A late but sweet discovery

 Lately, Geronimo Stilton is the only series that’s taking the trips to home from the library. On the mission of finding one more series before the current one gets exhausted, I stumbled upon Captain Underpants series. The introduction seemed promising enough to try it out.
I laid my hands for the first time on them, when we were looking out to buy a gift for a kid of V’s friend. I liked it immediately and we got one of them for that kid. Next, I made use of the opportunity of choosing Christmas gift for A, by picking one from this series.

A absolutely loved it and I said to myself “Better late than never !”
p.s. The surprise that A gave me was that she had already heard about this series from couple of her friends ! So it was me who got late in discovering it !


The beginning of a new traditionΒ 

So this Christmas, we did something new, something for the first time, something of which we just heard of here and there.
The trigger to this came from V’s sister. At Bangalore, they have actually recently shifted to a newly constructed apartment and the residents seem to be brimming with new excitement for celebration of any kind. Owing to that, they conducted ‘Secret Santa’ for kids and pleased by the outcome, they decided to have that for the ladies gang too.
So V’s sister painted this and gifted her partner ! 

Now, when we heard of all this activity, we couldn’t resist ourselves from trying it at our end too. So the five at home decided to play this and A promptly readied the setup in the morning and formed the partners for each of us.

We put up a budget of a max of hundred rupees for each gift and we were supposed to be ready with the presents by the evening. A couldn’t wait any longer and so made us reveal everything by 7 in the evening as soon as I stepped in from work .

A gifted me chocolates, hand made bookmark and a hand made tagger !

I gifted MIL a Telugu short stories book, Mithunam !

V gifted FIL a car hanging !

MIL gifted V home-made kaaja sweets !

FIL gifted A a set of pens and Christmas bells  !

Whole lot of fun it was 😊😊😊

A story, a friend and a recipe !

Long long ago, ok not so long technically, it was just a week ago I guess, that my path crossed a story over the net. The story was about apple dumplings and I liked the story. So naturally I wanted to narrate that to A, and when I actually did that, she was bit surprised as it’s usually she pestering me to tell a story and me admitting my lack of creativity and memory of already read stories. So she was genuinely pleased with the proactive story telling and the story.

Now, since it’s A on the other end, there had to come out something unexpected. To not keep the matters simple , she declared that we would be making apple dumplings over the weekend. Now whoever wrote that story, wrote that story very nicely except that they haven’t talked about the recipe.
The internet had multiple versions which only enhanced my confusion. So I resorted to this good friend for rescue. She very sweetly and promptly passed on the recipe details making my life easier. With that, we gathered up all the ingredients just before the weekend and came out with this over the weekend !

p.s. A did a bit of the peeling part, most of the chopping part and mixing and little of placing the mixture in the pastry sheets.

Edited to add the recipe shared by Vidhya :

Peel Apple skin and chop then length wise if u r doing rectangular puffs or chop them into small pieces if doing the mothak/dumplings shape

Add brown sugar, cinnamon powder, maple syrup n vanilla essence

Mix well

Adjust sugar as per maple syrup

Then place this Apple filling in the pastry sheets and fold them

Bake as per the temp setting in pastry sheet

Apply lot of butter on top for crispy and flaky dumpling

U can pour more maple syrup on top before serving

Give one and get five !

How exciting it looks , right ? I too would have thought the same if it were some gifts, surprises, chocolates or anything on those lines. Sadly, this is about tasks 😩

Last Sunday, here is how the exchange happened between V and me :

I passed V one task

Pay the school fees online 

V passed me five tasks 

  • Bring me the fee chalan. After a minute…..
  • Bring me the laptop to pay the fee. After another minute….
  • Bring me the wallet to make the payment. After some more time….
  • Switch on the printer to take the print out. After some more time…
  • Needless to say, I had to put them all back in their places 

Aaaaarggggggh , why why why I ask, are men the way they are ?????

My GabbarSingh daughter !

GabbarSingh is the term V and I use when one of us has some crooked thoughts. For you to know the reason am using it on little A, please read further :

I returned home on Monday from work with an energy that’s very very less than the usual. My eyes were burning, I was feeling weak, I wanted to sleep, I had a fever like feeling. I even had my share of doubts if I would be able to go to work the next day. Looking at my state, A started this conversation with me .
A : What happened Amma ?

Me : My eyes are burning and I have a feeling like fever 

A : It would be nice if you get fever 

Me : Aaaaaah, why do you say that ?

A : Then you will stay at home and not go to office !

Me : But of what use will it be, if I just lie down and sleep the whole day ?

