Finale !

I know it has to come to an end

I know that the day is today

I know how difficult it was at times to write something meaningful

I know how I struggled with my sleep to stay awake and hit that “publish“ button on time

I know how I counted the days to reach this day

In spite of all of this, I feel a void inside me

That I’ll not be able to read all the posts, some thought provoking, some funny, some weird, some heart warming, some learning and some…

That I’ll not be able to get lost in the events and thoughts of all the ones that have become dear ones over the years…

That I’ll not be able to share all that’s happening in my world on a day to day basis…

But this is going to happen again…

But this is going to be challenging again…

But this is going to be memorable again…

Maybe this is life, a mixture of emotions, kuch khatta aur kuch meetha !!!

It was great spending so many virtual hours with all of you. Love you all and see you soon. Wishing you wonderful times ahead !!!


Niece time

Couple of weeks ago, there was a PTM at the school of my younger niece. My brother thought that she may not want to come as she may not be interested in getting up early and coming to school on a weekend. But he didn’t want to take things for granted and so he woke her up to ask if they could go ahead without her and if she would stay back at home.

To their surprise, she said that she wanted to come to school for the PTM. And when my brother asked why she wanted to come on a weekend when she has got the chance to stay back and sleep or relax, here is the answer that my niece , who’s in her third grade, gave : “I want to hear my teachers praising me”

When my brother told me about this conversation, I couldn’t stop my laughter.

Kids and their replies, I wonder how their little minds work so fast in blurting out the wittiest responses !!!

Incremental happiness

Last weekend, my school classmate called up and invited for house warming ceremony. He said he would be inviting all our classmates and we thought it would be a nice get together after a long time. I assumed my cold would vanish in a couple of days and I would be free to go this weekend.

But then the cold was very adamant and didn’t leave me as expected. So yesterday evening, I decided to drop the plan of attending house warming ceremony. But after I decided, I saw a message that two of my classmates have started from Guntur to attend this ceremony. I too wanted to make it but didn’t want to attend in this state.

This morning when I was in a dilemma, I got the update that four of my classmates are coming for the event. I couldn’t stop myself anymore and decided to wear a simple dress and attend the event although I wasn’t sure if my nose would cooperate. The friends called up and said that everyone was coming in a saree and asked me also to come in a saree. I just couldn’t say no.

So finally I wore a saree, requested my nose and throat to behave properly and V dropped me at the location. Time flew by as went back in time chatting various incidents of those times, our teachers, our studies, mischiefs and fun, current situations, families and everything else. My nose and throat were at their best behaviour until I reached home.

I am super glad that I made this last minute decision of not missing the event. I would have deeply regretted later if I hadn’t gone. It has been an incremental transformation from the point of not going at all to the point of going in a saree and meeting everyone and cherishing old memories and building new memories.

Not all could make it today. But we had a great time . Hopefully a bigger count will make it next time and very soon. Waiting for the next get together !!!


The way memories are stored in a pensieve in the Harry Potter world, I would like to store some of my memories over here. Given that my memory is dwindling by the day, I am no longer sure if my memories would stay in tact after a good number of years from now. Some college memories that are still fresh in my mind :

From my college gate, we would pay 4 rupees per person in a shared auto to reach an adjoining town where we would do all sorts of things. We used to buy dress materials, eat noodles and softie, eat panipuri, shop new / used textbooks, rent movie CDs and so on.

When we rent these movie CDs, we used to pay 20 rupees on returning the CD. As soon these CDs enter the college hostel, news would spread soon about the arrival and then the CD would be booked by others, so that they could watch the movie after we watch it. The CD would roam all the rooms possible and then would return to the final owner.

I don’t remember the movie name but we happened to rent one such CD, watched it, passed onto other rooms and finally we were about to return the CD. It was then that we noticed that the CD was broken. We didn’t know how it happened and what the repercussions were. We used to calculate every rupee that needs to be spent and we were very very frugal. We didn’t know if we would have to pay extra amount for this damage and if so how much. My friend R and myself have entered the CD rental shop, didn’t utter a word, paid the 20 rupees, waited with bated breath for the owner to not notice anything and then ran out of the shop as fast as possible. Our happiness knew no bounds and we heaved a big sigh of relief as soon as we were out of the shop. In that joy, we had noodles and then went back to the hostel.

