Pick of the week!

V picked up a craft book, Vikas fun with paper models, couple of weeks back and I totally totally loved it. The book had around 6 easy crafts and me and A worked on them whenever we had a chance. The precision and the design details amazed me and the end products were simply superb!


This was the one V picked up and am waiting to check out the others in the series, now that we are done with this. So much of fun just for 45 bucks! A perfect pick for a kid of 5+, if interested in crafts.

Thanks V for the wonderful book 🙂


Mast Mast Weekend!

The weekend started off with dinner at Papa John’s Pizza and Raanjhanaa movie yesterday night. The pizza as usual was awesome, the pineapple-jalapeno combination is unbeatable. Cannot say that the movie was superb, but the music was good, Dhanush’s performance was very good and Abhay deol looked nice.

Me and A visited a temple in the evening which I had been intending to do for sometime, and felt good about it.


Last but not the least, dear V prepared an awesome dinner for us comprising his trade mark Paneer Tikka and Jeera Rice. Must say, V is very talented in cooking, very unlike me 😉
Ah.. What more can I ask from a weekend and weekend abhi baaki hai mere dost 🙂

I wish…

# People were more considerate towards preserving forests and prevent calamities like the ones at Uttarakhand
# Huge amounts of taxes being collected from public were put to proper use
# Roads at Hyderabad were little wider and the traffic more under control
# Little A would cry little less for things like getting ready to school, doing homework and all

for now, more to follow…


The other day, I ask A to complete some exercises in her science text book, which was given as home work. She promptly obliges and comes to me to start them. When I open it and ask her to fill in the blanks, she appears shell shocked and shouts at me asking where the exercises are. It took me a moment to realize that “exercise” in her vocabulary meant only physical ones and no other version. I had a tough time convincing her that these activities are also called exercises, only that they are little different from the physical exercises 🙂

Mommy surprises her Mommy!

Me and A paid a surprise visit to my mom’s place on Friday night. Stayed there over the weekend and it was a quiet, relaxing one and got back this evening.  A had fun and I realized once again how everything changes with time. During my earlier visits, my mom’s focus used to be on what I would love to eat and now its mostly about what A would love to eat 🙂

And before we headed off to my parents’ place on Friday, A attended her cousin’s b’day party and got 6 gifts. Huh… she was quite happy with all those gifts!

Dost and Kateef

Lately, these are the words that crop up everyday at home.

A shouts and cries that someone in the apartment has said Kateef and asks me why.
Over a casual talk with a friend of mine, I get to know that A has said Kateef to her son.
One fine morning, A says she does not want to go to school since someone in her class has said Kateef to her.
And when I vent out these things with a colleague, she coolly says “Its just the beginning, my daughter is in sixth grade and she still has issues with Kateef and Dost”.

Arrgh!  I wanna say Kateef to this Kateef business 😦

Movie of the weekend

Was “Prema Katha Chitram”. Watched this movie with V on Sat’day and half the time I was only watching through the gaps between fingers over my face and holding V’s arms so tight and V watched it with his fingers almost in his ears. It was damn scary and at the same time had good humour. All in all, a good movie and the actors delivered a very commendable performance.

To top it up, this was preceded by a dinner at Paradise comprising Baby corn 65 and Egg biryani, one of our all-time favourites!

Simple but a blissful weekend 🙂

Light follows darkness

It has been just 4 days that A’s school started and these 4 days have been very draining.

To list a few:

# Getting up early when it feels so cozy in the bed 😦
# Dropping A at school on time when she doesn’t want to go to school at all (new school blues, we changed her school for the first grade)
# Homework time in the evening when A is in no mood for it
# Putting A to bed early and catching some sleep for the next day

I have been so looking forward for the weekend to get recharged and I already see the boosters coming in. A holiday declared by the school for tomorrow and a Bounty chocolate by V are the starters.

Aren’t they my little pleasures of life 🙂

Then and now….

Ten years back, we were fresh out of college with no responsibilities and lots of dreams, ambitions and fears.

Over the period of ten years, we grew a little, matured a little, accepted responsibilities at work, accepted responsibility of being a wife, daughter-in-law and finally a mother.

Yup, met my college friends today and we relived all those memories, some funny, some embarassing and some silly. Way back, we used to discuss our summer holidays and now we discuss about our kids’ summer holidays. Life has changed a lot over this period, but friends and the warmth we share remain the same.

Let the fragrance of friendship spread everywhere…