.

With exams done and lots of time at hand, A took onto the task of turning a room into HP room.

Room entrance

Wands – chopsticks + glue gun stuff + paint

Potions and HoneyDukes and Gringotts

And so on and on

Some gyaan too

We have started Percy Jackson very recently. Not sure if that’s going to have any impact.

But I enjoy getting transported to a fantasy world through books and so does A.

If the real world gives you hiccups at times, it’s ok to take water from the fictional world !!