If am asked as to how am connected to the rest of the universe, am a daughter , a sister , a wife , a daughter-in-law and a mother to a 7.5 year old girl.
Personally – words that characterize me – dreams, family, friends, food, travel, confidence, self-respect and so on….

Professionally, am a software engineer and I love doing what I have been doing so far and hope it would continue to be the same

Books give me great company. Puzzles never bore me. Quilling is something that I started recently and am loving it. While drawing was what I loved immensely as a kid , various crafts came into my life through A. Learning and accomplishing new things is what excites me most.
Blogging for me started out of that itch I feel to write, whenever the thoughts / emotions in me cross a certain point. And once it started, it has only become more and more close to me.
The life partner and the daughter , who get featured in most of the posts are referred by V and A respectively.
Finally it’s done, updating this page is something that I have procrastinated for about 2.5 years (can’t help , that’s how I am ) 🙂

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