After all these years, I wonder when that broken CD was noticed by the owner, what his reaction would have been and what we should have done ideally.


I am not a person who watches too many movies or web series. I do watch them but I feel I watch them in a limited fashion. Weekdays are completely ruled out for watching such stuff. Some weekends also get ruled out for various reasons. That leaves only some weekends. So you can calculate how much time I spend on watching these stuff.

Around 6 months ago, a close friend watched a Turkish web series and fell in love with it. She advertised a lot and another friend started watching it. After some time, both of them described about it in so much awe that I couldn’t stop resisting myself from trying it.

It all started normally but with each episode I started liking it. After a point I started forwarding all the side characters and irrelevant drama and started focusing only on the main characters and the plot. Waiting till weekends became difficult. So I started watching on weekdays too. Watching only in the night didn’t give me enough time to complete it. So I started watching in Metro too. During nights too, I used to prolong the time at which I would fall asleep so that I could cover more episodes. It was like I was transported to another world and was living with those characters. I would finish off my duties whatever and how much ever I can and come back to completing this series. I even cursed my friends for introducing that to me.

I was so addicted to the series that I couldn’t stop in the middle and I couldn’t watch it at a slow normal pace. Finally after couple of weeks or months which I don’t remember clearly, I managed to complete it and heaved a big sigh of relief.

No more long web series stuff is what I told myself. But I did enjoy watching the series and maybe I’ll do such thing again after a big gap and when I find something interesting again.

That was my addiction saga, were you addicted to any such stuff ?

Topic less Thursday

Since I am struggling to think of what to write, A suggested me this title. She wants me to publish soon so that I could sleep early. So here I go with random updates

– Republic Day got over in a jiffy. For some part of the day, I got carried away to those childhood days where we used to decorate the classrooms with paper ribbons the previous day and participate in the celebrations on that day. Such beautiful memories !!!

– I have just started reading the book Hitchhiker’s guide to galaxy but didn’t cover much. Hopefully I’ll be able to read some soon.

– We made Paneer Pakora at home yesterday evening and they came out well but we forgot clicking photos.

– I don’t remember winters being this harsh for this long. What’s happening to the climate ??

– Tomorrow is a Friday and I can’t wait for the weekend !!!!!!!!!

One more discovery

V loves exploring new food places and trying out new dishes or cuisines. He is ever ready to try out at different places and can travel pretty long to have the food that he wishes for. Since I too love trying out food at different places, it’s a joint pleasure that we experience in this process.

More than three years ago, we tasted some wonderful Kerala dishes like appam and puttu in Munnar at a home stay. I don’t think we got a chance later to relish them again. Since around 6 months or so, V started chanting the “Appam” mantra, asking me to make the dish for him. I have never cooked it in my life and so gave a quick search and realised that it was not very simple. So I didn’t even attempt to make the dish for him. Poor V kept chanting the mantra and I kept ignoring the mantra.

Finally he came to the conclusion that I am not going to make Appam for him and so zeroed in on a place which would serve authentic Appam. We couldn’t visit the place for a long time even after making a note of it . After a long time, last Saturday, we could finally have breakfast at the place .

Let pictures narrate rest of the story

Puttu and Kadala curry

Dosa was regular and there was nothing special about it. But Appam and Puttu were too good. The place is worth visiting if you are a fan of these two dishes. The place is pretty small but is very neatly maintained.


I am glad V made this discovery. I don’t have to cook and I can relish those dishes 😉

Wonder what he’s going to discover next 😁

The run !

A was never into athletics until she entered middle school. In middle school, since there was shortage of participants from the house that she belongs to, someone pushed her to participate in the event. Out of love for her house, she did participate and won some prizes and got the first taste of it.

