Two truths and a lie…

Last week, there was a game conducted by some guys at V’s office as part of some team building activity. Each person has to tell 3 statements, 2 truths and 1 lie and the rest have to guess which is what.

Here are the statements made by V,

1. I travelled all the way to Ladakh by road

2. I put my hand into a tiger’s cage

3. I travelled without a visa to Canada

I found both the game and the statements interesting.

Now can you guess the veracity of the statements ?

And make some statements of your own too ?


All that started as a hobby 

Can turn out to be much more than thatWhich has happened in case of FIL

Who took up photography as a hobby post retirement

And researched about it from the basics

And joined couple of photography clubs

And went on some short and some long trips to practise the new skill

And then made his proud entry into the list of photographers whose photos were selected for the exhibition !

Here are the ones captured by FIL and that got displayed last week at State Gallery of Fine Arts at Hyderabad !

Now, isn’t this how life should be , doing what you love and loving what you do and being appreciated for what you love doing !

Itsy got itchy !

Couple of days back, V’s sis talked about Itsy Bitsy store at Bangalore and how she didn’t feel like leaving the store after entering and how she wanted to buy everything. It was interesting to listen to such description but I couldn’t locate it at Hyderabad and so left it.

After some days, my friend at work talked about the same store and how she shopped a lot of things online on their website. Now this piqued my interest. Within a day or two after that, V’s sis was here for the weekend and brought along different varieties of craft stuff , and talked a lot about their sale. 

I couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to order something or the other from their website. So I chose these jump rings which were needed for my to-do list of earrings.

And then since I couldn’t stop with one, I went ahead with this crimper

V’s sis suggested one more, the quilling coach

And then we added some quilling strips too

And then we stopped with some loom bands !

Itsy Bitsy people were very prompt in their service and have delivered everything as promised and added a gift too 🙂 Isn’t this so sweet of them !

Now that the itch to shop has been satisfied, I need to address the next itch, to use them all.

This evening, we spent some time exploring all the stuff and A wanted to make a pair of ear-rings immediately and so here’s our first attempt at them  !

The sale on Itsy Bitsy is really good, do check it out if you are looking for some craft material. I bet your hands are definitely going to itch after that 🙂

Single solution ?

Browser issue gets fixed with re-start of the system

A phone hang gets solved with a re-start

Set top box display gets addressed with a re-start

A not-so-strong wi-fi signal gets better with re-start of router

Can life’s issues also be solved with this simple mantra, a re-start ?

Is it just the attitude and courage that’s needed to attempt a re-start

One of my numerous thoughts that keep lingering in the mind….

All about something …

There was this something which V had his eyes upon and wanted to own from quite sometime. But then he hesitated considering the cost factor and not being sure whether he would actually use it to the full. After a long thinking and research , he finally bought it.

And then he learnt that people carried it in cars, went places and used it over there. So that V could try out the same on a morning, the previous night, FIL, me and V went carrying this something to the car, to try and fit it in. We failed and took it back home dragging ourselves over the stairs to the fourth floor as the lift wasn’t working that day. Seeing V’s disappointment, we decided to give it one more try with a different approach and this time, MIL also joined us. Finally, we could fit that something in ! V went ahead with his plans and had a taste of his first group activity with it !

Some more days went by in getting accessories for it, lights, water bottle holder et al .

And now, V decided to take a step further and wanted to take it to office. So he started planning for it since yesterday, took a pair of clothes to work, left the laptop there, left the car at the workplace and came home in a cab. And this morning he rode on it, yes the new found love, his new cycle, to office :), partially implementing the no car day – Thursday !

It was tougher than V had anticipated because of the upward slopes, so he used an auto for some distance midway 🙂

A new hobby , a new experience , a new something !

Randomness Returns !

  • Office party at Ramoji Film City last weekend was super fun. Sahas, a series of activities over there, gave a good sense of accomplishment on the day of action, but come Monday, every muscle movement became conspicuous reminding of the regular exercise needed for the body.
  • A had quite a lot of fun and insisted on being only with the children’s GANG. We celebrated friendship day over there with new and old friends.
  • In laws had a successful trip to Rameswaram, Kanyakumari and Madurai, arranged by IRCTC. They were all praises for the arrangements.
  • A has been over the new Lego blocks that V had got for her and I fell in love with those blocks aka beauties once again
  • We watched Mission Impossible yesterday night and it has been proved once again that if there are some things that cause that so called Adrenaline rush for me, then watching this series is definitely one of the them. I love that music. I love that man Tom Cruise.
  • Couple of days back, A rocks back and forth in the hanging chair in the living room and declares to no one in particular “This is called life !”
  • I finished reading Book Thief and I liked it. I would like to watch the movie too.
  • We tried sand art that V got from his trip to Jersey and we loved it
  • We are going to watch Bahubali for the second time tomorrow, on a bigger screen and along with A ( hush, don’t tell A that we have seen it already without taking her )