If not now, then when ?

This question has to be asked definitely for some of the things and the action of a trip to Bangalore from Hyderabad is one such question for us.

After a very long procrastination, owing to the difference of opinion between V and me, upon the mode of travel, we finally came to a consensus and took the road trip to Bangalore last Thursday and came back home Tuesday evening. I was scared all these years to go on such a long drive, fearing about how A would co-operate, how to engage her, the basic needs, nature calls etc. And V had great passion about going on a long drive, which only kept increasing hearing travel tales from friends and web. And we never plan so much in advance to get train tickets without hassle. Attributing to different known and unknown factors, the trip never happened, though my brother stays there, V’s sister stays there and lot of friends too stay over there.

And the trip happened to be a great one, two days went for the travel, 4 days went for the stay and we spent some time lazily at home, did some shopping, some sightseeing, some sort of exploring food places etc. 

The drive was really good. The national highway is being maintained in a very good condition and there wasn’t any traffic too. The best part was that the highway at any point doesn’t go inside the towns on the way, unlike the one that goes to Vijayawada. We started at 5:45 in the morning and could reach Devanahalli by 1:30 for lunch. Fortunately, most of the guys in Bangalore have gone out for vacation leaving little traffic for us. And A behaved like a super duper good girl and  V was so impressed that he got her a Barbie on coming back home.

Done something for the first time and we are glad that we did it !

More finer details on the trip to be followed ! Need to save some fodder for the upcoming Blogathon !


Are we growing old ?

Was V’s comment couple of minutes back.

This was his reaction when we were at the theatre to watch Dilwale, that  got released today , for the 10.30 show. Only that we couldn’t watch it and were sent back inspite of having tickets in hand, because they were tickets for Sunday night and not today ๐Ÿ™‚ All the while, V was thinking that he had booked them for today and somehow the date was not what he assumed to be. We didn’t realise this fact until the security guard at the theatre pointed this out to us and this is something that has happened to us for the first time.

Are we growing old that we are missing things ?

Nah, we are just young ones that are yet to get old to not make any mistakes and not miss things !

So we are gonna wait till Sunday to watch the movie !

p.s. And to not waste the parking fee of 30 bucks, we had ice cream at Cream Stone ๐Ÿ˜‰

And the marathonย 

Ended with a bang last Saturday
So the ‘X‘ that I was talking about was ‘dancing’ for the year end party organised by the office folks at Palm Exotica. 

Going back little in time, I loved dancing right from when I was kid, but I never learnt how to. Some childhood memories that still remain with me very vividly are that of me standing in front of Doordarshan programme on TV telecasting some classical dance , and trying to imitate the dancer. At one point, I was even put into a dance class but I quit complaining of pain in the legs, an act which I have been regretting for long. Anyways, that was how my dancing never started and remained a dream since then. During college days, I even considered joining classes along with a friend, but even that didn’t materialise . After all this, am in a state now where I feel very conscious about dance and the entire body goes rigid at the very thought of it.

Now coming back to the present time, there opened up a chance at office. And the best part of it was that it was a group dance, some of them were amateurs like me, and there was a tutor. Now or never was what I felt, and I enrolled in. For about 10 days, we went to a dance studio and practised there daily for an hour. Though it was little hectic, we enjoyed a lot. Watching the tutor dance, dancing after him, learning steps from others, costume discussion, shopping was all so much fun.

We performed last Saturday and it came out well. Everyone was pleasantly surprised as it was first of its kind in the office history ๐Ÿ™‚ They even complimented instead of running away ๐Ÿ˜‰

One down the bucket list, looking forward to strike some more of them ๐Ÿ™‚

‘Maybe:’, the pleasant intelligence !

I missed a call this afternoon, which  was from a local landline and the number was one which had not been saved as a contact in my phone. I knew the number well because that was the office number of my old employer and the friend there calls me from that number. But since it was not her personal number, I never bothered to save. 

But the thing that I got attracted to was, that the number was displayed with some additional information ‘Maybe: <Caller’s name>’. Intrigued, I looked for information on this and this is what I found over Google.

When an unknown person (or bot) calls, the OS searches through your email for names that might be associated with the phone number calling. When it finds a possible match, it says โ€œMaybe [personโ€™s name]โ€ underneath the phone number on the screen.

Isn’t this intelligence a pleasant one ๐Ÿ™‚

Marathon !

I have never experienced a marathon till now and have never even imagined how it would be, but now I feel like I am on one ! Seriously, ever since I started ‘X’, let’s call it that for now as am not going to reveal it until Sunday or so. Meanwhile, you can keep guessing what that ‘X’ could be ๐Ÿ™‚

Since last two weeks, it has been like continuous running race, with no time to pause. I haven’t been posting any thing, I couldn’t follow the blogs I usually do, I couldn’t read much of any book, I couldn’t even have the usual talks with V, family and friends. Time just has been flying off, hours, days and weekends.

But the funny part is I do not have any regrets for having started ‘X’. All I wish for is a good ending, some nice memories to take back and the peace to return.