Who are you ?

How much of what you do is done for yourself

How much of what you do is done for the sake of society

How much of what you do is that what you love

How much of what you do is just a part of routine

Am what I am, you are what you are. But how much of myself is the same   inside and outside

Do I really know what I am within, is my inner self really not hidden or buried away

Answers may be unknown, solutions may be unclear, but questions by themselves are good too…

Musings that rose within me on watching Tamasha… Felt good by the time the movie ended… But was left with so many questions… To be answered in due course… Hopefully !


Varied approaches

Last time, when I was at my parents’ place and was fiddling with the phone, which I rarely do, something happened and all the apps changed their places ,which were earlier spread across multiple screens had moved and decided to settle on a single screen.
Me being me, panicked a little and rushed to the immediate one who could rescue and sought out my brother’s help.
Now he was an android user, and he being he, asked me to wait while he went about searching on the Google as to what has to be done.
And the little A , who was busy in her world till then, happened to hear our conversation , came to us, took the phone, restarted it and gave back to us all in the original state.
Now I don’t want to infer whose approach is the best 😉

Backfired !

Yesterday morning started with V showing me multiple memories of ‘On This Day’ on FB, which talked about various things we had done in the last couple of years on this day. And there’s no occasion marking this day, except that co-incidentally V posted on FB on this day multiple times over the years. Glancing through them, a thought passed my mind as to what could be done to create a memory of yesterday too. I thought for a while about how I could surprise him and put the thoughts aside for a later time, and got readied to office. V dropped me off like every other day and headed to his office.

Sometime, later in the day, I got a call from V, enquiring about what I was doing. Talking to him, I heard some sounds and asked if he was somewhere outside the office. With no proper response, I asked if he was at a theatre or a mall, to which he just laughed and asked me not to get annoyed upon the answer. When I laughed off and asked him to tell where he was, he said he was at ‘Srisailam’ !

Apparently , after dropping me off, he wanted to have a little drive before going to office, and the so-started drive extended little by little, all the way from Hyderabad to Srisailam .

I just didn’t know how to react, the surprise I was thinking to plan simply backfired and I was the one who received a surprise too big to digest 🙂

p.s. After reaching Srisailam , he bought some Prasadam , and then started back and was home by 9 in the night. He travelled around 240 + 240 kilometres !


Couple of months back, I gave my entry in an IMC contest for the giveaway of a book , ‘Starcursed’, whose description caught my interest . And I just got lucky, and won a copy of the book, which got delivered to me promptly.
I was not sure how it would be, but I wanted to give it a try immediately. That somehow didn’t happen and I resolved to start it immediately after finishing the wonderful Shadow Princess, the last part of Tajmahal Trilogy. I finished it last week and while I was still hanging over in the 17th century times, with Jahanara, Aurangzeb , Shah Jahan and Roshanara in the back of the mind, I started this ‘Starcursed’ book.
I was quite happy to be taken back to 12th century with this book. The book is a work of fiction around Bhaskara acharya, the famous mathematician who wrote Siddhantha Shiromani, a book of 4 parts, of which Leelavati is the first one. Apparently, this great work of his was commissioned to be translated to Persian by Akbar in his times.
Coming back to the book of subject, I loved all the characters of the book, especially Leelavati, the protagonist . Her knowledge, her penchant for learning, her courage, her self-respect, her understanding of a situation, her beauty, everything of her attracted me. The debate part in the story, the inner struggles of Leela, the portrayal of Rahul, the bond shared with Brinda were all captivating. The society in those times, the castes, the practices the cultures, everything was described so vividly and crisply. I liked Nandini Bajpai’s writing style and will surely go for other books of hers !

And I just discovered that Nandini Bajpai is related to Anuja Chauhan, whose books, Zoya Factor and Those Pricey Thakur Girls, were my recent reads and were much loved !

Data structures

Computer science at college comprised of a course in data structures, which essentially is all about efficiently storing large amounts of data and retrieving it fast. We were taught by a professor , whom we used to call TR Sir, and he was too good at it that we simply fell in love with those. The varied ways in which same data can be stored and how it can result in the different amounts of space taken and different search times, amazed me.

Now, coming back to present times, I started facing some similar problem in real times. A’s accessories started off with bangles, we used to have a box initially for them and then we started to have some party wear bangles too. Slowly that resulted in two boxes. Then we started collecting bracelets too. And then hair clips joined. Some were bought by us, some by grandparents, some by atta, some by mama, some by extended relatives, friends and all. The list extended by black hair clips and black rubber bands, which are the only things permitted at school. And as time passed, hair bands, stickers, loom bands, and many other things got accumulated. Which resulted in boxes, containers spread everywhere, across different rooms and different shelves. We sometimes shifted places too. And the end result was more of confusion, less of usage because of long search time .

Couple of weeks back, I recalled bringing an organiser sort of thing from US, which was left behind unused. I got it out and we tried this setup….

This is actually just the half of whole thing and the other half has been folded inside, which is being used to store my miscellaneous stuff.

This is my optimal data structure for now, with minimal space and quick search !

Makeover !

Last time when V’s sis was here for Dussehra vacation , she wanted to do some wall painting with A. So even before her arrival, she had some conversations with A upon what to paint. They pondered over princesses, castles, nature, flowers et al and finally settled upon something simple and a mix of all. The duo agreed to have a castle, some grass and flowers and butterflies and clouds and a bird of course ! And the wall of her ex-room was chosen as the canvas.

She bought along acrylic colours with her and drew the initial sketch on the wall. And when she started giving the white coat, A tagged along. 

They gave the white coat a night’s rest and started the colouring part next morning. They took little breaks, discussed, collaborated and then finally produced this !

This is the story of the makeover of the little wall. Now doesn’t it feel like everything needs a makeover 🙂

Energy is infectious

Specially that energy at a school overflowing with kids on a high,

That energy which is there during the school concert,

That synergy which occurs when so many many hands come together to perform a big act,

That energy which can be felt in every breath you take in  those hours, every step you take in those premises and every sound you hear and every vision you watch ,

This was what I experienced at A’s school today, the day of their school’s concert.

The preparations, planning, arrangements were simply amazing and I was overwhelmed at the amount of effort that went into to make this happen. They didn’t take anything for granted and even rehearsed the entire programme, with costumes yesterday, a day before the big day. Kids, teachers, organisers, staff, admin, supporting staff and numerous others took every detail into consideration and made today’s event a big success.

The kids were so full of energy and enthusiasm that I literally wanted to go back in time and be once again a part of the school’s functions !

  The rehearsal !

  The Dias at at back, at the front and at the side !

  The snack preparation , costume preparation and lot other preparations in the making !

  Make-up in progress !

  The grand finale !