Butterfly effect

This theory of butterfly effect always sounded wow to me, and I kind of experienced it in the last week.


We tried couple of times in the past to introduce the world of Harry Potter books to A, and failed in gaining her attraction. She wasn’t comfortable with the font size, she hardly completed 10 pages or so and she didn’t seem interested.

Butterfly flapping :

IKEA opened its store in Hyderabad and it happened to rain on that day.

The Effect :

The cab I had booked to head back home from office broke down and I got stuck in the rain. V came to my rescue and picked me up, but looking at the traffic conditions (thanks to IKEA opening and rains) on the road, we opted to break for a while at the nearest mall, have an early dinner while the traffic gets cleared, and then head back home. We got done with the dinner but the traffic didn’t seem to get any better. Meanwhile, A was getting bored at home and wasn’t happy with the unanticipated delay. So SIL suggested Harry Potter and A gave it a try.

The result :

  • We reached home at around 12:30 on that day.
  • A has finished the first two books of Harry Potter over the last 2 weeks and has started reading the third book in the series.

Three in a row

Have happened back to back this time. All have been recommendations from others that I have noted down long time back, but could only get a chance to complete recently.

Infidel :

This has been on my list for more than an year I guess. It took me sometime to actually take up this book because of the seriousness associated with it. I wasn’t exactly sure if I could even complete it. But I did give it a try and I am blown away by the details and the transformation of the characters. Many things listed were unknown to me and never heard of. The book did leave a lasting impression and am glad that I picked it up

Oleander girl

I don’t even remember when and where I read about this. But it was in my wish list in Just Books account. I very much liked the Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and so gave this too a try. This too kept me hooked and I liked the way the story was woven around the characters and the various shades of each character and the emotions that run through each character

Grand Sophy

I picked this book through some FB comments and this turned out to be a super duper one. I loved the character Sophy so much that I couldn’t resist smiling reading her doings. It took me a little while to get used to her writing, but after that the book was too good.