A comeback

After a long time….

I have been away from this place for a very long period this time. Last couple of weeks were rough, something happening after another, causing some restlessness and lack of energy. Though I knew that this place would recharge me, I kept pushing aside that step. Now, at this point of time, I don’t want to miss out recording some moments as this is the place I look forward to come and relive those moments that brought a big smile.
So Monday was our birthday and it was filled with some beautiful moments.
1. A took lots of effort in planning some surprises for us. She teamed up with her grandparents and she got help from them in executing all her ideas. She made a greeting card, a show piece in the shape of a cube with all our photos on them, organised a treasure hunt for us to reach our gifts. She literally made us run from room to room and place to place in search of clues. I can imagine the amount of enthusiasm and excitement that went on in the little brain for planning every thing . And then she set up a party for us to munch on chips, jellies, chocolates, soft drinks 😊 

2. I wanted to gift V something on this milestone birthday as a surprise, and in a casual conversation with a cousin at a marriage, I decided that it had to be an Apple Watch. I didn’t do any homework. I knew V loved Apple products and black colour was something he liked. So I went for the top model in black and asked my cousin to get it from Seattle on his trip. Three cousins teamed up, one placed the order, the other two went to the store, collected it and executed every thing smoothly without me having to put any effort. Just when I started to think that the mission was accomplished quite smoothly, V started stating that he doesn’t like square watches. And as he kept repeating this at various instances, my panic grew and I didn’t know what to do. After lots of grinding it over in the brain, I decided to leave it as it is and then wait and see. When I gifted it finally at 12 A.M., he was surprised and happy and liked it too 😊 Am glad and relieved.

3. Couple of days before the birthday, my friend at work came to my workplace and surprised me with a beautiful dress material that she had bought from Mangalagiri. And she even gave me tips on how to get that stitched. Those little instances which reiterate that am blessed with such wonderful friends make me so happy 😊

4. FB and Whatsapp were filled with wishes as usual. But what made me more happy was that each superior of mine at different places and phases of my career sent me a Birthday wish and am glad that am there in their thoughts.