A not so nice day !

I hadn’t hoped my comeback to the blogging world after a long gap would be such a post of cribbing. But unfortunately, it’s happening that way, for I couldn’t find anywhere else to let out .

The day at work started out with a big disappointment. I was totally unprepared for the kind of feedback I received today, after 18 months of work that I had put in. In fact, such was the feedback that I hadn’t received of that kind in all these years of working with different sorts of people. The concept of telling a person about a issue they have got with that person, after 18 months of working, in contrast to telling the person straight away at that moment, didn’t make any sense to me. Now, I don’t even remember what those issues were, to have an introspection. Somehow, this has been such a bad day, that I feel totally lost and unhappiness and disappointment are the only feelings that I feel .
At this point of time, I wonder if I really made a good decision of making this move in my career. I really hope time answers my questions and puts back some sanity in my head.


Is that all

Yesterday, after coming back from school, A described us about how a student of their school had fell down unconscious, and how some of their teachers failed to bring him back to consciousnesses and then took to hospital. We ended the discussion by thinking that the kid might not have had his food properly.

Last night, we received a message from the school that the school would be closed today due to the unfortunate death of a student. We realised that this student was the same about whom A had described.

The cause, the reasons, any additional information is not yet known.

Thoughts about anything related to this episode are sending shivers down the spine and I keep thinking if this is all ? How uncertain life is and how trivial our everyday worries are in the face of this uncertainty?

My junior, my model

I have written time and again on this blog, about how much I love ear-rings. I enjoy everything around them, shopping, storing, changing every now and then, re-arranging and sorts, and making them too, which has been added to the list in the recent past. And to my pleasure, A has taken after me in this, as she too shows great interest in ear-rings. Although she hasn’t got many, as silver and gold are the only ones am using for her and no artificial ones yet, and as the ear-piercing has happened quite late for her, she still relishes looking at all her little collection and talks about what all she would like to pick from my collection. Now you could argue that it’s natural for every girl to like ear-rings and what’s different in it to take after me ? But then, it feels nice to think that she has inherited this thing from me, if not anything, so here comes my junior ๐Ÿ˜Š

And since I haven’t started using artificial ones on A, and since am not a big professional sort of crafter, I have been the only consumer of my little experiments with crafting aka quilling. And this afternoon, as I set out to make a pair of quilled ear-rings for me, after a big long break, a change of course has happened. With some pushing from MIL and pleading from A, I agreed for A to try on the artificial ones. And you wouldn’t believe how excited she was the whole afternoon, so much that she was ready to wear them even before the fevicol applied on it dried off. She posed for me with the end- product, before heading off to the drawing class, so here comes my model ๐Ÿ˜Š

So here begins the journey of shopping and sharing and making together ๐Ÿ˜Š

I wonder why !

The other day, I was trying to ignite the fire of science in A by reading out a book that was supposed to satiate the curiosity of kids.

I started reading aloud, ” Have you ever wondered why the roses are red and why the milk is white ? ”

To this A shoots back saying, “There are lots of white, yellow and other roses too, and milk becomes red on mixing Rooh Afza, this book looks like a text book and not a story book, so I don’t want to read it ! ”

I wonder why this little girl always comes up with some logic that makes me unanswerable !

This morning, A gets up and suddenly declares in the hall that his dad had ice-cream the previous day. We try to act at our best and deny all accusations, when she presents us with an evidence, the cup that we thrashed off so carelessly ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I wonder why the little girl always has to spy on us !

Some people can never be understoodย 

And Mr.V has got a place in that list !

You will agree (most likely) with me when you reach the end of the post.

So here’s the list of events of yesterday’s night in chronological order.

9:30 – I nudge V to come and join me in dinner, but he procrastinates with the excuse of still feeling heavy in the tummy , after his apparently heavy lunch at a mess

9:45 – V comes for dinner not so willingly on the condition of having just one paratha 

10:00 – I hear the father-son converse about ice-creams just as I finish washing my hands

10: 15 – MIL stays at home to watch over sleeping A and the three of us, FIL , V and me drive over to the ice-cream

10:30 – As I try to finish off the last of my cone, V is staring at me, hands and mouth wiped off, after finishing two of his ice-creams. Of course, FIL too has done the same.

10:45 – We arrive at home with a parcel for MIL

So, do you agree that I don’t understand this person, who has complained of a heaviness and unease before dinner, but then was ready for ice-cream right after the dinner ๐Ÿ˜Š

And the justification I get is that he has got two separate bags in the tummy, one for dinner and one for snacks , and so the heaviness of one isn’t the same as other !!!