Some experiences

Happen at the most unexpected of times in the most unexpected fashion, leaving you to interpret in your own way. One such experience happened to me on our recent Delhi trip. This experience left me with varied types of emotions, ranging from shock to emotionlessness.

We started our day with visit to Qutub Minar, and continued it with some shopping at Chandini Chowk. And then we had the option of making a visit to Red Fort or wrapping up the day and retiring to hotel. We chose the latter, as we had been traveling a lot for the last couple of days, and we had a trip planned for Agra the next day and we thought some rest at hotel room would do some good to us. We took Metro and reached the station that was pretty close to our hotel. We walked leisurely as it was just around 4:30 in the evening and we had plenty of time for ourselves. We walked through the lanes and reached our hotel. I was holding A’s hand and was looking to the left to ensure there are no vehicles coming over, before crossing the road. It was then that a motorcycle with no number plate, carrying two guys, with their heads covered in helmets, passed us. And with in split seconds, the pillion rider had snatched the chain I was wearing and I could see him riding away fast holding my chain in his hands. I shouted, V ran a little, people around came but none of us could react fast enough to the unexpected shock. Those guys ran off leaving us dumbfounded and helpless.

A started crying as she was quite shocked and worried and angered that why something like that should happen to us. Some time went by in consoling her and assuring that all was fine and sometimes things like that happen. Then once she began to calm down, it was my turn to feel the shock. I couldn’t bring myself to accept what just happened. I ran that incident over and over in my mind trying to figure out something more out of it. And then anger took over the place of shock, with the reasoning of some stranger ran off with our hard-earned money, with no fault of us, and that too , right in front of us. And then I was occupied with the feelings of incomprehension as I had trouble figuring out how he could do it so easily without making me realise what was happening. I surfed over the net, browsed through YouTube videos but I couldn’t figure out anything. And then there were those feelings of guilt, trying to think of what I could have done to prevent that situation. And then there were feelings of helplessness as I couldn’t do anything to rectify the situation other than lodging a complaint with the local police.

And then it also occurred to me that, inspite of whatever has happened, I was left with no physical harm. The thought of anything could have happened to me at that instant, made me realise that it is with the blessings of those Almighty that I am here today to post this. 

Now after more than 2 months since the incident has happened, I don’t know why something like that has happened. I just know to thank God for all that he has bestowed upon us and accept that every thing happens for a reason, which is good.