The week that has gone by in pics

Green has made a re-entry into our home after a long hiatus. Luckily, we spotted a nursery close to home, which housed a decent variety of everything, and that should keep us going !

Origami is one thing that gives me goosebumps. I can’t get it right most of the times. With the origami competition at school the next day for A, and me stuck at office late than the usual, and nothing ready which I can teach A instantly, V came to the rescue. They watched together some videos, and V taught her the making of a bird. Looking at all the birds and a happy A when I came back from office, I now know the go to person now, for any Origami task of A 😊

I hopped lots of websites, considered lots of children magazines, and then finally zeroed in on the age old, tested one ! Our first issue after subscription has come and hope the long pending decision keeps A interested in it.

Inspired by the rangoli at office, I went ahead with a friend and bought these stencils, which were on the pending list for a long time. A sounds quite excited to use them today !

Floating flower diya made by A, inspired from Champak 😊


Smile triggers !

1. When dad says that I have got a beautiful daughter like he has got 

2. When V just not offers but pushes me to have that last bit of chocolate 

3. When the cook compliments me on my saree as she crosses my path 

4. When A sings out “Dear little sweet little Amma”

And so on and on…

That’s just how A is !

1. When visiting temples, I casually mentioned to A that we don’t sit with our backs facing the Almighty, saying that’s a sign of respect towards the God. From that day to this day, there has been one dialogue that comes out from A at times, which just makes me laugh out loud. When I try to put A to sleep, both of us lying side by side, after a while, at the time when she wants to turn to the other side, she says to me with a grave expression that she’s feeling sorry for having to do that. When I ask what’s the big deal about that is, the logic she gives me is “Mother is God, and we shouldn’t have our back facing God, so I shouldn’t sleep with my back facing you “. I couldn’t help laughing to myself with her logic 😀

2. Last week, when I was down with severe cold, and I was wishing A good night to have my dinner, this is what she said :

  • Amma, have a balanced diet so that your body will have the strength to fight the cold.
  • Amma, have some hot milk as soon as you get up in the morning tomorrow 
  • Amma, also have some ajwain with hot rice

3. Couple of days back, when V’s sis was pressing out some dress, MIL was around there and her palm got in contact with the iron box for a split second and a tiny blister formed at one place. Since it was little small, she stayed on with out attending to it, but A ran out, got some cold water from the fridge in a bowl, made MIL put her hand in the bowl of water and then moved off to her work.

Dear A, I sometimes wonder to myself at how big my little girl thinks, at all that love and concern that’s in you, and at the beautiful blessing that you are !

Food that has travelled miles 

Or rather kilometres is now making its way into our tummies 😊

As always, we are on the lookout for foods, that are new or different or something beyond the regular. And then, we came across these. After reading about this, V tried to get that stuff from Bangalore and so V’s sis went on the lookout for the same. She gave up after a while and we too forgot about it.

And then couple of weeks earlier, quite unexpectedly, she found the stuff we were looking for and got hold of them immediately.

She got them here to Hyderabad two days back and we are now ticking them off the list, as we direct them into our dear tummies.

It just feels nice to make some notes of foods to be tried out, have them, tick them off and go for looking out for more such ones 😊

Have a great weekend !

My take away

 After my obsession towards the Shopaholic series, I made a note of reading other works of Sophie Kinsella. After quite a long time of making that note, I finally had a chance to read her Undomestic Goddess.
One particular thing that stayed on my mind even after I was done with the book was these lines of hers : 

“There’s no such thing as biggest mistake of your life. Life’s a pretty resilient thing ”

The protagonist does what she wants, by not being scared of that being a big mistake or not. Those lines made so much sense for me and have become my take away from the book. 

Here I go , to pick one more from the rest of her lot.

So what have you been reading recently ?

A task long time due

Has been completed today !

I procrastinate things a lot and this particular one too has fallen in that category. 

Quite some time back, I stumbled upon this site and got very much interested in it. I liked the varied wall stickers and wanted to try them out at home. But I kept on pushing the task aside.

And then over a casual conversation that happened with V’s sister, when we visited them for their house warming ceremony, she mentioned about how she has ordered some wall stickers and was planning to decorate the new home with them. This reminded me of the pending task and I had made a note to attend to it immediately. But me being me, completely forgot about it as soon as we returned Hyderabad.

