Can a farewell ever be easy ?

We have spent more than 9 years with you

We have shared countless memories with you

You have been part of the happiness we shared, the sorrows we went through, the hearty laughter that we had, the fights, the debates and what not

You have been a great companion and ever supportive

You have been extremely loyal

There was nothing that we could complain about you

You have given us more than we could ask you for

You gifted us the pleasures and luxuries that we haven’t experienced before

And when it was time to bid you bye, I couldn’t resist myself from recollecting with V, the precious bond that we developed over the years

And when I mentioned this recollection to A, I saw tears forming in her eyes

Can a farewell ever be easy ?

I am sure you would give lots of beautiful memories to your new companions and would receive great warmth from them too

Good Bye Dear Ford !!!

Kid (or not so kid) talks !

Here is the conversation between my younger niece and my brother.

Niece : Nana, what do you think is difficult, being a parent or being a kid ?

Brother : Being a parent is tough, you have to take care of the kid and keep checking what they are doing

Niece : Being a kid is tougher than that. You always have to hear this : “Don’t do this, Don’t do that, Blah, Blah, Blah“


One more between the duo :

Niece : Who do you think understand each other the most ? Sisters or Brothers ? Obviously I don’t think brother and sister understand each other the most because of gender differences ?

Brother : So, do you think me and your Atta don’t understand each other the most ?

Niece : No, Atta is different. She is little of boy and little of girl .


Me and V were having a not so light conversation but nevertheless haven’t gone into argument mode. V tried to involve A , who has been reading a book, into the conversation. The response from A was : “Nana, I know a fight is brewing up between the two of you. So please stop talking to each other for sometime “


Me and my younger niece were going through some old albums and this was her comment.

Niece : Atta, we are a memory factory. Looking through memories, we create new memories !!!!

Are the kids grown up already or it’s just that their talks have gone to the next level ? I would prefer the latter to be true !

How rich are you ?

Over a random conversation with my brother, we bumped into the topic about how richness and happiness are related and how they vary from person to person.

A quote that I came across recently : “That man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.”

Then I tried to recollect my recent and latest pleasures :

There’s a cousin of mine who’s technically not my cousin but son of my cousin. Honouring the ages and to keep things simple , I prefer to call him my cousin. He did his Intermediate studies by staying at a hostel in the city where I was doing my schooling. Naturally he would visit our home occasionally and I developed a bond with him. He went on to do his M.D and is now a successful dentist. Though we have got our own set of priorities and are busy with the daily routines and hardly get to meet each other except for the occasional gatherings, he remains to be one of the closest ones. When I went to visit his clinic to get one of my teeth treated couple of weeks ago, he checked it, narrowed down the problem and handed the case over to his junior for further treatment. She did as directed and at the end made a statement “I’ll go and inform Sir and come back”. As silly as it may sound, that word “Sir” from her mouth made me smile and my chest swelled with a bit of pride.

There’s another cousin (technically son of my cousin), at whose place I spent a considerable part of time as a child and as a teen and shared countless memories. Same case, we are both busy with our own schedules but he too remains to be one of the closest ones. His wife got operated for removal of uterus last month and I went to their place taking A along with me to see how she was recovering. We chatted for a while about everything under the sun. After some time, one of the cousin’s daughters handed me a packet of cotton candy. Looking at the question mark on my face, she said “Nana said you like it and asked me to give this over to you”. And yes, another smile came up !!

I hope to enjoy many more such little pleasures that would make me smile and I wish to make many more people around me smile more often than ever….

Let the happiness spread and the richness grow….

The case of the missing sock

The series of events in chronological order :

I emptied the pair of socks to be washed from a cover and threw the cover into the dust bin.

I applied detergent to the socks, washed a little and then put them into the washing machine along with other clothes for refined washing.

After a couple of minutes when the clothes were ready to be put into the dryer, I asked A to execute the job for me.

I started picking one after the other from the dryer and towards the end, I realised that there was only one sock of the pair of socks and the other was missing

I checked if it has fallen off from the fourth floor while drying out the others and I found none on the ground floor or the intermediate ones. I found my washer and dryer empty. I rechecked the ground and other floors. Same. Empty.

I asked A, to extract the missing piece of information , about how many of the pair of socks had she found while transferring contents from washer to dryer. She replied one.

