A Jersey with one’s name written over it !

This is something which I have seen worn by players only on the television. Not in daily life.

I haven’t played any sport as a kid, let alone thinking of owning such a jersey. So someone playing a sport in a professional way or owning a jersey or being part of some tournament had always be an item to wonder at, for me.

A hasn’t taken part in any sports competition all these years, inspite of me nudging her on every possible occasion. But this year, due to some resource crunch and her inner urge to make their school house win and some pressure from other house mates to take part , she reluctantly took part in some athletics related competitions at school. One thing led to another and she eventually got selected to represent the school’s athletics team.

And one fine day, she came home with this Jersey.

Looking at this filled me with such a great feeling. A went and represented the school and took part in the tournament. She couldn’t win anything for the school but the mere fact of representing school and taking part in tournament and owning a jersey filled me with joy.

This jersey would stay with me for a long time…

Reviving good old habits…

This is an attempt to revive some good old habits which I know for sure fill me with positive energy, like blogging, putting together rangolis, and walking or exercising. So let me talk about the three things that I want to revive.

This blog is dear to me in many ways, but I keep failing at giving it the right attention it needs. Like every time I do , here I am , trying to give another go in reviving this place.

Rangolis attract me to them like none other. The process of selecting one, choosing the place to put it down, the making of it, the colours and all about it is quite energising. This Diwali, I didn’t have the energy for one. Fortunately, people around me compensated for it. Like, in the morning of Diwali, A asked if she could make one at the entrance and I gladly agreed. She wanted to do all on her own and this was the outcome.

In the evening, SIL made the beginnings, A joined in, and after a while, I too was drawn into it and here’s the final outcome, involving everyone in the family in some way or the other.

I am a huge believer of walking and it’s amazing benefits. Off late, I have been hearing about the need of minimal walking almost from every person I come across. I come up with a fitness regime every now and then and start off with a big bang, only to put it on a back seat within few days of the start. So last week, a friend at work started one more, which included no sweets and a walk of 5K every day, and I jumped in, with the hope of reviving my walking or exercising or whatever that’s gonna keep me healthy.

So here’s one more go at doing something for physical and mental health !

What do you do to recharge yourselves ? What are your ideas and what are your action items ?

Back from Medak trip !

Advent of Dasara brought along with it good number of holidays and so V had an itch to travel somewhere. With no prior planning, we had limited options and V zeroed in on Medak. V booked 2 rooms at Haritha Hotel for a day for the four of us V, A, SIL and me.

I took to Internet to grab all the information I could and we headed onto our weekend trip. We filled our bags with snacks to munch on during the drive, informed the hotel staff of our arrival and packed our bags on Friday evening.

We started off at around 7:30 in the morning on Saturday , had a quick stop for breakfast at Alwal, Hyderabad , before we took to NH44. We chose NH over SH, although the latter one promised a picturesque view through Narsapur forest, as we weren’t sure of the road conditions owing to the huge rains during the last few days. NH was well-maintained and offered us a good drive. We reached Medak Cathedral at around 10:30.

It is a huge majestic church with a well maintained adjoining garden . The stained glass windows within the church are beautiful depicting life of Jesus Christ.

We spent sometime here and then proceeded to check into the rooms. We passed through the local markets that were rich in colours ready for the Dasara celebrations

We rested for a while at the hotel, had lunch and then proceeded to Pocharam. Lake, dam, reservoir and safari at the wild life sanctuary are the attractions over here.

After the safari, we moved on to have a darshan of Durga Devi at Edupayala Vana Durga Bhavani temple. It’s supposed to be the confluence of seven tributaries of river. Goddess Durga Devi dressed up as Saraswati during the Navaratri looked divine. After this, we decided to end the day by proceeding to hotel and resting for the night. As the staff at Haritha couldn’t serve us dinner because of some personal emergency, we called up Swagath hotel and they were generous enough to deliver us our dinner to the hotel up the fort.

And did I mention, the hotel is within the fort. So it’s stationed quite above the ground and it’s not something which you can just climb up easily. So a vehicle is almost mandatory. It was a different experience to be surrounded by fort walls.

Sunday morning, we started our trek to the top of the fort, where there was a mosque. We reached to the top, all the while accompanied by good number of monkeys, had a complete overview of Medak from there and then came down.

We had a quick breakfast, checked out and headed onto the road. We took another stop at Kuchadri Venkateswara Swamy temple, but unfortunately the temple was closed. We read that one has to crawl to visit the inner sanctum, but couldn’t experience it.

With final stop at Thinespo for our concluding lunch of the trip, we wrapped up our small weekend trip, with some good memories and recharged energy.

Looking forward to some more small trips in the coming months 😊