After that lock down happened and there were no sports related activities at all. This year, after a long gap, sports and the related competitions were given the usual importance at their school. But the high school academic pressure kicked in and sports couldn’t be given much attention by students of her grade. They practised and enjoyed whatever little they could.

Sports Day at their school every year is conducted with much pomp and one particular event of that day is the 100 metre run. 2 contestants from each house and four houses of the school form the lot of one category and there would be primary, middle and high school categories for girls and boys separately. Top three students from each category would be awarded with medals and the houses that they belong to would get the appropriate number of points. The house securing the maximum number of points would be awarded the shield for the year on this day. Although innumerable events are conducted throughout the year and those events decide the positions of the houses, these events that happen on this Sports Day are crucial as they are the last events and hence the deciding factors. And trust me, every student is crazy about their house getting the shield for the year.

So the first challenge is to get yourself a place in the run, representing your house. The second challenge is to win the highest possible medal in your category. One extra bonus point is that the student securing the first place in high school category would be given the title “Fastest Runner of —-“.

A got heavily attracted to that title and wanted to give her best efforts at it. First challenge was not very tough. She got into the list of participants. The second challenge was very tough as she knew who the rest of the contestants were and she also knew how good they were. She was not a seasoned athlete, she didn’t know the techniques, she didn’t have good practice owing to exams, all she did have was that liking towards that title. She realised her state around 4-5 days before the final day. She used to have little practice with other contestants at the end of the school and in the process got a fair idea of where she stood and what she lacked.

She started watching YouTube videos of how different postures would help, what the different techniques were and what the do’s and don’ts were. She realised that she had a late start after the signal was given but was decent enough in the actual run. She figured out that she could crack something if only she improved upon the start time. So every morning before getting ready for the school, we would go downstairs and practise on the start part. I would have to give the signal to start at varying intervals and she has to practice being very alert and begin the run at my signal without wasting even a part of a second.

The day came and she felt very tensed about if she could make it or not. V came the photographer and I became the videographer. It was a great feeling watching all the runs. Little kids would keep overtaking each other and it would become very difficult to predict who would make the final move. When A’s turn came, it all happened so fast and I was so lost in capturing the video that I didn’t realise who was in which place. At the end of the run, I didn’t even know if she was in the first three places or not. Finally I saw three kids staying back and A was one of them. So I concluded that she managed to secure some medal.

Later, although she couldn’t win that awesome title but was announced that she secured the second place, she was all smiles !!

The run !

What’s in a place ?

My energy levels are not back to normal and I am fed up with writing gloomy posts of falling sick, recovering and so on.

Food is something that is an integral part of our lives. It is an answer to many things, spreading joy, sharing happiness, changing mood, ending fights, recharging and recreational and so on and on. So here comes food to the rescue, my mood changing stuff, saviour for Blogathon and maybe a feast to your eyes.

Last November, for Childrens Day, we wanted to step out for dinner. There was this place that opened up quite sometime back. We heard good reviews about this place but we didn’t get a chance to try it out for a long time. Finally we decided to try on Childrens Day. I didn’t have great expectations of the place primarily because of its location and maybe because of the size of the place also.

But then my expectations were all proved wrong. The place served some awesome dishes and it’s definitely worth visiting.

The refreshing drinks
The appetisers
Main course

Food was great, ambience was great and the service was great. Very likely, we might make another visit to the place.

Happy Birthday

You are the one who is most enthusiastic about celebrating everyone’s every accomplishment, however small or big it may be.

You are the one who is ever ready to lend an ear to every problem of everyone in the family and do whatever it takes to find a solution.

You are the one who is all energetic to travel to any place and capture photographs with utmost interest.

You are the one who puts sincere efforts in learning new skills like music even post retirement.

You are the one who stands as an inspiration to many and is loved by many.

Wish you a Very Happy Birthday Dear FIL ! We couldn’t cut a cake today or couldn’t do anything to celebrate the day but here are our heartfelt wishes for you !! Have a fantastic year and times ahead !!!

Wishes from A ten years ago on this day !