8 Years !!

It has been 8 years that you entered our lives A !

Dear A,

I would like to tell you a thing, rather an incident that happened.

Couple of weeks ago, I was having the worst of my mood swings and when I found you not eating the dinner I placed before you, I shouted at you. Minutes later, I realised I was a bit harsh with you and sat beside you and apologised for shouting at you. You know what your reaction was, this was what you said to me “Amma, I don’t mind if you shout at me or hit me also. Whatever you do, I like you”. I was left speechless A, seeing the way you think and looking back at the way I reacted. All I did was shed out some tears while putting you to sleep later, and resolving myself to act more matured.

You are still a little girl A, you have your own set of tantrums, you have your own way of naughtiness, you demand attention and all. But the way you think at times and understand things around you amazes me quite a bit. 

And today, when I think of all the years in which you have grown from a tiny baby, who has to be placed on a folded towel to be carried for being so tiny, to an 8 year old, who understands unsaid things too, makes deep conversations with me, acts as a best buddy, I smile to myself from deep within and thank God for this bundle of joy !!

I wish you a Very Happy Birthday A, and may God bless you with good health, happiness and loved ones. 




Friends = Magic

Saturday morning was the perfect start for a confused, don’t know what to do, pressure filled morning
A called me as soon as she woke up and showed me a swollen gum around a tooth. Something beyond the ordinary is enough to make me feel anxious and if that something is related to tooth, I just don’t need anything extra. This tooth issue added to another issue that started the previous day. Couple of days ago, A fell down while playing basketball at school and got hurt a little. We washed it and ignored it for it heal slowly by itself. A day later, she fell down in the apartment and got hurt in the same place. Now we got over protective and covered it with a band-aid, which we realised only later that we shouldn’t have done it. A complained of pain the next day and we didn’t pay much attention to it. Finally on Friday , the band-aid came off and showed puss 😦

So with the tooth issue and puss issue added to the already planned tasks of buying dress and making arrangements for the upcoming A’s birthday, my Saturday morning saw me panicking not little, but quite a lot. And I perform at my worst in that state.
When I was feeling totally frustrated and helpless in that state, I heard a beep sound from my phone which flashed a message from my Whatsapp group “happy days”. This group is a very small group of my college friends. I picked up the phone and chatted with them for sometime in spite of being aware of the multiple tasks calling out for my attention. Neither have I told them about my issues nor have they uttered any calming words. We exchanged just couple of pleasantries and talked little about this and that in random. 
But after this, I was actually feeling very calm, composed, smiling and ready to take the tasks one by one. I made breakfast, we headed off to the dentist, got the cavities filled, proceeded to tailor and gave the pattu langa for stitching, shopped couple of frocks for the birthday, came home, finished lunch, and hit the road again to shop ear rings for A and had the doctor have a look at A’s wound and got the medicine 🙂
Ok, the bottom line that I wanted to say through out the post is this, there’s some magic in friends that they can instantly uplift your mood, calm your fears, and make you smile.
They simply make your world more beautiful 🙂

I realise once more

That I have married a very crazy person..

When at the end of the week, a reasonably hectic week,

After having dinner at home and almost falling asleep by 9

Wakes up due to a phone call and becomes semi-awake by 9:30

Realises that he needs to have an ice-cream at 10

Pushes himself to get wide awake by 10:15

Wants me to accompany him to go out and have ice-cream at 10:30

Drives to Masqati parlour at Banjara Hills at 11

And then gorges upon these at 11:30

Definitely crazy !!!

But after all craziness is happiness 🙂

I go dumbstruck when

…I am feeling irritated and trying to ward off a mosquito, A coolly says “It’s an insect Amma, leave it, it also needs a life ! ”

…I ask A to ignore a little wound on the knee so that she would forget the pain and she responds “Am not the one who’s thinking about it Amma, it’s my brain that is sending such messages” 

… A says “Amma, thank your reproductive system for giving you something which you like , which is me”- she literally made me repeat those words after her

(For the above two, thanks to the human body lesson that’s covered recently at school)

…A asks me if there’s a song “Achyutam” as it was taught at school this morning. I ask for more words and she says it has got the words “Krishna and Janaki” too. When I think am never going to find a song with these clues, she  opens YouTube and we find this

And this song is something that am hearing for the first time and is a complete solace to the ears !!

Love and Surprise !

Both are sweet on their own and when they come together in a package, it’s even more awesome, right ? And when it comes at the most unexpected of places, can you ask for more ?

That’s what I felt this morning, when I enetered my work place.

Looking at this, a smile formed on my lips, thinking of the upcoming Valentine’s Day !  

And when I looked at this, the smile got wider ! 

The wider smile got even more wider when I reached my desk and saw this at the monitor !

And can you think of the highlight of the day ? A guy carried a big jar of little hearts , while music from Titanic played on a small system in the tray, to each desk to serve love in the form of those hearts 🙂

A day filled with love in the most surprising and creative way 🙂

Aisa bhi hota hai !

You must have heard, seen and experienced situations where kids go to some classes and the parents or grandparents keep waiting outside the class for the kids to finish their class. We recently realised that it happens the other way too 🙂

Owing to GHMC elections, yesterday was a holiday for A. But my company and V’s company decided to not give a holiday and give some flexible timings at work to enable us to exercise our right. And currently, MIL is at Bangalore on a small break. So that left FIL and A at home. And now comes the situation where it was time for FIL’s keyboard class. And we don’t think A is big enough to stay alone at home.
So it happened that both the grandfather and granddaughter went to the keyboard class and A waited outside the class reading “Milly Molly Mandy”, for her grandfather to finish his class 🙂
Apparently, she even raised her eyebrows when FIL finished his class late by 10 minutes !!!