Nine years !

Nine full years have gone by from the time you were born little A .

I have been thinking about what to write to you on this Birthday of yours for the last couple of days. And then yesterday while putting you to sleep, something happened. You hugged me all of a sudden, and the hug didn’t feel like the usual one, like it came out of a thought, a silent one. And then you said something like this : 

Amma, I want to thank God for something, for giving me a sweet Amma like this. Or I want to thank Ammamma for having you because of which you could have me. Or Ammamma’s mother. Or I just want to thank God for the entire flow, because of which I could have you as my mother ! “

You are just nine my little one, but you are crystal clear in expressing your feelings. I don’t know what triggered you to say this, but I just wish your love remains so forever.

There are times I deny you things, but it’s only in the best interests of you, as thought by any mother. 

There are times I shout at you, but it’s only to make you realise what’s acceptable and what’s not. 

There are times I make a wrong judgement, sometimes I realise immediately, sometimes little later, and sometimes not for a very long time, but am learning, and steadily. 

There are inputs that I take from multiple sources and in all the whirlwind of information, sometimes I may go astray, but stay assured, am going to come back to the right track. 

There are times, when my stress comes out on you, but that’s very much under correction.

Dear A, you are a beautiful blessing that I have to thank God for, on each day that passes by. Like every time, I wish you happy, healthy and blissful times. Pursue your dreams. Stay grounded. Have empathy. Make everyone around you as happy as you can. 

Meanwhile, I’ll try to deliver my best to be a perfect mother to a darling daughter. Stay blessed !!
Happy Birthday !!


Our Valentines Day

 This was how our Valentines Day celebration was. 
Wondering what on earth this is all about ? Read on…

The weekend before Valentines Day, A asked us details about it and we provided her the gyaan that it’s a day to be celebrated with the one you like / love. After a while, she expressed her disappointment about how she doesn’t have pocket money unlike some of her friends and because of which she can’t buy anything to surprise anyone. We passed on some more gyaan that each home has it’s own style of working and offered her a ingenious solution that she could surprise anyone in the family with the help of the rest of the family. Like she could surprise grandparents with the help of parents and vice-versa. But she pointed out one loophole where this solution wouldn’t work out when she wanted to surprise everyone at a time. To which we racked our brains again and suggested that in such exceptional cases, she could use my help. Our conversation ended here.
At the end of the day, A asked me “Amma, can I please have 10 or 20 Rs ? “. I stopped my heart from melting out on such request, with great difficulty, and asked her how much she wanted. She said she wanted a maximum of 20 Rs(she still doesn’t know how to use the words minimum and maximum correctly). I asked her to collect the money from her grandmother the next day after school. She collected the money, went to the shop downstairs and bought Lays and Dairy Milk. My FIL did his share of help by bringing her chocolate covered cashews and handed over to her secretly. A took her aunt’s help in choosing the hide outs and made sure that they remain a surprise.

And on the big day, she had asked V to come home soon and with unstoppable excitement, she had arranged this mini-party !
Am moved by every move of yours that expresses your love for everyone around you. Stay blessed my baby 🙂

With changing times

Many things of me have been changing too…
I had a passion for sarees in those times of the early days of marriage but that has dwindled with time for no apparent reason. My interests changed and my hands went on to them only on a need basis but not out of craze. And then after so many years, my interests seem to have taken a turn again and a new love for the sarees has begun to rise in me. Over the recent months, I have got myself added to Whatsapp group on sarees, I have pondered about getting blouses stitched in different patterns, I have tried using different opportunities to drape myself in a saree .
And the universe seems to have conspired to help me out by presenting more such opportunities. A colleague at work came up with this proposal of coming to work in a saree on every Tuesday. Although I have missed the first two Tuesdays, I have sincerely used the next two ones. 
As part of this, as I walked down for lunch along with my college senior and super-senior, all in sarees, I felt a strange beautiful feeling, of how much times have changed, how we have grown from girls to ladies, how discussions that were limited to books and exams have extended to families and responsibilities!
Not sure how long the saree tradition or craze would continue for, but for now am enjoying it !!