Steps towards a healthy start !

There’s this GCC challenge going on at V’s company , where employees form into teams, and the team members record the steps taken by each person on each day, over a period of 100 days. Steps refer to the physical steps one takes, from the beginning of a day to the end of the day. So they were all given a small device, a pedometer or a step-counter, which displays the number of steps, and has got a button to reset.

So here is the record of V’s steps for today, which includes his cycling and walking activities.

I just got curious and wanted to know how much I would cover , with no additional effort / exercise, and doing just the tasks that I do every day. So I started this morning and I have done nothing extra apart from the regular chores and here is my record for today

Although this is way less than V’s record, I now know how much more exercise is needed and how easy it is to add that little exercise to my every day activities.

Apparently, 10000 steps is an ideal number for a day, and I don’t seem too behind !

What else could be better than a good start ? So here I start my steps towards a healthy lifestyle 😊


Little pleasures !

I know it’s just sitting there 

I know it hasn’t changed a little 

But I still have a peek at it

At every chance I can !

I know it’s neither hand-crafted

Nor specially gifted by someone

But every glance at it

Brings a smile on my face !


I have been basking in the pleasure of my new iPhone case, which we bought over the weekend. Looking at something like this in this manner is so so unlike me. 

Maybe Becky of Shopaholic series has got her influence over me 😊

And let’s see how much the shopping bug bites me too 😊

There’s always a first…

Having always wondered how people manage reading multiple books at a time, I too wanted to do that. But one book at a time was what I could do. Until recently.

Like everything has a got a first time, my parallel reading too got its share of the first time. Unintentionally, it so happened that I picked up Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic takes Manhattan and Amish Tripati’s Scion of Ikshvaku at the same time. I couldn’t resist starting the first one, after finishing the first of the shopaholic series and I couldn’t resist the latter one, as it has been a long pending read and I had resolved internally to finish that and return the book to its owner, V’s cousin, by the end of the this month before he leaves for his first job.

I loved reading them in parallel, a fiction from the west and a mythological one twisted with contemporary ideas. Totally unrelated, in every aspect. But a while after, the shopaholic picked up its pace and I finished it off 😊  While I loved the second of the series too totally , I haven’t come to of any opinion about the latter one.

And now the two books in my parallel reading are, the third of the shopaholic series, shopaholic ties the knot and the Ikshvaku one  😊 

And , A too had a first time activity this summer, Tissue paper craft

Do you also have something that you have done for the first time ?

There and not there

Ever had this problem of insufficient space on your smartphone ?

If you are like me and many others like me, then you definitely would have !

Sometimes we uninstall the apps that we think we might have stopped using, sometimes we clean up media that we are not interested in , sometimes we transfer the data and so on. But there’s no default tool that I know of, like the defragmenter that we have on the regular computer systems, at least on the iPhone.

Interestingly, V came across a nice article the other day, about making the iPhone do such work for you by cheating it. Yeah, something like tricking it 😊

Go to iTunes Store, go to movies, and select a movie for downloading. Don’t just bother about the payment, we will not be losing a penny. Now iPhone tries to defragment and make the space available to accommodate that big large movie you have selected . Choose a big movie so that it works more 😉   The download process may either fail with lack of enough space, in which case you have already increased your available space and are ready to repeat the above steps again for some more space. In the second case where the download process moves ahead with enough space, we back out saying we are no more interested in the movie, a and choose to download a bigger movie.

With these steps, we have seen the available space increase from MBs to GBs !

Do you have any other tips too ? Please share, would love to hear them.

What’s this to Wow !

Wanting to read some thing light, I churned by brains and notes to pick something I heard of and had planned to read later. Out of this search has come out the book Confessions of Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, which I heard first from Maya. Since I couldn’t find this in the local library, I gave a little try over the Internet to spot a free e-book. And as luck would have it, I found one immediately. I downloaded it instantly and started reading whenever I could, while commuting from office to home, before going to sleep and all.

I read, read and read but it felt the same and same, stuff repeating over with no progress of the plot and I didn’t find myself liking any character. I started wondering if this book might fall under that category of books, which I wouldn’t love and  had even thought of giving it up. But something just kept me moving on with the book and then after reaching about close to half of the book, I started liking it and then started loving it. And then I started loving Rebecca Bloomwood too, for the character she is and for the transformation she has gone through, and for some of the bold steps she has taken, and for the inner beauty of hers !

This is one of those rare books, where I was close to giving it up in the middle and was glued like hell to it by the time I reached the end. 

Would I read other books of hers ? Of course, am just going to go and look for the next ones of hers right after this post 😊

Blissful innocence !

Here is the picture 1, a homework that has been done long back in the text book, say a month ago !

And here comes the picture 2, a holiday homework, that is to be redone in a holiday assignment note book !

This morning, I was checking A’s holiday homework, and the first thing I did to verify the additions , was to choose a short cut. I simply compared the answers with the previous homework without actually re-doing it. Just when I started wondering if A could have followed the same approach of copying the answers, I was proved wrong. I came across an addition, where the question was copied wrong, and in turn the result changed and the answer didn’t match with the previous result. The new answer matched the new question.

And then I realised the innocence, and the bliss that’s associated with it. She chose to do the homework as it’s meant to be done, and I chose to do it just as to mark it completed. There’s this subtle difference between both of our thinking, that has got huge difference in impact.

 I hope to treasure the innocence in you, as long as it lasts, little A !!