A : I can just keep popping into the room and say “Amma, Amma”

Me : 😩 😩😩

Moving out of your comfort zone…

This phrase was emphasised sometime back by an instructor at work, who took a short course on presentation skills. His point to the orator was to move out of the comfort zone, which is usually behind a podium or desk, and then give the audience a feeling that we are confident of what we are presenting and aren’t scared. That kept ringing in my head for some time, about how I tend to be in my comfort zone in many situations and how it is required sometimes to move out of it.

Fast forward couple of months, and two weeks ago, we received a note from the school authorities about a adventure camp that would be conducted at school, “Camp on campus”, and interested students can take part in it. The camp was to be held for one and half day, which means it would include night stay too. The 8 year old daughter was super excited at it, and after couple of calls with fellow parents, we too agreed and enrolled her in. On the day of the camp, I heard the same phrase from the camp in charge. His point too was similar, kids should come out of their comfort zone and only then their survival instincts can be uncovered.

So we moved out of our comfort zone and agreed to let the daughter take part in it, the daughter moved out of her comfort zone and stayed away from the cozy home and family, and am glad we took that move !

The camp was conducted by Wandering Bee Holidays, they had all sorts of activities, Tent pitching, Burma Bridge, Skywalk, Zorbing, Zipline, Bonfire and Trek. The kids seem to have had some wonderful memories and are in all praise for it. They sure are gonna grab any chance to be part of in any such camp in future !

Kuch meetha ho jayeΒ 

Par bina mehnath ke

Have you ever felt the way I felt last Saturday, like something on the lines of above ?

Exactly a week ago, about the same time as now, I had this strong feeling of preparing some sweet, for the MIL’s birthday that was due the next day. But the tiny twist to it was that I didn’t want to put too much effort into it. Also neither did I want to get it from outside nor did I want to settle for something routine, that we usually prepare every now and then.

Luckily, I had around three hours to my self, as in-laws had gone to watch a movie and my Zumba class got cancelled. During which, I was supposed to search for and finalise one recipe , collect all the required ingredients , prepare the sweet and then hide it and remove all traces of it for the much intended surprise. 

As usual, the Internet came to rescue and I quickly browsed some of the sites that have been serving all my needs at all the times. And then I zeroed in on this too simple to prepare, yet lovely to have Kalakand recipe here.

Quickly, I got the ingredients from the shop downstairs, followed the instructions to the dot, and there it was, looking good, all done in time . A helped me in cutting it into pieces, decorating it with pistachios and V helped me in erasing the traces of it and hid it in the microwave, before the in laws returned from the movie.

We served it on the next day, and gladly, it tasted good too 😊

Do try it out, if you haven’t done so far, and am sure you will not be disappointed !

A short-lived experience !

Zumba was one thing which had been on my list for a long time. I was waiting for a place and time, that’s convenient to me, fits my routine with out any disruption. But I didn’t find one , that suited my needs until last month.

Exactly a month ago, out of the blue, an opportunity opened up, with a centre close by, starting Zumba classes, to be conducted on weekends. The place was familiar to me, the people were known, the timings were perfect, I didn’t have to depend upon any one. So I grabbed it with no second thoughts and enrolled myself.

It was fun, a new routine, a new experience and a new learning. Only that it was a short lived one, as my last class ended yesterday. Because of the very low strength, don’t ask me how many, they are changing the weekend classes to weekday classes and I have dropped out, as it doesn’t fit my schedule much.

Whatever, I wanted to experience Zumba and now I can tick it off  the list ! 

p.s. I have started thinking about what to start next πŸ˜€

p.p.s. Keep this a secret, the class strength reached 2 at the end, and that 2 was including me πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Learning together !

Parenting never appeared to me as an avenue of learning until it actually started happening. Learning nuances of parenting is not what am talking about, but learning as an individual that has got nothing related to parenting is what this is about.

To put it in simpler terms :

1. I learnt about so many children book authors, Dr.Seuss, Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl and many others, and started loving and enjoying them as an individual in the quest to expose A to their works.
2. Crafts, Quilling, Loom bands, weren’t a part of my world, until A got to the age of these activities.

3. Baking or the look out for new recipes also has taken a step higher with A’s enthusiasm to be a part of cooking.
The whole point is, while there could be many such little things, which I can’t recollect now, this was how I felt when I heard about the “I before E except after C rule“. 

What, there are rules for spellings too ? My childhood got over with out the knowledge of their existence, let alone using them. 

But nevertheless, I have the opportunity to learn all such things now, with A as a companion!

Happy learning to everyone of us !