It has been so long that I visited this space and it has been even more longer that my fingers penned down something over here that I almost forgot how to begin creating a post . Thanks to the muscle memory that writing a post is not alien as I feared it would be.

2021 has been one eventful year that would remain in my memory for various reasons.

It has been an year that was filled with lots of emotions, countless internal struggles, anxieties and fears, despair and detachment, frustration and helplessness.

The same year has also taught me new things, to keep the emotions in control, to face all the struggles head on, to look at things with different perspectives, to view the hidden dimensions of any aspect, to not lose faith in the Almighty how much ever uncomfortable the situation might seem to be and lastly to be grateful for each breath we take and each blessing that we are bestowed with but mostly take granted for.

Family and friends have been the pillars that I have resorted to most of the times when I got overwhelmed with situations around me. I am immensely grateful for these wonderful blessings without which I would not be what I am today. I have shared moments with these loved ones that recharged with me with renewed energy on countless occasions.

Couple of beautiful books accompanied me on this journey through the year and made me look at things in a new light, providing me with much needed solace.

Professional work has given me more than I could ask for and I thank my blessing once again for being able to love what I do and for being able to do what I love.

To the year that has shown me ups and downs, that has made me cry hard and laugh harder, that has taught me lots of things, I bid farewell…

To the year that is going to unfold with contents unknown to me, I welcome with a bright hope to make wonderful moments and precious memories and a warm wish for everyone to have their dreams fulfilled making the place around us safer and happier than ever…