Now that was strange. I vaguely remember applying detergent to two pieces and not one but again lately I have been suspecting my own memory. So I couldn’t be sure of anything.

I left the matter there as I couldn’t do anything much except for drying the lone sock.

I put the washed and dried sock in it’s place thinking of the possibility that I might lose one sock of another pair on another day and maybe I can pair these together 😉 The two pairs are slightly similar 😀

Next day, before putting out the trash, I checked the dust bin to ensure that the cover, that contained the pair of socks earlier, was indeed empty.

Last Friday, which was after about a week or ten days since the above incident had happened, I noticed something unusual in the dryer, between the tub and the container holding the tub.

I moved it to get a clear picture and then found the answer to my unsolved mystery.

With the help of a stick, V removed it slowly and passed it over to me.

I smiled to myself, washed and dried it again and united it with the other half that was patiently waiting for this one !!!

Then Now Later

It has been exactly a week that A started her 10th grade. She regarded it as her last first day at school as the chances are highly likely that she might be leaving the school after this academic year, for her further education and entering a junior college. To Where, For what, Is it confirmed and How are some questions we keep evading for now for we don’t have any concrete answers to any of them.

Back to the original point, I keep wondering how hugely our current thoughts have transformed when compared with the ones that originated nine years ago, on her first day as a first grader at this school.

Then : Will she miss home at school or get along well with friends and like the school ?

Now : Will she miss her school friends too much or manage to maintain the friendships even after departing ways ?

Then : Will she want to have home food or like the school snacks and lunch ?

Now : Will she miss her school favourites like cutlet, rajma etc or plan to attend alumni reunions and satisfy her cravings ?

Then : Will she be scared of her teachers or like them ?

Now : Will she miss her favourite teachers or make a point to connect with them whenever possible?

Then : Will she get lost in the huge campus or enjoy it cautiously ?

Now : Will she miss her campus or narrate and cherish anecdotes of her adventures ?

Then and Now, our thoughts might have transformed completely but the thoughts remain as such and have not vanished and will most likely continue to remain in the future too and may take an entirely new shape 😀

Dear A, If you ask for my tuppence worth, I would say, make new friends but keep the old friendships going on, explore new places but revisit the old ones, build new memories but relive the old ones.

Just keep on adding with no replacement !!!!

One of it’s kind feeling

If I were to join a new company, although I would have been excited about starting a new phase, I would have been nervous about how I would fit in and how the new environment would match to my liking.

If I were to go the same workplace as everyday, it would have been a regular routine with no big difference.

The feeling that I had experienced last Sunday in anticipation of Monday and the feeling that I experienced on Monday, the actual day, is one of it’s kind. I entered the office after two whole years. It’s a huge time !!!

Getting ready to go to office in proper attire, carrying laptop, walking through the office building, using lifts and access cards, having proper human interaction with support staff and colleagues, being greeted by warm smiles, hearing sounds in reality, each and every part of that day was exciting !!

I hadn’t worked for most part of the day except for attending two meetings. I talked and talked and talked to my heart’s content and had coffee and ate lunch. That’s it, the whole day went by in a jiffy but the warmth I experienced and the memories I made from that day will stay close to my heart. And there were hardly any people at work that day, the total count must be around fifteen. I wonder how it would feel like to experience the feeling of getting to meet everyone at once !

Anyways, that feeling of that day is just one of it’s kind of a feeling !!!

Little joys

Morning 9:30 to around evening 8:30, the day at work has been fully packed today with back to back meetings, identifying and fixing issues in the last minute, trying to bring all the commitments to a closure rushing through lunch and comfort break too, as today is a big deadline at work. I felt so exhausted by the end of the day that I had asked A to prepare Maggi as dinner for me. Wrapping up the day’s work and A bringing over my Maggi coincided and it was such a joy to relish it.

Ah !! The joy of being served dinner prepared by your daughter !!!

An hour later, A asks me if we can finish watching an old Hindi movie, Yeh Jawani Hi Deewani, which we had left midway a week ago. Turning on the AC, we finished watching the movie together.

Ah !! The joy of watching such feel good movies with your loved ones !!

A rough day with loads of hiccups doesn’t necessarily have to end the same way, little joys can put a perfect ending !!

