Things that I love about you , my dear A are :

Your unconditional love for others, you love everyone with such a true heart that makes me want to be like you
Your way of complementing others for their actions, which might look very small but makes the other person so happy
Your attitude of sharing things with everyone, however small the quantities are at your hand
Your understanding of things when explained to you in detail, and not being fussy or adamant about what you want
Your strict no-no to laying hands on anything once your tummy is full, however tempting the dish might be
Your idea of being happy and excited for all the little things
And lastly for who you are and what you are !

Seven things that this mother wishes for you are
Good Health,
Happiness at all times,
Confidence to handle anything,
Friends for life,
Being Grateful for whatever you are,
Being Humble wherever you are
Love for everyone and whatever you are going to do !

Happy 7th Birthday ! May you be blessed and loved by one and all !


The little entrepreneur !

As part of turning over textbooks in light of the approaching exams, me and A stumbled upon the word ‘loaf’ and from there we went about discussing what a loaf of bread is and how it is made and how it is transformed into the bread packets at stores. At the end, this was how our conversation went :

A : Amma, that means it’s easy to prepare a packet of bread

Me : Yes, that’s the reason your atta made bread recently and sent us a snap of it

A : OK, then we will ask atta to make bread and then we will sell it

Me : Hmmm ??

A : And then I will buy Kinder Joy with that money

Me : But bread packet costs around 25 bucks and your Kinder Joy costs around 35 bucks

A : OK, we will sell bread at a higher price and get the money

Me : 🙂 who’s gonna work and who’s gonna reap the benefits !

The one place

Where am not ashamed of admitting my ignorances ,
Where am not scared of admitting my mistakes ,
Where am not afraid of being judged ,
Where am not hesitant of accepting my weaknesses ,
Where am not expected to give any explanations ,
And where I am mostly myself always,

Is with my friends !

Friends are such a treasure, that which is priceless but just needs no guarding 🙂

A pleasant surprise !

Yesterday morning, which should have been a normal , plain , non-exciting morning turned out to be a very pleasant one, in the most unexpected fashion because of


The beautiful red balloons that adorned the ceiling of office space and


The one-liner placed on the keyboard at everyone’s desk and


The little surprise pasted at the back of it and


The little heart biscuits and candies placed at each wing and


The mail that entered all the inboxes !!!

I love surprises and this indeed was a very lovely surprise at office !

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ! Spread the joy of love !

And Happy Marriage Anniversary My Dear Brother And SIL 🙂

Me and History

Were never great companions. It was just a course at school for me, which was to be studied for exams. Neither did I have any aversion nor did I have any love for it. Until…. recently !

First, it was the Twentieth Wife, which I liked a lot and it showed me history in a totally new perspective. I got curious, went back to those old times , imagined things, pondered about them and all. It was wonderful, thinking about the conversations they might have had, the feelings they must have had and the power, ambition, grandeur surrounding them.

Then came The Palace Of Illusions, which am not sure, if can be categorised under history. But this too was wonderful, revisiting all the mythological stories in a new perspective. Draupadi’s narration added a fresh touch to all those stories that were a part of our childhood, bringing back many associated memories.

And then finally came Nefertiti , which I picked up from TGND . I heard about this for the first time from her and wanted to give it a try. But I had my own doubts if it would be too much for the tiny head of mine. And I was wrong in having such doubts. The book was wonderful, introducing so many things about Egyptian culture to me, making me want to visit Egypt all of a sudden. That powerful, ambitious lady remained etched in my mind, for quite some time even after completing the book. Thanks TGND for the pointer.

After all this, I have got a new love for history and am waiting to lay my hands on the next part of TajMahal Trilogy, Feast Of Roses !

Kid thoughts !

“If only the terms ‘germs’ and ‘fever’ do not exist, how nice it would be ! “, is how A remarked, when she was forbidden to eat chocolates over the weekend owing to fever.

“If only the terms ‘loo’ and ‘potty’ do not exist, how much fun it would be !”, is how A’s friend at school remarked, when they had trouble in finding a place to pee, when they had gone out on a school picnic.

I do not remember me thinking so much as a kid. It could be either the difference in thinking or the difference in expression , but the generation gap is so conspicuous at times !

Another friend of A, who is about the same age, at the apartment has inferred a different thing. According to A, what she says is, “Since God is within us, and since some people commit mistakes, God also commits mistakes”. Now this is something which I was least expecting from her. And since I did not want A to form such opinions, I presented her a slightly different logic as “There’s good (God) and bad in everyone. So one should try to increase the good and decrease the bad in self”

So much of heavy conversation between kids, Can I even call them kid thoughts ?