So much and so less…

At times…

All around is filled with gloom but a tiny ray of hope is what I keep looking for…
Never a day passes without a worry but days of simple contentment are what I keep wishing for…
The mind keeps dreading of the future but the heart keeps yearning to relish the present…
The lows keep multiplying but the high that I keep waiting for is what pushes me…
I seem to drag the day to an end but I keep wishing for the days to pass by themselves…
Things make me feel sick and tired but the hope to sit and relax gives me the strength…
The complexities keep draining me but I keep wishing the life is as simple as it sounds…
There’s so much to say but there’s so less that comes out…

I keep hoping for a better and brighter tomorrow for the life is lifeless without a hope…


Niece Time!

It was my little niece’s second b’day last week and my brother, SIL and the cutie pie were here at Hyderabad to celebrate the big day.


The birthday was fun and the weekend was more fun spending good quality time with the little one.

We had a quick lunch at Aalankrita, our favourite getaway to greenery. The joy on the little girls’s faces was beyond words, jumping and running around the grass. Every little thing they do at this age is so lovely and makes us just sit and watch them in awe. The evening was busy with the activities for Ganesh immersion, and the kids were on a high to the extent of dancing on the road infront of the home. Sunday was a quiet day of relaxing and then dispersing 😦

A had fun assuming the role of an elder sis and I had fun spending time with my dear brother and the family after a long long time 🙂


When A was having a conversation with me the other day,

A : Amma, what is a Trishul?
Me : Its a weapon which Shiva carries… Its, you know, is a long stick like thing, with 3 things coming out of it, that are sharp, blah blah blah
A : OK, its a fork like thing, only big in size
Me : Yes 🙂
Eeeeek…. Why didn’t this simple analogy occur to me at any time?

V is a great cook that can whip up a wonderful dish with simple ingredients, and this was what he served us couple of days back..


The simple sa recipe he followed was :

# Saute the finely chopped onions and tomatoes in a kadai
# Ground a little coconut and few cashewnuts into a paste
# Add the paste along with some water to the kadai to get some gravy
# Add jeera powder, dhaniya powder, salt and chilli powder to taste
# Make some empty space in between for the eggs
# Beat the eggs into the empty spaces directly
# Sprinkle little salt and cover it with a lid for a while for the eggs to get cooked

Serve hot slices of this with steaming rice. Hai na simple 🙂


Birthdays are fun, at all times…

As each birthday passes by, the reason for celebration keeps changing, from love for chocolates, parties, friends, and surprises,  to the sole reason of celebration of being alive and many more reasons for many more people, but the celebration does not stop…

The fun doubles when the birthdays are filled with warm wishes from near and dear ones, flooded with mails and phone calls…

The fun triples when your loved ones surprise you with so much of effort…


The fun quadraples when you receive a surprise gift from your colleague…


The fun quintuples with a leisure and quiet dinner at restaurant Sholay…


The fun increases multifold when you share a special day like this with the person you love the most…

Happy B’day to me and also dear V, its so much fun to share B’day with you, can’t wait to have many more wonderful fun-filled B’days with you 🙂


We paid a visit to our friends’ place yesterday, a sweet couple M and N, originally V’s friends, over a period of time became my friends too. To top it for the good, their cute daughter and A also have become good friends. There’s never an end to their hospitality and N whipped up this yummy snack in a jiffy,  along with many other dishes 🙂


Arrange some store-bought Nachos, top them with chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander, add some pizza cheese, salt and pepper and send them into the microwave for a little time, is all what she did and it tasted as yummy as it looks, nothing less than the restaurant style Nachos with cheese 🙂

Same love, different reason!

Twenty years back, I used to love this day :

For not having to attend the regular classes
For being able to mimic teachers
For being able to assume an air of authority, even it is just for a day
For being able to be part of so many fun-filled activities
For all the competitions and prizes that formed a part of the day

Today, I love the same day for a lot different reasons. I love all the persons who played the roles of teachers at different phases of my life and I love them :

For giving me an education that lasts life long
For empowering me with so much of confidence
For giving me the strength to face problems
For giving the wisdom to comprehend a lot around me
And lastly for making me what I am today…

Whatever I am, I am proud to be so and I can never thank you all enough for taking so much of pain in shaping me so. I am extremely grateful to you all and hope to part with others atleast a little of so much of learning bestowed upon me.

Learning, whatever it might be, should never be stopped in life, for that is what adds “life” to life…

Keep learning and spread the joy of learning, Happy Teachers’ Day  🙂

A’s Anecdotes

Granny turns  Swamy Vivekananda

The conversation that goes between me and A post Fancy dress competition at school (A did not want to take part at all and we let her go):

Me : I heard that your friend AK has come dressed up as Swami Vivekananda
A : Yes, with some orange dress and all, who was that?
Me : Swami Vivekananda
A : Who is it?
Me : Hmmmm, he was a great person who has acquired lots of knowledge through meditation, the one your grandmother practises by going to a class
A : Oh, then is grandmother going to become Swami Vivekananda in some days?
Me : No, ofcourse not
A : I mean, is she going to behave like him soon?
Me : Hmmm, yeah 😎


A announces her latest discovery as :

The one who is born first becomes a grandfather,
The one born second becomes a grandmother,
The one born third becomes a father,
The one born fourth becomes a mother,
The one born fifth becomes a baby,
The one born sixth becomes a baby sister or baby brother 🙂

Logical blackmail

During dinner time, while am trying to feed A:

A : Bas, I don’t want to have more
Me : No, four more spoons and I will leave you
After 4 spoons,
A : We are done with 4 spoons, now bas
Me : No, just a little more, otherwise you will be hungry soon
A : Ok, then next time when I watch TV, I will say that am going to stop watching TV when the time is “X”. But when the time is actually “X”, am going to change my words and continue watching, since you are doing the same 😎

Be Very specific

FIL while driving A to school :

FIL : All the yellow buses that you are seeing are school or college buses
A : Ok
FIL : All the white ones are ambulances
Me : Ok, then why are the kids in the ambulance?
FIL :  *-) Oh, ok, the white ones only with a “+”sign are ambulances, the rest are vans that carry regular people
A : Ok