Big leap

One thing that I had always wanted A to develop the characteristic of, is to be an independent girl. And as each day passes, I become more certain of the uncertainty of everything in life and with that grows my desire of her being on her own. While one part of me wishes for this, the other part of me is constantly apprehensive about how the girl would handle. So there seems to be a constant inner struggle within me that strives for the right balance.

And one fine day, she came home from the school asking us for the permission to send her on a 5-day school trip to Northern India. To give a little history behind this, when she had asked for a similar permission to send her to Pune in her fourth grade, I told her that she was still a small girl and would send her the next year. And inevitably , the fifth grade had come and with that came the school trip too. It wasn’t easy to say yes immediately. We waited to see how much she really wanted to go, talked with lots of her friends, confirmed with the parents who have decided to send their kid, had multiple discussions internally and then took the plunge to send her on the trip.

The aspect that almost all the places that have been planned for the trip, have already been visited by her exactly an year ago, as a family, didn’t deter her in the slightest bit. The fact that it’s going to be pretty hot in the month of April didn’t matter to her. On the plus side, we had a fair idea of how responsibly the school acted during such trips, from the first hand information from a friend. In addition, their class teacher, who’s very sweet and caring, was the coordinator and would be in charge of this particular group. All these factors made us hold on to our YES.

A couple of meetings were conducted by the school to inform the details, do’s and don’ts, and the stage was set. I turned out to be more confident than I had expected myself to be, but A expressed that she experienced a good number of butterflies in her stomach the day before the trip. Nevertheless she was quite excited. Apparently , the butterflies had gone missing as the first day of the trip concluded. Gladly, the trip happened as a breeze, owing to the wonderful care by her class teacher and the team. There were constant updates from the team, photos were shared on a daily basis and regular phone calls were made.

She has completed a memorable trip to Amritsar, Wagah border, Pinjore Gardens, Kasauli and Delhi with her friends and teachers, bringing back beautiful memories to cherish.

It was a big leap for me, and I think it has been the same for A too…

Sometimes all it takes is a little step towards a big leap…


A shift in the thought

Over time, I keep wondering how my thoughts have been changing. I have noticed many a time that I have changed my perspective of the way I wanted certain things to be. I relaxed the boundaries that I have set for myself, trying to widen my horizons. How else can I attribute my giving in to the welcome of Royal Enfield Classic to the family ?

Yeah, you read it right, all this serious talk about thought processing is about a prelude to my post of welcoming RE 😉

Coming back to the topic, buying a RE was something which V mentioned multiple times in the past at random times. But none of us at home encouraged him seriously. I felt it was expensive, the lack of its need when there was a car, the cons of commuting on it in the sun, rain, pollution, traffic and I really didn’t see any actual benefit out of buying it. But this time, after around 4-5 years, when he mentioned it again, I realised there are couple of more factors called passion and pursuing your dreams, which I hadn’t taken into consideration earlier. I realised I shouldn’t be stopping him from fulfilling his little pleasures. Maybe for the same reasons, the entire family gave in and welcomed the Redditch Red.

So here’s the boy, who has been enjoying his little companion, since it’s arrival about ten days ago.

Now let me go and think over what my equivalent dreams are 😉