The joy of doing something for the first time

Is immense. We experienced one such thing over the last weekend. It all started when the extended family came together for a house warming ceremony of a cousin, the weekend before. A discussion started about a 3K night walk for the cause of woman empowerment. Many got excited and wanted to give it a try.

Come Saturday evening, I made couple of calls and it was confirmed that about 11 of us would participate in the event. Post dinner, we assembled at the People’s Plaza to begin the walk. All of us were little sceptical about the cold, but it wasn’t a thing to worry owing to the crowd and the walk thereafter. The walk that was supposed to begin at 9:30 got delayed and began at about 10:30.

As soon as the walk began, we made sure that we moved to the front of the crowd, which would make us walk freely and fast enough. And then we walked and walked. And chatted. And shouted slogans. It was a nice feeling, walking with your family, out on the road, at so late into the night and shouting aloud. A ran for a while, walked the rest, panted for a while, but completed it quite successfully.

The concept of a walk was a first time experience for A, night walk was a first time experience for me and V, walk with a big group of family members is a first time experience for all of us. We enjoyed the whole experience and were back at home by quarter to 12.

Looking forward to more such first of the kind beautiful experiences….


My little successor

A has been asking me to buy a diary with a lock for her, for a very long time, ever since she spotted it at a book exhibition conducted at her school last year. And me being me, I didn’t want to buy it without any reason and said that I would get that for her at next appropriate occasion. She soon discovered that it’s going to take longer time with me and approached V for it. Stating her results in SpellBee as a reason, V ordered one such diary online and got it for her.

A was super excited to receive it. She has been writing little snippets of everything that has made her happy. All those little pleasures of life. When I had a glance at those last weekend, my blog was what came to my mind instantly. What I write over my blog and what A started writing over in her diary are quite similar. Looking at my little successor, I did a mini happy jump. Although it has been only a few instances that she has written, I am glad for now and I hope she continues the journey…