Don’t know why but….

Looking at old photos with family and friends
Watching those little video clips again and again ( most of them are of little A )
Reading mails that were exchanged many many years back
Browsing conversations saved in the chat folder
Going through the post cards, inland letters and greeting card collection of the past
Scanning through the slam books of the yester years

Makes me happy, quite happy ๐Ÿ™‚


Sometimes it just happens…

Its 11 in the morning and am ready to have my Horlicks ( yes, am not a coffee / tea girl) at work. I go to the coffee machine and pick up a cup. And then I add a sachet of sugar and a spoon of Horlicks to the cup. After ensuring that there’s no one nearby, I empty a spoon or two in the mouth also. I then put the cup under the outlet and press ‘Milk’. Nothing happens and I do it again. Surprised at no output, I turn and find that the container that’s supposed to hold milk has been disconnected to fix some issue.

What do I do  ?

OK. Turn right. Turn left. Take a spoon, mix the Horlicks with sugar, eat it, go back and resume the work.


During a casual talk with a colleague, whose kid studies in the same class as mine, but in a different school, I come to know that the dates for olympiad exams have been announced and interested children of that kid’s school were asked to pay 220 bucks for each exam. ( The surprise that hit me when I learnt that there were so many olympiad exams Maths, English, Science, Cyber ๐Ÿ˜ฎ as against my earlier knowledge of one and only maths olympiad is a totally different thing!ย  ) Co-incidentally, the same evening, A brings her school diary with a note listing the same exams and dates, but different prices, as in 120 bucks for the exam fee and 60 bucks for the material. Next day when I ask the said colleague, I was informed that their kid’s school is not going to provide any material. So that comes to 120 vs 220. I was totally surprised at the huge difference in pricing, considering how many students of how many classes of how many batches would be taking part in this !

p.s. On an entirely different note, A asked me about those kids who would not be taking those exams and I told her that they can stay at home, if not interested. She chose to be in the latter category without pondering for a second, Hai na Bindaas Baby ๐Ÿ™‚

Women Safety

Last Friday exposed me to some worthy tips at a seminar on Women Safety. Few snippets listed below :

# Fight your strength to the attacker’s weakness
# Paanch ka Punch, different ways to fight back
ย ย ย  Eye gouge
ย ย ย  Ear Slap
ย ย ย  Throat Squeeze
ย ย ย  Nose Punch
ย ย ย  Groin Kick
# The point is about escaping and not winning
# Keep chilli powder, safety pins and small retractable blades handy
# Above all, use your presence of mind

4 + 7 equals

Full of fun!

Yup, that’s how the day was when I, my classmate, my senior, my super senior, the 4 girls, met with our 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 kids, last Saturday. This group apart from the fact that we are all from the same college, has got one more attribute that we all worked together at my first company. We have moved on in our personal + professional lives but try to keep in touch. We met at my super senior’s home in the morning and were there till the evening. The day happened to be her younger one’s birthday. There was no birthday hungama barring the cake, but we had loads of fun with snacks, tent, corn, drawing, pizza, games, photos and running around….

A get-together that made my day and recharged for the days to come ๐Ÿ™‚

p.s. And we are planning our next get-together on a week day without kids. Fingers crossed !

Of Makhana ki kheer at the Rotis..

Lies there a potful of makana ki kheer,
Beckoning me to explore the taste
And reminding me of the long forgotten dishes of it.
Meanwhile kidney bean soup succeeds in
Luring me with its rich proteins and aroma
And before I ponder on what’s next
Appetizers make an appearance
With sev puri and pani puri stealing the show
And veg bullets and mix veg pesto just making their presence felt
As the paneer dish and palak corn hurry inside me
With my all-time favourite Jeera rice and rotis
And with just the right tastes blended in,
A part of the mind reminds me of the yet-to-be tasted Makhana.
And as the other desserts present themselves equally good
And with quick bites of them, damn comes a realization,
Alas, there’s no more place left for the long-awaited Makhana,
Try as much as I can, but I fail to taste a spoonful of it,
Promising myself to be more in self-control next timeย  !

The tale of my lunch with colleagues at Rotis, a vegetarian restaurant offering quite a delicious variety with nice ambience at a pretty reasonable price, with the only downside of being not too spacious.


Each day and each passing moment is different and the feelings each of us experience are no exception. We experience varied feelings every moment and we are happy, frustrated, contented, disappointed, depressed, motivated, vexed and lot more. Positive feelings need not be given much a thought but sometimes a little changed perception can make wonders with the negative feelings. The altered perception is definitely not the problem-solver but is sure enough to grant us the much needed attitude to face the problem.

Here is one such lady, Brahma Kumari Sister Shivani, with interesting perceptions towards life, inspiring innumerable people with her thoughts and lectures. MIL has been an ardent follower of BrahmaKumaris from quite a long time and has been lately recommending her lectures to the family members. There are loads of her videos on YouTube and I have watched just one of them. I had an instant liking for it and the videos are definitely worth watching to look at the world from a different perspective and am gonna try them all ๐Ÿ™‚

Am Back

After a long hibernation!

Just catching up with all the posts that I haven’t read in the last couple of weeks!

Hope to be more regular in following the blogs I admire,

To be more sincere in commenting,

To be more enthusiastic in discovering new ones,

And To be more energetic in blogging more ๐Ÿ™‚

My Beautiful Food :-)

One that can use magic and make wonders
One that can revitalize the dullest of moods
One that can imprint the times shared for a long time
One that can stimulate hearty laughs and strengthen the bonds
One that can literally do everything
Is what I call Beautiful Food   ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is one such perfect meal,  Jeera rice and Paneer Tikka, the beautiful food turning more beautiful, when the family cooks together, with so many comments passing by, and the little work distributed across many hands and with endless gossip ๐Ÿ™‚

And it becomes the most beautiful one when Borosil joins as a partner in the fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Somethings are so simple and yet so divine, Jeera rice being one of them. The simplicity and the divinity make you crave for it only more. Borosil Microwavables make the task more simpler.
With little oil, lots of jeera, ultra-thin sliced onions, green chillies to add a little heat, washed rice with required water and salt, pop goes in the Borosil dish and comes out with lip-smackingly delicious Jeera rice.

Paneer Tikka acts as a perfect companion to the Jeera rice, the flavours perfectly complementing each other.
Marinate the cut panner cubes, tomato, onion and capsicum cut in cubes, in yogurt with some chat masala, salt and spices. Take a Borosil container, grease it with oil and neatly arrange the paneer with vegetables held together by tooth picks, and push it into a micro wave to come out to serve you the restaurant – style Paneer Tikka.

For all the good food and good times, do try out experimenting with Borosil !

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