In the company of Sophie Kinsella on a tooth journey 

So, couple of weeks ago, I was alone at home, as A went to sleep and rest of the family was out. I decided to kill my boredom by munching on a laddoo, which is made during Pongal, with sesame seeds and is quite hard. A small block kind of thing fell into my hands while eating and I inferred it be something that got mixed up in the laddoo while my mom was cooking. Only when I went to wash my mouth did I realise that the block was actually a filling, that was put in one of my teeth, long long ago, say more than 12 years 🙄. I ran to the mirror in unbelievable shock and stayed in panic till V reached home and blurted out all my worries as soon as I saw him. The only thing that kept me sane was the fact that my dentist is a close cousin of mine whom I could trust my teeth with.

So the day after that, I rushed off to my cousin after work and it turned out that an old root canal didn’t go well and it had to be treated again over 4-5 sittings. So from that day, I had to commute to the clinic , which is quite far from my residence. So I had to spend some good amount of time in commuting and waiting at the clinic, over these multiple trips. Which was when Sophie Kinsella gave me a good company, I made use of this time to finish her works, Remember me ? And I’ve got your number. Continuing with the flow, I finished the Shopaholic series too 😊
Here I am, done with getting my tooth repaired and completing Sophie Kinsella’s works ! 

Am planning to move over to reading My Gita by Devdutt Pattanaik, which is a long pending on my list !