Yeh Dil Maange More

My manager cum dear friend moved out from our team two weeks ago. She has been my manager right from the moment I joined this office and the team. Being a fan of her working style and having the opportunity to learn loads from her, I did not want her to move out of the team. I wish the very best for her and would like her to have the best of all but again, yeh Dil maange more, to get to spend many more years with her…

Couple of weeks ago, V and two of his college friends had planned to go for a short drive. They started at around 6:30 in the morning and drove off to their destination. Finishing the work at their destination, they realised that Nagarjuna Sagar is just 120 km away. Making an impromptu decision, they headed to that place, spent little time over there and came back. But then again Yeh Dil Maange More and so V and one of the two friends planned a little longer trip a week later and drove down to Goa, spent couple of days over there and came back.

A has become a lover of playing Wordle every day. But then again Yeh Dil Maange More and she wants to have more of it occasionally and on such days, switches to playing Absurdle, unlimited version of Wordle.

My college friend announced her India trip and the group of friends at Hyderabad is excited about her arrival and spending time with her. But then again Yeh Dil Maange More and the heart wishes for another friend too to come to India at the same time so that the fun can be doubled up.

A intended to finish couple of books in the short break that she has now before the next academic year begins. But again Yeh Dil Maange More and she increased her target of books as the break got extended a little of what she had expected.

Weekend is about to get over in a couple of hours. Yeh Dil Maange More for extended weekend 😀


You have excelled in academics with the limited support, be it of any form, that you had

You have continued to expand your education and earned degrees of various kinds with great enthusiasm

You have proven yourself in your wide career spanning different areas and various roles

You have set an example for others with respect to honesty and integrity

You have fulfilled your responsibilities as a son, brother, husband, father and a grandfather in every possible way you could

You have given back to society in all possible ways that you could by helping people through organisations

You have thanked God and expressed your gratitude through multiple spiritual activities

You have been a pillar of support for your children irrespective of at what age you were in

You have been a great reader and a great listener and a great enthusiast defying all the hindrances that could have come with aging

You have been completely independent physically, financially and in every other way until your last breath

Dear Thathayya , you are remembered by each of us, your family, extended family, friends, near and dear ones on this day, an year of your leaving us. We look forward to your blessings and hope to follow the high examples that you have set for us…


14 years !

Dear A,

You are fourteen now ! Sounds a big number, isn’t it ? At least, it does so to me. As funny as it may sound, sometimes I feel that you were born just the other day and entered our lives and sometimes I feel that you were part of my life all through out .

Are you the same little one who struggled a lot to learn cycling couple of years ago but now has learnt most part of riding a two wheeler ? Can you imagine the feeling of joy I experience when I see you riding a two wheeler, the thing that I couldn’t accomplish until now ? Believe in yourself and work towards what you desire, no matter how impossible it may seem.

Are you the same little one who was fed each and every little thing by me and your grandmother but now has grown into a big girl who can bake a complete dish on her own and serve a group with no help ? Love , help and care for everyone around you and it will give you the greatest joy in return.

Are you the same little one who needed my help for how to use the basics of a computer but now has reached a stage where you can generate Java programs all on your own ? It gives me great joy when I see you solve the tricky puzzles. No matter which career you choose, have great passion and love towards the work you do.

Can you imagine the feeling of contentment I experience when a teacher of yours tells me that I am blessed to have you ? Always be humble and stay grounded. For each task that you are able to accomplish, thank God for giving you the strength and opportunity to do so and for each that you aren’t able to, pray God to grant you the needed strength.

Are you the same little one who was quite scared to even cross a road but is now waiting desperately to go on NCC camps ? You have a desire to serve the nation in some way of which you do not have much clarity which is quite understandable. Keep the desire to serve growing and carve a path for yourself.

Can you imagine my inner smile when you choose to read a book rather than get lost in the Internet ? Pick great books that can help you broaden your horizons, that can take you into lands that you haven’t traveled , that can widen your imaginations like none other.

Are you the same little one who used to scribble around all colours but has grown into one who can paint beautifully ? Art is divine, keep learning as many arts as possible and enjoy the divinity with utmost respect towards it.

You are fortunate to be blessed with so many dear ones that love you to the moon and back. We are fortunate to have you as a beautiful blessing. With a beautiful smile etched on our lips and in our hearts, let’s share this wonderful journey together and may we look forward to many more wonderful memories to come…

My dear little one, may you be blessed with good health, kind heart, humble attitude, good thoughts, complete contentment, hardworking nature and loads of happiness. I wish you a very very happy birthday and may God be always with you…