Words that come to my mind when I think of Yoga :

  • Miraculous
  • Divine
  • Powerful
  • Something at which I haven’t had a proper chance to experience
  • Something that I long to experience

I have read about people writing rave reviews of their experiences of Yoga, friends enjoying to the fullest, near and dear ones talking about the magical powers it holds and the wonders it could make.

I have had very few chances to feel the wonders , but they didn’t last long. Owing to the other aspects that took over at various phases of my life, or my lack of determination at giving it a serious try, the lack or absence continued long.

This lockdown, as it turned many things upside down, provided opportunities in many forms too. Mid April, I realised I could make use of this opportunity to explore Cult app, that offered Yoga sessions at home too.

To say that I enjoyed them is an understatement. Be it the desire that I had been nurturing for so long , or the greatness of the trainers or the way they organise, or the magic itself that’s a part of Yoga, I relished them all. Each session always ended with a nice feeling, of having accomplished something, of having learnt something new, of having a hope of looking forward for the next one .

I enjoyed this brief journey until the beginning of June, when A’s online classes have begun and my timings got readjusted. I don’t want to say that I have stopped the journey, rather would say that I have given it a pause.

Hoping my will power wouldn’t wane and the circumstances would be in my favour, here I wait for those moments to embrace more of that divinity and learn little and little of that vast knowledge….


Capturing moments

I love living and reliving moments of celebrations, as most of us do, through photos, videos and finally posts.

This is one platform where I enjoy both writing down and reading them later. I admit that the laziness factor overtakes my passion at times, but then the yearning comes back again.

Here is yet another attempt to get back to track to keep capturing all that I want to.

First of last month marked our anniversary and I felt that I have grown out of all those initial years of excitement and planning of what to do and where to go. I have come to a stage where I think and try to practice the concept that each day and each moment needs to be treasured and celebrated and thanked for. Also with the situation we are in, there were no thoughts of stepping out and we have tuned ourselves to the thought of doing nothing much and just relaxing at home.

Little A had other plans !! She was much much excited about the day and the way it should be celebrated , than we were. She teamed up with every other person at home, excluding me and V, and conspired and planned and collaborated to make our day a very memorable one.

Treasure hunt, a favourite of both me and A, was her first activity for us. She made us run through the length and breadth of home, scanning each and every item, interpreting each clue in every possible angle. She went to the heights of hanging clues to branches that could be reached through our window, to sealing clues with tape attached to ice cubes, to sticking to hooks of washing machine to placing behind calling bell to using space above shoe rack and what not ! It was a good close to an hour running around for clues, some of which were to be solved by both of us, some where we deviate to solve each of ours and then merge to solve together. The greeting card waited for us at the final stop 🙂

Hand crafted pieces, one for each of us !!

Marble Cake baked by A and her Atta. 16 and 26 denote years of marriage of me and V, and V’s Mama and Atta, whose anniversary also falls on the same day. The cake was jointly cut !

Cake cutting was followed by a scrumptious lunch by both the families comprising chilli paneer, Pav Bhaji, Coconut rice and home made ice creams and store bought ice creams.

Wishes flowed in from near and dear of the family…

This day proved to reassure my belief one more time, happiness lies in little things around us, in the little gestures that people make towards us. All we need to do is to appreciate it and be thankful for !!