And then two weeks ago, V’s sister sent some pictures of the walls adorned with these wall stickers and that turned out to be the final trigger for me. That night, I stayed awake, browsed couple of options, zeroed in on one, registered at this site and ordered one.

The plan was to finish the task too in Dasara vacation, but the order got delivered only after we left for my parents’ place. So the project got delayed by one more week and here we are finally, ticking off the task that has been due for so long !

Here’s the thing that has added that extra colour to the walls of our room !


This Dasara, we had saviours in multiple forms, wanna hear about them ?

So, couple of days back, some sort of cleaning got triggered at home and we were left with the task of disposing them in the correct way. And then came our saviours.

1. Over a period of time, lots of electronic stuff got piled up, an old laptop, mobile phones, chargers, CD players, wires and lots of miscellaneous items. And we didn’t want to dump them in the trash, owing to the environmental concerns. We had been digging the Internet to find a proper contact that could take care of disposing this kind of stuff properly. Sadly, we couldn’t find a single such thing that served our purpose . And then, out of the blue, came our first Saviour, “Croma“, which is tied up with an e-waste disposal organisation. Guys representing Croma circulated a leaflet in the apartment complex, that they would be coming over and collecting e-waste, and would take care of disposing them correctly. Our happiness knew when no bounds, when all the e-waste got transferred from home to the right hands. If you have got any e-waste at your end which you would like to be disposed properly, please visit a Croma store nearby.
2. Next, we had lots of clothes, which we were no longer using. Some didn’t fit us, some we didn’t feel like using any more. When we were trying to find where to dispose these, there came our next Saviour, Goonj. Goonj has organised a drive at V’s office, where people could donate old clothes, utilities and books. We made use of the opportunity and donated all the accumulated clothes. If you have got some such stuff and haven’t yet heard of Goonj, please do make a visit to them.

3. Triggered by this drive, MIL too looked out for old clothes, which can be donated. After a day, she came up with good number of bundles containing clothes for all ages. And then we got stuck there, as V couldn’t carry such big bundles to office and we started looking for alternate sources. And then came our third Saviour, Prayas. They were so good that they offer doorstep services too. We called them up in the morning, and they were at our place, with in few hours and collected all the stuff. If you are in Hyderabad and would like someone to come home and collect, please give them a call and they will take care of the rest.

When something that you don’t need might of a great need to others, correct disposal is the best thing, what do you say ?

The theme that went on and on

Last week at home was Vikram and Betaal.
A’s Dasara vacation triggered the exposure of some very old (around 20 years) Chandamama magazines lying at home, to A. And the very first thing she stumbled across, in those magazines was Vikram Betaal series of stories. I read out to her one of those stories, just so that she doesn’t push them aside. She sounded interested and gave me the task of finding out the details of why and what of this series, by the end of the day.
And then for the first time, I read about its details and here is what I learnt :
Vikram Aur Betaal is based on Betaal Pacchisi, written nearly 2,500 years ago by Mahakavi Somdev Bhatt
Vikram Aur Betaal is based on Betaal Pacchisi, written nearly 2,500 years ago by Mahakavi Somdev Bhatt. These are spellbinding stories told to the wise King Vikramaditya by the wily ghost Betaal.
At the beginning of the frame story, Vikramaditya king of Ujjain receives, among other visitors, a mendicant who presents the king a fruit on every visit. In the fruits are later discovered orbs of ruby. Upon this discovery, the king resolves to visit the mendicant, who arranges a meeting under a banyan tree in a cremation ground beyond the city, at night, on the 14th day of the dark half of the month. At the meeting, the mendicant requests that Vikramaditya bring him a corpse suspended from another tree, with which the mendicant might achieve occult power.

Upon Vikramaditya’s doing so, the corpse is identified as Betaal, the ghost, who narrates a story to the king, concluding that Vikramaditya must answer a moral question pertaining to the story’s characters, on pain of his own death; and upon his answering the question, Betaal returns to his tree. This sequence repeats 25 times until Betaal reveals the mendicant’s plan was to kill the king after obtaining power from Betaal himself. Thus forewarned, Vikramaditya kills the mendicant after their meeting.
Courtesy : Wikipedia 

And this song too played quite a bit at home !
Off we go, to read some more stories of the series and then some more of other ones !

And what have you been reading ?