Eleven !

  • You like to travel light and I like to travel a little heavy, always little more than required
  • You can’t stand without a fan even in the bitter winter and I prefer a blanket without fan 
  • You are very choosy about what you eat and I kind of eat everything
  • You are a gadget freak wanting to explore everything and I kind of perceive everything as the same as long as my basics are served
  • You very much enjoy English movies and I can watch only a select few of them
  • You are a very fast reader and I take my own sweet time to read a book
  • You can stay awake for very long hours afresh and I find it very difficult to stay awake after a point
  • You stay quite far from puzzles and I love them beyond anything 
  • You are passionate about road travel and I enjoy the comfort of rail and air travel 
  • You hate bargaining and I don’t mind doing it anytime any place 
  • You do little lesser calculations in monetary aspects while I do them a lot

Eleven points that come to my mind, after sharing eleven years of life with you, tell me that we are different, we think different and we want things different.

But no matter how different we are, we love travel, food, books, and living life ! And there’s something in you which always draws me nearer, making the life more wonderful and giving me that much needed warmth !

Happy Anniversary V !


Siri Tales or Woes ?

V, after upgrading the iOS over the last week, was constantly fiddling with it since then and continued to do so over the weekend as well.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, or should I call late hours of Saturday night, which was around 2:30 A.M I guess, I heard some voices beside me. Surprised, I tried to infer what was going on . This was what I heard:

V : Hey Siri, what’s my wife’s name ?

Siri : Which wife ?

Me : 😡

And then V tried to teach Siri who his wife was

V : Hey Siri, call my wife

Siri : Which wife ?

Me : why can’t he ask me what his wife’s name is or why can’t he call me directly 😒

And the next morning, with A around :

V : Hey Siri, what’s my name ?

Siri : You are asking me ? (And then of course it tells at last)

A : Is Siri a girl or boy ?

V : We can change it to whatever we want

A : Then make it a girl, that boy doesn’t talk good and also Siri is the name of a girl !

They change the gender of Siri, command it to tell the weather, make it open and compose a mail and send it to me asking how I was doing !

They could have as well talked to me right !

Am in such a phase

– Where I cannot turn even a single page although the books, Sea Of Poppies and Asura, brought from the library, keep calling me everyday 

– Where I do not bend even a muscle after having attended the session on ancient stretching aka modified yoga, at office

– Where I do not make a single loom craft inspite of the availability of all required material at home and over the net

– Where I cannot publish even a single post considering the number of times V has nudged me to do one

– Where I learn nothing new , although there are couple of avenues like quilling

– Where I know that the summer vacation has started for A and not for me, in this manner of keeping me away from things which could actually energise me

I seriously want to come out of this hibernation and be more active in things that interest me and I wish the weekend would be a good start !

Happy Weekend Dear Friends !

Enchanted Wood !

There’s adventure in the far away tree

There’s craziness about the lands at the top

There’s fun with the folk of the wood

There are the whispers ‘wisha wisha wisha’

There’s magic in the wood

There’s magic in the story telling

There’s happiness when I have a conversation with A that revolves around the characters of Enchanted Wood

Dear Enid Blyton, here I come, to listen to more of your wonderful writings !