Unconnected stuff…

  • Hand made paper, press buttons and stickers were the items on the list that A wanted to be gifted, provided she gets A+ in all the subjects. Papers were given on Saturday and this is what we came up with at the end of the day  
  • A feels that practising basketball and sweeping the floor are very similar. Right hand does the work and left hand is at the back in both activities ( don’t know how to react )
  • Some experiments at making quilled ear-rings  
  • We had been to Pondy Parottas couple of weeks ago and the food was simply delicious. We had every thing that could be made of egg, the egg-lovers that we are !   


Of course in a sweet way ,

Is the word that came to me instantly, 

After making the above arrangement, 

During the course of the drive for disposal of old stuff at V’s office

p.s. Refer here for some history. And this is our state of collection after giving away the first one 🙂

p.p.s. Two more have gone away yesterday and I really don’t know how to feel about it …

An attempt to strike off an item

From my Bucket List started last Sunday morning.

“Learn to ride a bicycle “, is the item that am working on. 

Don’t laugh if you are laughing 🙂

This cycling stuff which was supposed to happen much much earlier, didn’t happen for various reasons, mostly because of the fear that I would fall down, the fear that I would get hurt, and probably  with a self assurance that am anyway able to manage without learning it.

I attempted at various times so far, and they were very very short attempts and not-so-determined ones. And then something else would come up and I would forget it very safely and peacefully. But that want to learn it someday would keep coming back to me.

So, last Sunday, with renewed determination and a strong will, I started a fresh attempt. As expected, I haven’t learnt completely, but I had a nice feeling after about an hour of practising. At the end of it , if the session left me with anything, it was a determination that remained still intact and a sort of confidence that I may finally be able to do it 🙂

Wish me luck guys, I need so much of it 🙂